Did You Know That... - Interesting Facts Part 5

Today I continue with the series of Did You Know That hubs featuring 5 quick and interesting facts.


Did you know that "Silent Hill" is not just a video game, but an actual place in Eastern Pennsylvania? Silent Hill, which is located in a town called Centralia, has underground mine fire which has been going for more than 40 years. And this actual place was an inspiration for the horror video game we all know about.


Did you know that an average American becomes a parent in 25, an average European in 29, an average Russian in 20, and an average Indian in 19?


Did you know that the most twins are born in Nigeria: one case for every 11 deliveries? Least likely twins are born in Japan: one case for every 250 deliveries.


Did you know that women literally become hot from man's touch? A recent study shows that when male's hands touch a female, she feels heat: the temperature of the skin on the face and chest rises.


Did you know that in France there is a law that bans kisses at railroad stations? The law was issued because of the constant train delays caused by kissing couples. It was issued 100 years ago and is still in force. The same law is active in England, at Warrington train station for example.

The sign at Warrington railway station, England
The sign at Warrington railway station, England

That's it for today. Check out the previous parts of "Did You Know That" facts and stay tuned for more in the future.

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Editorial Nation profile image

Editorial Nation 4 years ago

Wow, lol very funny! I cant believe some of the crazy laws we have out there. I wonder if they still enforce them! Nice hub interesting topics!

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