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Tierra Kay Housing, Liberty internet cafe and game center, Guantanamo.
Tierra Kay Housing, Liberty internet cafe and game center, Guantanamo. | Source

Distance education offers the chance for higher education to many students unable to find time for traditional on campus learning. Adult learners are able to return to class and earn undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees at a time and place of their choosing. Today everyone seeking higher education will use online resources during the course of their study. Here are some facts about the online educational process.

University of Phoenix in Arizona

How Does a Distance Learning College Work?

Distance learning colleges are exactly like brick and mortar colleges. Students must go through the application process. Each student is evaluated and transcripts must be sent to the college specified address when requested. Prior coursework is considered during the placement process. Grants and student loans are available with assistance from the financial counselors who arrange everything by phone and online. Students must fill out the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before the process can begin. When the enrollment process is complete the student will receive access to the online student web or campus where assignment to courses and other required processes begin. From this point coursework is similar to going to class near home. Students log in to the password protected site and interact with teachers and other students during the learning process.

Walden Online University

What Technology Is Used in Distance Colleges?

Emerging technologies keep distance learning in a state of constant change as colleges try to keep abreast of new technology. Learning online has become the logical way to learn as more students seek higher education in pursuit of their career goals. Distance learners are able to study in a team environment and participate in a classroom with other students exactly like a brick and mortar college. Students use satellite, computers, telephone, the Internet, interactive video conferencing, and audio to communicate with teachers and other students. The convenience of technology makes it possible for students to log on and work at any time of the day or night without interfering with work or other responsibilities.

Capella University in Capella Tower

What is the Distance Learning Experience Like?

Distance learning colleges in the USA offer a well rounded learning experience with online classrooms, online team meeting rooms, online university libraries with many research sites dedicated to student use. Most distance learning colleges have an online student lounge for meeting with other students. Team assignments are done with the participation of all team members who select a team leader to head up the projects assigned to the group. Personal assignments are done by individual students and submitted electronically to the teacher's assigned mail box. This is a structured learning environment that offers the disciplined student the opportunity to learn in complete privacy.

Capella University

Campus location in Davenport, IA
Campus location in Davenport, IA

Distance Learning College

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Accredited Distance Learning Colleges in the USA

When searching for the right distance learning college make sure you research accreditation. This is extremely important. There are many legitimate distance learning colleges today but there are also many scams on the internet. Use caution before you enroll. Get references. Reputable distance learning colleges participate in education fairs across the country. Some distance learning colleges have campuses in many location for students to visit in person. Check out all resources before choosing your college.

Regis University On Campus and Online

Regis University is one of 28 nonprofit Jesuit universities and colleges nationwide.
Regis University is one of 28 nonprofit Jesuit universities and colleges nationwide.

Internet Classes

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Traditional Colleges Offer Distance Learning Degrees

Many traditional colleges offer distance learning degree programs through their local campus. Take time to review well known universities that offer distance learning programs. Some college programs require minimal on campus study but many offer complete distance learning degree programs.

University of Houston Distance Learning

University of Houston elearning programs
University of Houston elearning programs

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Oxana 3 years ago

Community colleges often have aiarculttion agreements with large numbers of four-year schools which specify which out of their courses will be transferred in to fulfill which requirements. These will normally include all the public schools in state, and some other schools out of state.I'm not sure what you're second question is. I'm guessing you mean to ask whether there is some online community college whose credits are transferable to more or less whatever four year school you want. The best online schools, in terms of having transferable credits, are the online programs of respected universities which have campuses.

Haley Schaeffer profile image

Haley Schaeffer 4 years ago from San Diego

Well done! I too am a proponent of online education vs. traditional schooling and your Hub does a great job of pointing out its advantages.

agent007 profile image

agent007 4 years ago from Florida

Thanks for the tips! Many people don't know where to start with online education.

Smireles profile image

Smireles 5 years ago from Texas Author

Hello cmellon86. I believe that most of the traditional colleges offer many online programs. I have not done the research but I have family who take online classes at traditional colleges.

cmellon86 profile image

cmellon86 5 years ago

I've heard of these colleges. Are there traditional colleges offering online degree programs too?

marilnelanoon233 profile image

marilnelanoon233 5 years ago

Thank you for posting some schools, it gives beginners an easier time to look up online learning!

bhushan 5 years ago

Thanks a lot for such a nice post on

bdouble28 profile image

bdouble28 5 years ago

Thanks for the list of schools!

Smireles profile image

Smireles 5 years ago from Texas Author

natcole1983, thank you for reading my hub. You will have to purchase your laptop or computer for online classes. All equipment must be provided by the student. Thanks. Sandra

natcole1983 5 years ago

Do online colleges typically require you to already own the equipment such as a laptop/webcam, or is it provided as part of your tuition cost?

Smireles profile image

Smireles 5 years ago from Texas Author

Thank you jalus. There are many traditional colleges that offer distance learning. Time was when no one offered distance learning but that has changed and it is a change for the better. Thanks for stopping by.

Jalus 5 years ago

Thank you for the helpful hub. I have been looking for a traditional college that I could recommend for distance learning.

Joni Douglas profile image

Joni Douglas 6 years ago

Great hub. Working full time, kids are finding online schools to be a great help.

Smireles profile image

Smireles 6 years ago from Texas Author

Tom, lots of people take one or two online classes at their on campus college. I graduated from the University of Phoenix online and found it a wonderful learning experience. I was able to work full time, have a heart attack with time off and still graduate in five and a half years.

Thanks for reading Pamela99 and MaryRenee.

MaryRenee 6 years ago

Smireless, excellent hub! As a college student, i can definetly appreciate it! :)

Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 6 years ago from United States

Smireless, This is a great way for someone to get college when they can't go away to college or if they are working they can adjust their time accordingly. Great hub!

Tom Whitworth profile image

Tom Whitworth 6 years ago from Moundsville, WV


You are spot on about distance learning. My son in law had some part of his classes online at my Alma Mater, WVU to receive his BSEE. This was an aid to him as he and my daughter had a family at home and Morgantown is a 5 hour round trip drive. Great hub!!!!!!

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