Different Branches of Philosophy

Different Branches of Philosophy

1. Metaphysics - This philosophy study deals with the question concerning ultimate reality and strives to explain it in its most general terms through its first and most universal principle.

2. Cosmology - This philosophy study strives to formulate a theory explaining the origin, nature and end of the universe.

3. Ethics - This philosophy study look into the rightness or wrongness of human act.

4. Theodicy - This philosophy study concerns God: His existence and His nature. It also attempts to reconcile the seeming conflict between the goodness of God and the existence of evil in the world.

5. Epistemology - This philosophy study concerns human knowledge: what knowledge is, what the conditions are which make human knowledge possible and the extent to which human knowledge can grasp or reach.

6.Political Philosophy - This philosophy study is concerned with good governance of the State, which includes the theory of its origin, the structure of the government and its different forms, and the qualities of a good leader.

7. Philosophy of the Human Person - This philosophy study focuses on the human person, his or her natures with the hope maximizing his or her good attributes in order to live life fully human. The goal of this study is to humanize the person and enable him or her to lead a good life.

8. Aesthetics - This philosophy study sets forth several theories concerning beauty and good taste.

9 - logic - This philosophy study is concerned with the structure and principles of correct thinking and right reasoning.

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raymart 5 years ago


plez send a examples every branches!!!

laesa :) 2 years ago

i learn a lot from it... thank you! :)

marlon 2 years ago

very nice i have put more knowledge about philosophy thanks

skembern 2 years ago

there are 10 branches of philosophy, why is it that there are only 9 in your page?

ronald 2 years ago

what is the no. 10 branch

john razel boquilon 23 months ago

I am more concern about the job of every branches.. , can you gave me a hint?

faUl shah 22 months ago

PhiLosophy is An interesting subject' we shouLd learn from iT.

kid 20 months ago


Bryan 20 months ago

Thanks for the information! I'd learned a lot :)

fyi 20 months ago

thanks for the informations :)

John 20 months ago

Thanks a lot !!!! :D

eric 20 months ago

thankyou. i've got my assignment perfect:)

Mary Ann 19 months ago

Thanks for the information....


paulo 18 months ago

can you please give the reference?

renzer 16 months ago

please give an example of rational psychology ???

hasina 15 months ago

Ya i like but plz snd and tell us about the examples of branches. Thnks

Geraldine 14 months ago

Thanks! I've learned a lot...

markben 8 months ago

only nine missing one item \

Jp 8 months ago

Only 10?

juan 8 months ago

Only 9 missing 3 branches?

JHea 7 months ago

thAnk yOu i Learn morE abOut philOsophy:)

roel 7 months ago

thank for all i learn about this philosophy

gan 6 months ago

thank you!

joydonaire 3 months ago

thanks :-)

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