President Lincoln: "It is better for us both, therefore, to be separated ..."

Lincoln's Homeland For The Black Race After The Civil War

In 1862, President Lincoln addressed a group of Negro men in which he apparently said:

President Lincoln: “You and we are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races. Whether it is right or wrong I need not discuss, but this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both … as I think your race suffer very greatly, many of them by living among us, while ours suffer from your presence...”

“We look to our condition, owing to the existence of the two
races on this continent. I need not recount to you the effects
upon white men, growing out of the institution of Slavery. I
believe in its general evil effects on the white race. See our
present condition---the country engaged in war!---our white
men cutting one another's throats, none knowing how far it
will extend; and then consider what we know to be the truth.
But for your race among us there could not be war,
although many men engaged on either side do not care for you
one way or the other. Nevertheless, I repeat, without the
institution of Slavery and the colored race as a basis, the
war could not have an existence.

It is better for us both, therefore, to be separated ...”

A Gunshot That Changed Everything

If this is really what the President believed, had Booth's gun failed to fire, or had a sentry been posted at Lincoln's door that fateful night, I think it's safe to say the 14th and 15th Constitutional Amendments would not exist. So where would this leave the black race? Well, there is only ONE moral alternative left if they are not to be granted -by white Christan males - rights within the political and economic system of the white race. The United States gov't would have had to designate a geographic area for them in America - a Homeland. Sovereign land ... where the black race could be master of their own destiny; have an identity and culture and government structure - a way of life - uniquely tailored to their own desires. If only Booth's gun had misfired... And where was that sentry?

UPDATE: A new book was reported by Yahoo news (March 2011), titled "Colonization After Emancipation," which purports to reveal new documents during the Lincoln presidency stating his desire to colonize the slaves after the Civil War. For those who have done research on Lincoln and his attitude toward integration, this "discovery" is not at all surprising. Virtually everything President Lincoln said regarding the future of the black race after the Civil War ended, demonstrated he was interested in having the blacks live separately - where they could be masters of their won destiny, create their own way of life and have their own distinct culture. Lincoln was under no illusion about the fact that whites and blacks could not co-exist within the SAME political system.

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ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 4 years ago

I think we have to consider the prevailing culture of the "day" when discussing anything in history especially pre media , pre civil rights , pre 20th century , I take heart in that the slavery issue and prevailing controversy and conversation was even in the political arena in the revolutionary war era in America , Personaly for me ,Lincoln was one of the very few true "leaders" ever, in American politics. I believe no truer heart or sacrifice for country ever existed ! And yet , today 160 years or so later we still question his integrety. Perhaps we can only appreciate that race relations is in such an open and well aired arena for discussion. Are we so good at "arm chair" politic-ing and history writing and re-writing today , that we decide our own historical fact? Not that I question your oppinionating here . But give my hero a break will you LOL.. Another "hero " of mine , Morgan Freeman , when asked what is the best track for race issues today ? Said, and I quote , "We've go to stop talking about it!", His point I think .....the talk is everywhere its in the news day after day , in the papers day after day , we must let its ever- evolving path continue unabated by the constant and continued hyper -criticism in our media today. I believe you make some interesting and well thought out comments here and in your forum posts ! Perhaps one day, Race will be a word associated only with horses , dogs and stock cars and the idiousy of politics. Who knows. Great hub for discussion! I vot it up!.....:-}

Mitch Alan profile image

Mitch Alan 4 years ago from South Jersey

When we focus on being an American first and not a hyphinated-American, we will all be better off. Not African-American, Italian-American etc...Just American. We are not of different races, just different ethnic backgrounds. We are all humans, that is our "race".

Everyone needs to stop making excuses for not attaining the American Dream because of someone else. The American Dream is the Pursuit of Happiness and the guarantee of happiness. Seek, each our own, the path of that happiness in as much as it does not harm another. And, in harm, I mean actual harm and not just that of hurt feelings or being uncomforatable.

S Leretseh profile image

S Leretseh 4 years ago Author

Teddy Roosevelt gave a great speech on hyphenated Americans:

“We are all humans, that is our "race".

I do want to believe that’s so. However, any student of history knows such a philosophy has no precedent. Let’s look at it in this perspective. A lion and a leopard are part of the Cat family, yet the two are demonstrably different in their respective behavioral patterns. Many other examples. Take the polar bear from its natural habitat and transport it to the geographic area of the black bear, the polar will die of heat asphyxiation. The euro honey bee and the African honey bee look exactly the same, yet, again, their behavioral patterns are very different. As for a human example, I wrote a hub on the Carisle Indian school. That lesson was , incredible, completely ignored. The point of semantics here is that race-nullification doesn’t have to work. Its existence seems entirely dependent on the integration laws (civil rights laws). And judging by what I’ve seen -statistically - over the last 45 years, compulsory integration likely won’t work. Human nature is what it is. That is, you can’t use legislative law to defeat natural law. This appears to be what were (mainly western civilization countries) are doing. Many possible scenarios as this system winds down. I would suggest to prepare for the WORST

billybuc profile image

billybuc 2 years ago from Olympia, WA

Lincoln was a fascinating figure. I taught history and I was always intrigued by the statement you highlighted here. I agree completely about integration. I wish for Utopia but I am a realist at heart, and "all we need is love" is working about as well as "just say no" did in the Drug Wars.

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 2 years ago

And here's another point , Lincoln may or may not have considered . To regionally colonize those of another color we would first have to divide ourselves by our own DNA, Yes chances are you and I, as white men ,also have black DNA as well as those of many races within our own blood , Morgan Freeman had it right !.....:-]

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 2 years ago

America is about what ,200 years old , Race problems : thousands of years old! We would like to think that we as being ,e- news , articles , social dynamics , computer connected a society as we are ......that we somehow what ? Enlightened ?Right ! Yeaaa ! We know better that what ? History sows ? We know so little !

S Leretseh profile image

S Leretseh 2 years ago Author

Billybuc, happy to see you are in the realm of the realists. Here's a good read on Lincoln regarding post-Civil War former slaves.

@ ahorseback...At the time of Lincoln about 13% of blacks were Mulatto. I'm seeing this DNA argument more and more. I consider it to be totally irrelevant. One's race is the "color" which is conveyed to others. The color line was pretty cut & dry back then (1860s) - just white & black. IMO, Lincoln , had he lived throughout his second term,, would have opted for a colony in America for the black race. This plan would hv at least given white people access to black labor. It would hv also denied any rights of citizenship to blacks within the United States. These rights he would have within his colony. As the black colony matured i.e. blacks males became accustomed to being leaders of their people and providing for themselves within the structure and confines of their own group... the black colony would eventually be given sovereign status. BUT, where in the US for the black homeland ? Likely Florida or S. Carolina. Where else? Lincoln's untimely death was one of those few events in history that altered the future course of mankind. Finally, had it not been for the Industrial Revolution, IMO blacks and whites' separate living arrangements would likely hv remained unchanged.

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