Deviance In Our Society

What Is Deviance.

Deviance as it is defined as best as I know, means anything that goes against the norms of society. Deviance can be see as good or bad depending on the culture and depending on the time and the norms being applied. Crime is the socially unacceptable breaking of rules that are set forth from the society or culture. How deviants are treated is also dependent on the people who are viewing the deviance and what kind of morals or norms they are using. Being deviant doesn't have to be against the law to be considered deviant. they are many examples from everyday behavior that may be viewed as deviant. Not holding a door open for a fellow pedestrian can be considered rude and deviant. Tattoos are a very good example of how what is considered deviant can chage overtime, since before really this decade, tattoos have always been viewed as things only the fringe element have on their bodies.Being racist went from being generally accepted to if you are racist now, you may very well be ostracized from the society as a whole because it is considered deviant. Norms change over time so bear this in mind, don't judge someone so harshly that you can't apologize because in time you may be the outcast that everyone is ostracizing soon enough.

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hey temetan, you misspelled deviance. just saying.

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