Does Heralding Get You Into Heaven? ; True Christianity and Charity


Does Heralding Get You Into Heaven? ; True Christianity and Charity

So often the very people who claim to be Christians are the people who are serving their communities the least. It is as if the mere claim of Christianity excuses all of their contemptuous self serving behavior in the name of Jesus Christ. More wars and malicious deeds have been committed in the name of the Savior than in any other deity on Earth. Even with the history of Islam and Judaism, Christianity by far commits more atrocities than any other religion and perhaps all of the religions combined.

A very good test of true Christianity is to record how many times a person references Jesus Christ versus how many Christian deeds they perform each day. Because my observation is the more a person claims to be a Christian the less Christian they actually are in society. They feel that their heralding excuses them from duty to love their brothers and sisters as their faith gives them a moral superiority.

Real World Application

By taking this simple test of measuring Christian’s observable love for their brother and sisters regardless of domination, it illuminates light in many dark areas of the world. This test can be applied to any religious group. So let’s begin with the very simple task of reviewing all the political candidates for 2012. Do any of them perform more Christian deeds than they speak about Christianity?


The World of Politics

In my very humble opinion the only two candidates that have shown more love to their brothers and sisters regardless of their denomination or served more community service deeds than all the other candidates without over heralding to compensate for their lack of Christian faith has been Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. I understand that there are those that disagree with both Barack Obama’s faith and Mitt Romney’s faith. But the aforementioned two candidates have actually performed more charitable deeds than any of their competitors and have not had to herald as a compensatory mechanism. There is really no hypocrisy for either of these two candidates which is refreshing. And Michelle Bachmann who is a “conservative constitutionalist” who doesn’t know who the founding father’s are doesn’t understand the idea of separation of church and state. It is the First Amendment of the Constitution that she cloaks her candidacy in. Has Michelle Bachmann even read the constitution?

Mitt Romney and President Obama, but not Newt Gringrich, seem to have read the first Amendment of the Constitution. Every other potential in the field, especially deluded Michelle Bachmann, seem to have failed to recognize the First Amendment of the Constitution. Ms. Bachmann has said so many incredulous things and has an approval rating of 2% but she believes she will receive the GOP nomination even though she had muddle church and state powers habitually claiming to be a strict “constitutional conservative” and Jesus Christ told her to run for office? She can’t be too strict as she is mixing her religious belief with her politics. Quite frankly, this country needs another religious leader in the White House like we need another Debt ceiling collapse. Which is another gift sprung on the American people by Ms. Bachmann. I think Gringrich has poisoned his own political prospects by heralding conservative Christian values which represents a very small portion of the actual Republican Party. As a Republican it would seem as if the RNC is throwing this election to Barack Obama.

Isn’t it more charitable and Christian to let your love illustrate your faith then to constantly have to call attention to yourself to remind people? Hasn’t the world of politics grasped they can lead by positive example instead of making false claims to a deity to claim moral authority? Love can lead the way.

I think this is a huge strategically error on behalf to the RNC and one the old guard would have never made but it is yet another illustration that the pseudo-Republican party a.k.a evangelicals aren’t truly capable or ready to lead the Republican party let alone the nation. Faith interjected into a campaign cycle is poor strategy beyond winning the nomination. As Americans we do not have a higher moral authority then other countries nor do we own the franchise on decency. For those of you who have never lived outside of the USA, this will be almost impossible for you to grasp but there are good if not great people all over the world. They are sage and decent no matter what their political beliefs, religion, race, ethnic group, sexual orientation and even special need. It is only in America we are carved into this little cliché’s and divided amongst each other so badly. It is a mechanism of a very sick and weak government that must do this to it’s people in order to maintain power. And it is a very old trick dating back to Caesar and every other great warrior. Sadly the people of America face a war against them every single day by their government attempting to force them into conformity. In general this is not a very Christian thing to do to the American people.


The Priest, Preacher and Minister

We listen to them for an hour each week and they pass a plate and collect a great deal of money. Beyond the sermon how else is the preacher fulfilling his duties to live like Christ? If the answer is nothing to the best of your knowledge then your preacher is not a Christian.

This is especially true of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. When I ask them how they are serving Christ they tell me by witnessing. Witnessing in absence of being Christian doesn’t make a person Christian. Witnessing only requires love of one’s own religion and not of his/her fellow brothers and sisters. This is a very anti-christ behavior. And it is especially true when Jehovah’s witnesses target Catholic neighborhoods. I have personally preformed many conversions on my front door steps helping people free themselves from that particular organization. Heralding in of itself is not a Christian behavior because it is not loving your fellow brother and sister. Serving the poor, elderly, sick, disabled and the needy is very Christian. More emphasis on serving communities and less on collecting tithing is desperately needed in churches today.

Initially Churches were found not by the religious dogma that is consistent with Christianity but as a government. Churches are non official government entities that do not pay taxes. It is why the “Founding Fathers” wrote the first amendment. They wanted to limit the access of all churches in government in this country so our country didn’t suffer the religious wars which Europe endured. The Bible was written by the Greeks in order to give the common man guidelines to live by. Religion is a device of war. More importantly is that religion in of itself does not automatically mean a person has spirituality. In fact, many of the Sunday goers at Church are only Christian on Sunday. This is of course not true of all people but of many.

And you have to ask yourself this if you believe in God, do you think Heralding is enough to get you into heaven? Talk is cheap and meaningless when not supported by a history of Christian behavior including Christian love for their brothers and sisters of different faiths.

Fruits of Charity

In Conclusion

In summary the merit of any religion lies not in the ability of the leader to sermonize but to organize Christian to love and to provide for their poor and suffering brothers and sisters. A Church is not a temple of God if no one gets the message to serve and love their brothers and sisters in need. It is simply a building for sinners seeking to find absolution. And if there is a God he would much more readily admit an atheist who denied his existence but loved his brothers and sisters into Heaven before a self serving heralding Christian who spoke more about their faith then providing comfort to others.

Because of the past decade in this country no moral authority can be claiming by the right wing evangelical party. I don’t believe either party can claim moral authority. I think it to be a terrible strategic mistake to attempt to disregard the first amendment, return to an old form of government which is church and claim to be a constitutional conservative for either party. It is complete non-sense. And just because a focus group liked it in a room somewhere doesn’t mean it should be expounded through the highest branches of our government. It shows a lack of discipline in being able to maintain one’s objectivity in order to run the country.

And finally heralding and attending church on Sunday doesn’t give anyone any comfort but the person heralding and attending church. True Christians live their faith, love their brothers and sisters and don’t have to talk about it. And the measure of the faithful is their love the have for their brothers and sisters for we will know they are Christians by their love not their words.

RNC Error

Do you think it is an error for the GOP niminee to claim he/she is a conservative christian constitutionalist when the first amendment cleary states there is a seperation between church and state powe

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President and Faith

Do you ever vote for a presidential candidate baseds on his heralding?

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How do you Measure a Christian?

Do you Measure a Christian by their heralding or their love and philantrophic work with their less fortunate brothers and sisters?

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Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago

Oh JT,

You are breaking the rules!..thought you were on vacation. Having a headache at the end..! Of political plight. Aside from the funny sidfe of us...I wonder how politicians spend their Christmas...Can you imagine?

Thanks for the free Hub. Won't charge any bipartisan Tax!


JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Hi D.

I am besides no on knows I am still publishing but you. You know the politicians are all partying and living large.

Thanks for not charging me a tax. I don't think you can because I am pretty independent in my thinking.

Thanks for reading and commenting as always.


cherylone profile image

cherylone 5 years ago from Connecticut

Wow, I think you stepped on quite a few toes with this one, and the real tragedy is the fact that you also hit nails right on the head. Good hub, very controversial and strong enough to make those who claim to be Christian think about their beliefs and their actions.

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Good Evening Cherlone,

There are many fine and great Christians. One just left my house. But she doesn't have to talk about being a Christian. Her actions speak volumes.

I am not trying to be controversial however I can imagine those who are exceptionally defensive about their heralding will be crawling out of the wood work to knock this hub.

Actually I am on vacation right now and i am reading all of my favorite hub authors and they are inspiring me. And when inspriation over takes me I write and therefore I wrote this hub.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Let's hope a few people will revisit how they practice their faith and they will be inspired to love their brothers and sisters this holiday season.

It would be the greatest gift of all.


SweetiePie profile image

SweetiePie 5 years ago from Southern California, USA

My feelings on this issue is people really need to realize the Constitution set forth the separation of church and state. There are many people in this country who believe in God, but who have no interest in attending church. Are they bad people? Actually, a lot of decent people I know who are willing to help their neighbors are ones who do not go to church. I have nothing against people who want to attend a worship service, but we live in a secular and modern society where people need to stop looking for religious heroes in government, or even leading their church. I believe faith should be a personal thing, and it has no place in government. I may not be an atheist, but it is time we actually probably had a president who was one. There are many atheistic people who have better morals and concepts of right and wrong than people who believe in God.

Jimmy Carter never bragged about being a Christian, but at the end of his presidency he went out and volunteered to help build houses for those in need. I always respect people like Carter for their quiet faith, and never take seriously politicians like Bachman who are putting on a religious/political show. As one person said on my hub recently, it seems as if the Republican presidential candidates are on a reality show. Every week one of them has something wackier to say, and it always seems as if a new one is being voted off the island.

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Hi SweetiePie,

I think the ax swings both ways on Religion and politics for both parties. I am not a partisan person.

But yes, I agree that the seperation of church and state must be absolutely adhered to especially by individuals running for President as it is in the First Amendment. As for the Republican Party this election cycle, well it represents such a small portion of the actual Republican Party that it isn't even clear they are Republicans but individuals claiming to be Republicans that are amassing a fortune running for office. The majority of the Republican Party is very well educated and has not only ready the Constitution but the Articles of the Confederation as well.

You are absolutely right, quiet faith in service is actually real faith. The rest is just lip service.

I think we should have and agnostic president. That would really flip the country out. Disbelief until proven otherwise.

Thanks for reading and commenting.


SweetiePie profile image

SweetiePie 5 years ago from Southern California, USA

There is nothing wrong with being partisan in my feeling and view. The problem with partisanship is in our recent times when it has become polarizing. Some people believe strongly in their political party. I do not find Democrats preaching their holier than thou religious beliefs as much as the Republicans, so I have been attracted to the this party more than the other. For instance, Al Gore and Bill Clinton have both written about being Christian in their memoirs, but they did not say this over and over again on the campaign trail. We live in a two party country, and I actually say those who pick a party have nothing to hide.

I have always been engaged in politics from a young age, so being political and partisan is part of who I am. I realize not everyone is, but those who are should not be ashamed of it. As long as a person is not pushing their political/religious beliefs on someone else, it is all good.

I am kind of funny even though I can argue up a storm with a partisan Republican, I find I have more in common with one because we can argue about political issues of the day.

Credence2 profile image

Credence2 5 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

Hi, JT, it is true that so many conservatives talk about American Exceptionalism, which is another way of saying "do what I say and not as I do". I have always believed that the GOP uses the evangelicals as a voter base without really doing more than providing lip service to true religious faith and belief without hypocrisy. Who can really believe a 'born again' Newt Gingrich?

You said:This is especially true of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. When I ask them how they are serving Christ they tell me by witnessing. Witnessing in absence of being Christian doesn’t make a person Christian"

Jt, I have studied with them over many years, and they are more Christian than most. I have never went to a talk where they deny Christianity or the role of Christ in the scheme of things. Part of the obligation of being a Christian is witnessing as I understood it.

I have taken the time to write more than a few articles on this topic, if you have time check out:

Nice article, voted up, Cred2

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Hi Cred2,

But witnessing in of itself is not Christianity. How can you witness if you aren't loving your brother and sister? I have had friends that are Jehovah's Witnesses through the years and they agree that witnessing without helping their fellow brothers and sisters isn't Christanity. It is a false love of thier own religious values when they love their religion more then their fellows. That was the whole point of Christanity was to unite.

But I completely agree with the seperation of church and state consistent with the First Amendment. And no one has noticed I wrote something nice about Barack Obama in my hub.

Thanks for the votes Cred2.

Are you saving the hammock for me when the Right winged takes over?



JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Hi SweetiePie,

My Father is a politician for the Republican Party and he didn't rise to power through claims of religion. And I to also have been involved with politics since I was very young from my Father's campaigns and we are Republican. Funny once everyone gets into office, no one cares about what party they are in. So I try to be non-partisian realizing it is just a divisify tactic. Some of my very bestfriends are Democrat. And often people think I am a Democrat even though I am Republican but old guard Republican.

I wrote something nice about a Democrat in this hub and no one noticed.

All My Best,


Credence2 profile image

Credence2 5 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

Hi, Jt, thanks for your reply

Witnesses through the years and they agree that witnessing without helping their fellow brothers and sisters isn't Christanity

That is correct, you are to witness as a Christian to promote Christianity and message of hope in an otherwise bleak future for the human family. I wanted to become a baptized publisher, but I have a vice of tobacco use that disqualifies me. Scriptures make it clear that if you do not love your brother, then you truly do not love the father. The concepts are both one in the same

But like said in many of my articles, these things are very personal and each individual must decide for themselves which way they want to go without threat or coercion. The first amendment makes it clear that there is to be no establishment in regards to religion in America. One of the reasons is that we would be embroiled in endless struggle where there can never be proven that there one right answer. I agree with this wholeheartedly.

BTW, thanks for giving Obama a thumbs up in this instance. Regardless of what faith you subscribe to, nobody likes a hypocrite.

That hammock awaits you whether the right wing reins supreme or not. ..

Regards, Cred2

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Brother Cred2,

I printed this one out as we may be showing up. And I will tell my son about the wonders of Hawaii. It is on our list of places we wish to visit one day. I have taught him briefly about Hawaii but only when I was explaining how his grandfather, a seabee, built out there and as a justification for making him study Chinese pictograph and Kanji language.

On a more personal note, it gives me great comfort to know we can have different views and still be want the best for our country. I think that is what is missing from society today.

I have said many nice things about Barack Obama as my son has worshiped this guy since he ran but it doesn't seem to have much traction. Dems usually don't like it because it comes from a Republican and the right wings hate it because it comes from old guard Republican. While the USA has not cornered the market on decency it is good to know there are still those from diverse backgrounds which can come together and be decent.

Maloha (SP) and then Mehelee Christmas. I can't spell Christmas in Hawaiian.

Thanks!! Sister, JT

ChaplinSpeaks profile image

ChaplinSpeaks 5 years ago from Charleston, South Carolina

Ah, a hub about religion and politics. Bold, daring, and should spark some good conversation!

Good deeds will not get you into heaven. To be a Christian, you just need to accept Jesus as your savior, and the rest will follow, good deeds, fruit, tithing and all that good stuff. Heralding sounds like a bad word, but yes, we are called to witness by example and by words, bringing the Good News to others. To herald is to bring the message. But, yes, if someone is Heralding without faith, in any arena, it is meaningless.

Thanks for an awesome thought provoking Hub!

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Hello Chaplin Speaks,

But doesn't that require to love our brothers and sisters regardless of their own personal faith. And I was pointing out that politicians herald without proof of faith. Witnessing alone is not Chritianity especially when it is saddle with contempt for our brothers and sisters in the middle east of various religious backgrounds. I just get tried of hearing about politicians faith and then watching them tear each other down which to me is the anti-thesis of Christianity. The walk and the talk should be the same if they are truly Christians.

And they hate Barack Obama which is not Christian at all. I don't think they care much for Mitt Romney eigther which is not Christian. It makes you wonder if any of them are Christian?

Thanks for reading, commenting, rating and voting.


Credence2 profile image

Credence2 5 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

Well,JT, we would be delighted to have you visit. seriously let me know and perhaps we can get together for lunch or something. I have written a brief series of life for us on the islands with a photo or two. If you are so inclined, check it out.

Barack Obama is just a man dealing with economic disaster not seen since the thirties and I think that he deserves a fair chance to succeed against unprecedented resistance. Reflective people on either side of the ideological divide should recognize this... Our ability to survive will depend on our ability to live and let live with copious measures of negotiation and compromise. Maintaining balance between opposing forces will keep us all by being overrun by one side or the other. That is America and is why we have been able to stand over more than 2 centuries basically intact

That's Mahalo, for thanks, and my knowledge of the language is not good. I have only been here for 18 months. Joyeux Noel to you as well. Cred2

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Hello Cred2,

I am due 12 years of back child support so seriously when I collect my son and I may actually show up. I will keep you abreast.

I agree with you about Barack and the guy can't be all bad because my son thinks the world of him. I also have an association with an organization President Obama is also associated with. It goes back to my family serving Rutherford B. Hayes and nine presidents after that. As much as I criticize DC, I am more like them then I would care to admit.

My family, we are the Rough Riders who fought with the first freed slaves. We also fought with the Buffalo soldiers and in the boxer rebellion.

Not that I would dare ask you to read anymore of my work but I have worked on this heirloom preserving both my German family bible and American Presidential and Military history for over a decade. I will enclose some of the photos. I am a Bosch. And I have more in common with Barack Obama then he probably even knows. So don't let my partisan hubs fool you I am just after clicks and not really against Barack. A girl has to make a living.

Because I have so many languages, another requirement of our family, I can't spell in any language. But merci e Boun Natalie!!

Here are the links when I am through with court I will have to start considering a home for this heirloom. It is safe now but it may not be best to keep it in Florida. We have hurricane season. My major probably is that the Roosevelts still want Theodore Roosevelt to recieve all the credit for the Rough Riders. Theodore Roosevelt was such a great presidnet because he could delegate power. This is a Freemason artifact. The Smithsonian wants it. If I could find a real publisher I would publish a book about it. But eventually I will have to find this a home. Thank you for allowing me to get close enough to you to share this Cred2 and yes, we would love to visit the island and meet you as my grandfather built alot of it when he was stationed there.

I have a few more up about this even covering McKinley and Roosevelt's signatures but I know you believe me if not I will just send you the links.

I actually have some really accurate educational hubs that are not really read.

Thanks and Happy Holidays.


Credence2 profile image

Credence2 5 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

JT, I am fascinated with personal history, that you have a little part in it. I will check out your articles and let you know. Theodore Roosevelt has a lot of admirers, me among them. Thanks for allowing me to peek into your library, the subject simply may not have the broad appeal. But, for a historian it is custard pie. Thanks, Cred 2

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

So good to hear form you my friend. I am not certain if it is a blessing or a curse. The black community was pretty upset with my family that Theodore Roosevelt didn't give a black soldier the Congressional medal of honor. We had no control over that. People really hate me for having this family history and being trained the way I was as a child to grow up and be a leader. We fought and died along side the Buffalo Soldiers and we are the Rough Riders. I am so glad you like it. They are low rated articles and have barely been read. But they are history that is unknown to the everyone except my family. Eventually I will have to find a home for this family heirloom. It is hard to think of giving it away since my Mother just died.

My son and I would still lve to come to Hawaii and visit the islands when we get through with all this child support hearings. I haad to file with the judge and the Florida Bar Association this week. It has becoem rather unpleasant. My scheduled break form Hubpages is to deal directly with this legal issue and the judge keeps granting continuances to the other party.

Cred it is so good to know you and I look forward to your enlightened correspondence.

I guess I do have a very little part in this as I am the one person who discovered it, translated it and has conducted research on it for the last decade. But you are right a relatively small comparison when considering the signatures on this heirloom. I have not signed it even though I was encourgaed to do so. It will probably be my gift to my country in the end.

Your Friend,


Credence2 profile image

Credence2 5 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

Sounds like a lot of living history that you have recorded, the topic does not have a general interest, but again, I like to consider myself a historian. I tried to get into one of articles about Thomas Anderson, but there was no place to provide a comment. I am a fan of Teddy Roosevelt (as the last GOP president that could be called progressive)It is an area of history not touched on much, it was probably disbanded in the early 20th century, but with TR at the head was involved in the Spanish American conflict. You must be most proud and I will look forward to reading more.

Best to you, Cred2

Credence2 profile image

Credence2 5 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

Sorry, I duplicated a comment, which I did not believe went through. No I am not upset, TR was a progressive for his time, ( He did what he could do based upon the period in which he lived. I got into trouble with the south when he invited the educator Booker T Washinton to the white house. Things were bad and TR was going the right direction. I had an aunt that had told me years ago that she met Booker Washington when she was little girl, back in 1912, Washington died in 1915 If you want more, seriously see:

The door is always open, come and lets us lavish you with Aloha!

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Hello Cred2,

We are typing to each other at the same time. I added the comment capsule at the end of the Thomas A. Anderson hub. Thank you for pointing that out ot me.

TR history is almost completely a mystery that is what makes this piece so valueable. But it also has William McKinley's signature on it as well right before he was assinated. It could have Taft's signature as well. I know our group worked for him two days a month. I should mention we had the day off when McKinley was killed. Lead bullet is a terrible way to go.

Cred2, I probably need to type this up and sell it as a book. We actually have very little on the Spanish American War but more of the Mexican American War, the Boxer Rebellion, Japan TakaraRoot (?) Trade agreement for which Theodore Roosevelt won the Nobel Prize. TR represented the very best in Republican politics and then the very worst when he attempted to split the party and did so quite successfully with the Bull Moose Party. Sarah Palin often reminds me of attempting to be the female version of TR.

To do this heirloom justice I really need to put it in a real book. Then perhaps I can finally find the heirloom a resting place. Those archivist in DC are a hoot. They actually want my family heriloom but I want to share it with the whole country as I believe within each of us is the ability to make this country a better strong country. We just need to be reminded we have the resolve and the metal to do it.

I know I am a silly writer fill with patriotic thoughts of optimism.

I hope I didn't make you laugh too hard.


JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author


We keep typing each other at the same time. Great minds think a like. LOL. It is all good among friends. My entire family is very pro- civil rights. That does not go over in the South even now. They really hated me back 13 years ago when I worked with African American children and wanted to actually teach them. I was born in the South but I was raised completely different then the values down here. And it is slowly changing now that we have a black president but it is still a world filled with hate.

The entire Republican Party from Hayes on believed in embracing the black communtiy. For me in the South to be apart of the Democratic Party means I am embracing the Klu Kulx Klan. So imagine my surprise when I find Black Dmeocrats down in Florida??? It is baffling to me.

Republicans have agreed on this point for over 100 years. I don't things became so backwards until vietnam and then wasn't that LBJ?

What a wonderful memory of your grandmother to share with you? My family believed in this unification of all of men in the USA (because women were still excluded) that they were willing to die for it. And we did lose many very good people including Thomas A. Anderson. It would be nice after a 100 years of struggling to unify this country it would finally happen. Diversity is our strength and unification is our salavtion.

I would love to go to Hawaii for a while but I don't think it is my immediate future. But it is on the list of places my son and I would love to visit.

You are the best Cred2!! Thanks for extending the invite.

Happy Holidays!

Your Friend.


whoisbid profile image

whoisbid 5 years ago

....people thinking that they are christians because they believe some story about a man who apparently took all of their sins on a cross over 2000 years ago. They believe that faith in his blood or faith that their sins are taken away because of some transaction 2000 + years ago applies to them forever because they bowed down to doctrines that people made up. These people are nothing more than fundamentalists who attack the very nature of the gospel itself which is opposed to this kind of religion and even the gospels show us how Pharisees, Sadducees could be the very same creatures. Jesus said " The whole of the law and the Prophets is summed up in - Do for others what you want them to do for you" and these people opposing love for one's brother (no matter what his religion or lack of religion) are the enemies of Jesus Christ and those who follow his teaching although they worship him with their lips but their heart being far from him.

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Hi whosibid,

We are to love our borhters and sisters regardless of faith so Amen!!

Happy Holidays.


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