Do Scorpions Make Good Pets?

Scorpions make good pets -- provided you have realistic expectations
Scorpions make good pets -- provided you have realistic expectations

You don't often find the words "pet" and "scorpion" together in the same sentence, do you? But there are loads of very loyal scorpion-keepers around the world who do call scorpions good pets. These are people who intentionally went out and bought a scorpion or somehow inherited one from a family member or friend fallen on hard times. If you are realistic, then a scorpion can make an excellent pet.

What Makes A Good Pet?

You are not going to cuddle and pet a scorpion. It is recommended to handle a scorpion as little as possible. A scorpion will not do tricks or beg for its dinner. A scorpion may not even seem to particularly care whether you live or die. And all pet scorpions do have stings. You can't find a de-stinged scorpion - well, not a living one, anyway. If you are allergic to bee stings, they you should think about adopting another pet.

But people who care for pet scorpions think they are good pets, not for what the scorpion gives to them, but for what they can give to the scorpion. Caring for any living creature is not only a great responsibility, when you can do it, your self-esteem goes through the roof. To see a healthy animal exhibiting normal fearless behavior in your home and knowing you are its caretaker is a reward in and of itself.

And scorpions don't talk back. They do not complain. They are relatively hardy creatures. They are beautiful to watch. They don't need to be walked, and are easy to clean up after. They are very undemanding pets and live for about 6-8 years, long enough for you two to get to know each other. In my lifetime, I have only met one person who got their pet stuffed after it died. That pet was an Emperor scorpion.

Kinds Of Pet Scorpions

It is not recommended to just pick up any old scorpion from any desert or tropical rain forest that you happen to be passing through. There are scorpions that have venom that is more powerful than a bee sting. Some species do have lethal venom. Also, it might be illegal where you live to just take home wildlife, even an arachnid like a scorpion.

There are only a few kinds of scorpions that are considered "friendly" (as in - they do not plot to escape and take control of your home). By far the most popular is the Emperor, also known as Imperial, Black Emperor or African Emperor Scorpion. They are very impressive, about the size of your palm and shining black. They are the easiest for a beginner to take care of.

Other kinds of pet scorpions include the African Burrowing Scorpions, Asian Forest Scorpions, Bark Scorpions, Flat Rock Scorpions, Gold scorpions and - my favorite name for a pet species - Giant Hairy Scorpions. ("Hi, Mom. This Giant Hairy Scorpion followed me home. Can I keep him?")

Scorpions are relatively inexpensive to buy, feed and take care of. They should really stay by themselves in a tank. They need artificial light, artificial heat, a place to hide, water and bugs like crickets or mealworms to eat. They don't need a lot of exercise, so you can keep them in a small vivarium or enclosure. For more on taking care of a pet scorpion, click here.

In my time working at a pet store and caring for the pets of friends and families, I was surprised by well-mannered the Emperor Scorpions were. They never seemed to be in a hurry. They could easily be transported by being coaxed into a Styrofoam cup with the lid off for cage cleanings. Since they didn't make much of a mess, they didn't need to be cleaned often. And their silence was actually quite soothing after a day of incessant barking and squawking from the customers.

They're not a usual pet, but if you go into the relationship with the right attitude, a scorpion can make an excellent pet, indeed.

On a cold day, an Emperor Scorpion appreciates a warm-blooded friend. Film by glambaws

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hosrhoeihg 9 years ago


reow 8 years ago

i want one :(

zem 8 years ago

cool im getting one(dadcan i get one)

ScorpioGeek 8 years ago

I'm only a 12yr old girl and i have a baby emperor and cornsnake.

esnevip 8 years ago

aaw its so cute lol im gonna get one her or his name will be....pinchy!

gUEST 8 years ago


woooooooot 8 years ago

Nice, might get one O.o

peter 8 years ago

i got one the other day and i was wondering how often u feed them cause i got mine 5 days ago and i dnt think it has eaten is this a concern???

Tim 7 years ago

I've owned many many of these wonderful creatures.I've had roughly 20 Emporer Scorpion's andthey all lived roughly 2-3 years minimum,keeping in mind,I owned 13 at once then at a different time,7 others at once.Then my first one by himself.My favorite scorpion pet however was a Granite Rock Scorpio,which was a bit more expensive to keep,but apparently he is happy as I have had him nearly 9 years and he is still doing very well.He's grown to nearly 8 inches from the tip of the stinger to the tip of his pinchers and has been a joy to own.I appropriatly named him Sting.Along with my 6 year old rose haired tarantula named Demon,they are my only remaining pets.I love the unusual pets.They attract a lot of attention to new visitors as well as making a very good security system against people who I don't want here at home.You get one of these things out and walk towards an angry home intruder and they run away.

Matt 7 years ago

I currently own a red claw emp and a giant forest scorpion and a chilean rose. They make wonderful pets so long as you respect them. I'm curious Tim you said your rose was 6 years old? Is it male or female because I unknowingly bought a male and i was told later on he will die shortly after he grows those mating hooks on his two front legs and gets the black bulbs on the end of his pedipalps and he has both of those I'm just worried our relationship is going to be short lived. Should I be concerned? hit me back at and if anyone else can provide information your welcome to do the same please.

erik 7 years ago

i want one

nicko guzman profile image

nicko guzman 7 years ago from Los Angeles,CA

(message to Scorpio Geek)Well yeah...stop bragging.I have 5 scorpion,3 ball pythons,3 Burmese pythons,5 leoopard geckos,10 corn snakes,two gerbils,and a ton of rats and I am only 11 years old.Beat that.I hate it when people brag."Ohh..I have a hundred exotic pets that everyonr is scared of and I am only 12."

joe 7 years ago

(message to nicko guzman) you just did it your self hypocrit, noone cares what pets you own or how many for that matter

garrett 7 years ago

that's awesome

garrett 7 years ago

that's awesome

Angela 7 years ago

well, we have many bark scorpions in the house we just bought in Oklahoma. I can't stand them, I am sorry to those of you who love them, but waking up and having to check the bed and clothes and shoes before putting them on isn't what i bargained for. I hate to ask, but is there anyway to get rid of them besides a shoe?

calvin 7 years ago

hey niccko guzman you gotta be lying about your age because in one part you say your 11 then you say your 12

wulf 6 years ago

lol, actually i think he was just quoting the annoying 12 year old with the 100 pets, actually reading comments before you complain about them would be nice, im not bragging, but im 15, and i own a wolf, 2 ferrets, a tank full of oscars, sharks, catfish, and ropefish, a redclaw, an emperor, and a green iguana, 5 foot, again, im not bragging, but i think exotic pets are the best ^_^

Sway 6 years ago

Wow! I'm really interested in getting one. actually a nurse in the hospital im going to duty sells scorpions. I no my parents won't agree with my decision so i want to be prepared before i get one. can you guys help me out? message me at thanks in advance

mouse 6 years ago

hahaha my mums the same, i need to find a way to know that its a good idea, and help???

david 6 years ago

dude don't be scared of her, she knows that and will act accordingly, i raised scorpions for a while and i loved them. they are very doscile and calm animals.

toni 6 years ago

i have a scorpion and they are cool but they can hurt if you get stung or they get you with their claws i caught mine outside of my house

pakey  6 years ago

I want but im scared of any types

of bugs and im a scorpion

GP 6 years ago

Just bought 3 Desert Hairy Scorpions at a reptile convention in St. Louis. (2 Female/1 male) They are awesome! Their courting ritual is pretty fun to watch. A female confronts a male and will raise each other pincers and they go in "attack mode". Pretty cool!

failure 5 years ago

never follow this guide, the person doesn't know what they are talking about. First, scorpions will die if exposed to a lot of artificial light, so that is a no-no. Plus, Emperor Scorpions love to be kept in pairs. they are somewhat social. Plus, they failed to mention that Emperors need a lot of humidity. Go to a different site, cause this one fails.

Roy 5 years ago

I hope to get one but my dad hates the idea. D:

busty 5 years ago

leeser brown scorpion is a good pet ?

Shawn 4 years ago

My wife is gonna hate me but im GONNA GET ONE!!!!!

wally 4 years ago

what happens if you cut off the stinger...not the bulb part..just take nail clippers to the pointy part..would they die?

Kev 4 years ago

Can you have LED lights on at night in there tank

Scott 4 years ago

im a begginer but since i was addicted to it i bought a lot of scorpions also got 3 deathstalker and a hottentotta... but i think the longimanus.emperor and swammerdummy are the only one that are easy to find here...from a dog breader to a scorpion breader..well i never quit in breading dogs...wish me luck guys...

Shelly 4 years ago

The video was adorable.

Aaron 4 years ago

I'd love one but it took me 8 years to convince my mum to let me have a cornsnake, iv done loads of looking up on them and know how to keep them well, let's just hope I can convince her

chris 4 years ago

I have had a spider and a snake in the past but a scorpion sounds cool. I'm really wanting to go get one. Apperciate the info thank you.

madeline 3 years ago

scorpions is one of my science pages!

Daniel 3 years ago

Thank you for a wonderful article.

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