Difference between Culture and Civilization

According to anthropologists of 19th century, Culture is earlier and Civilization is later. Everything created by man is culture, civilization is an advanced state of cultural development. Culture developed in three stages:

  • Savagery >> Barbarianism >> Civilization

Alfred Louis Kroeber said Culture is super organic, he has given three forms of culture namely Social Culture (Status and Role), Value Culture (Philosophy, Morals) and Reality Culture (Science and Technology, etc). According to Kroeber civilization is a part of reality culture. Robert Redfield said culture is a totality of traditions and civilization is a totality of great and little traditions.

Difference between Culture and Civilization, Sociologists View

Culture includes religion, art philosophy, literature, music, dance, etc. which brings satisfaction and pleasure to many. It is the expression of final aspects of life.
Civilization includes all those things by means of which some other objective is attained. Type writers, motors, etc. come under this category. Civilization consists of technology or the authority of man over natural phenomenon as well as social technology which control man's behavior.
Culture is what we are.
Civilization is what we have.
Culture has no standard of measurement because it is an end in itself.
Civilization has a precised standard of measurement. The universal standard of civilization is utility because civilization is a means.
Culture cannot be said to be advancing. It cannot be asserted that the art, literature, thoughts are ideals of todays and superior to those of past.
Civilization is always advancing. The various constituents of civilizations namely machines, means of transportation, communication, etc. are constantly progressive.
Culture is internal and an end. It is ralated to internal thoughts, feelings, ideals, values, etc. It is like the soul of an individual.
Civilization is external and a means. It is the means for the expression and manifestation of the grandness, it is like the body of an individual.

Difference between Culture and Civilization, Anthropologists View

All societies have culture.
Only a few societies have civilization.
Culture is earlier.
Civilization is later.
Culture is pre-condition for civilization to develop.
Civilization represents a stage of cultural advancement.
Culture is super organic.
Civilization is a part of reality culture.
Culture is a totality of traditions.
Civilization is a totality of great and little traditions.

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KershisnikLaw profile image

KershisnikLaw 6 years ago from Boise, ID


rui paiva profile image

rui paiva 6 years ago from Somewhere in the world

I hope that humanity move towards a more civilized culture with people who appreciate the differences. For a truly open world, more equitable and sustainable.

Robwrite profile image

Robwrite 6 years ago from Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY

Thanks for the definition. I like having a clear distinction.

dilipchandra12 profile image

dilipchandra12 6 years ago from India Author

Kershisnik, rui paiva Thanks for the comments.

rui paiva - You are right, for a truly open world, more equitable and sustainable. But the truth is the development of civilization and industry in general has always shown itself so active in the destruction of nature, everything that has been done for their conservation and production is completely insignificant in comparison.

dilipchandra12 profile image

dilipchandra12 6 years ago from India Author

Robwrite thanks for the comment. Am expecting to write some more hubs related to sociology and anthropology. Will try to write brief notes on some terms i've used in the above article.

christopheranton profile image

christopheranton 6 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

It is good to take information from someone who knows hat he is writing about. Thank you.

dilipchandra12 profile image

dilipchandra12 6 years ago from India Author

christopheranton Thanks for reading my hub and commenting.

Abhijit Saha 6 years ago

I think civilisation & culture are attached with our life style.

Muhammad Hamid 6 years ago

In my opinion culture is a map and civilization is a building.

abhi 5 years ago

that is correct, we can say in this way also ,culture is language and the civilization represents the country which uses the language, and a country can have many languages.

ithabise profile image

ithabise 5 years ago from Winston-Salem, NC

This is really good dilipchandra12. (And thanks for the fan mail!)

kishan 4 years ago

very well said

neeti shah 4 years ago

good one

M.A. Awal 3 years ago

We should be culturally developed first which will lead to civilization. If culture is distorted, civilization is not possible.

Yong Thierry 2 years ago

I am writing a book on Culture and Civilization because even laws don't look into culture. i will need help on my book

Yong Thierry 2 years ago

I am writing a book on Culture and Civilization because even laws don't look into culture. i will need help on my book this is to help so that we should not ignour culture because of civilization we should coïncider culture in all we do

Mrunalini 2 years ago

If we consider culture as a base of civilization then can we say that civilization is a technological zenith of culture?

saidu ss khalifa 17 months ago

very culture has it is one rules and regulations best on individuality

Sanam Abro 15 months ago

its intresting but too much short.....

mithilesh 13 months ago

nice article but not enough...

Mumtaz Ahmad 10 months ago

I think culture is like a player and civilization like a team as no team exist without a player in the same way no civilization can exist without culture .

Simon Antony 9 months ago

excellent clarity in distinguishing culture from civilization...

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