Does The Mothman Exist

100+ witnesses report sightings

From November 1966 to Dec. 1967 at least 100 people witnessed the Mothman in and near Point Pleasant, WV. The first reported sighting was when five men were in a cemetary, preparing for a burial. Suddenly a strange and frightening creature flew off of nearby trees and flew right over their heads. They reported that it looked like a brown human with huge wings, that glided, not flapped. The creature was about 7 feet tall and had huge red eyes. The men's stories all matched each other's and they were all freaked out. I know I would have been. The following year was full of reported sightings. One night two married couples drove past an old abandoned TNT plant near Point Pleasant, WV, when they noticed something shaped like a man, but with wings. It stood about seven feet tall. It had it's wings folded against it's back. They sped away. A few moments later, they saw it again on a hillside along the road. They were panicking. It spread it's wings and rose into the air, following their car. It followed them to Point Pleasant. Four more witnesses claimed to see the creature three different times that same evening.

The news of this creature spread all over the world very quickly, and the creepy man-bird was dubbed the Mothman.

John Keel, a paranormal investigator spent most of that year seeking out the Mothman. He wrote a book, The Mothman Prophesies, which was later adapted into a movie.

In Dec. 1967 the Silver Bridge collapsed killing forty-seven people. Keel stated he had been recieving mysterious and eerie phone calls, and had been warned about the bridge, but not knowing the truth behind it, he hadn't wanted to start a panic. He was no where near the bridge when the tragedy happened. Many people blame the collapse on the strange sightings of that year. There is no real proof on this.

While researching the Mothman, I could only find sketches of him. The photos I did see looked fake. I would like to see a photo of this creature. With so many reports and sightings, you would think someone could've taken a photo. However, I guess, there were also a lot of strange things which happened with equipment. Equipment such as, televisions, radios, lights, even automobiles when the creature was seen in the area. Possibly cameras had problems, also.

After the collapse of the bridge the Mothman sightings ceased.

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cgull8m profile image

cgull8m 9 years ago from North Carolina

I hope they document these, would love to see the pictures and videos for it. Sounds interesting.

ChristineRitter profile image

ChristineRitter 9 years ago from Ohio Author

cgull8m, I know , I am very interested. The reports are documented, bu I have yet to see a real photo. It's very creepy ! Thanks for commenting !

profile image

mandm on bulgaria 9 years ago

Hi christine interesting hub I have never heard of mothman before but being from the uk I probably wouldn't have and I agree pic's would have been good to see.

ChristineRitter profile image

ChristineRitter 9 years ago from Ohio Author

Hello, mandm, the thought of a giant man-moth gives me the creeps, but that kind of stuff intrigues me. I know I would like to see a real photo. Thanks for commenting !

VioletSun profile image

VioletSun 9 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

I had not heard of the Mothman. Wonder how many life forms are out there that were are not aware of. Thanks for sharing this story.

ChristineRitter profile image

ChristineRitter 9 years ago from Ohio Author

Hi, VioletSun. I have asked myself the same question. I believe the world is filled with many mysteries. I'm open minded to the endless possiblities of Different beings seen and unseen. Just because we do not understand it doesn't mean they don't exist. Thanks, for commenting.

AuraGem profile image

AuraGem 9 years ago from Victoria, Australia

A movie was brought out in 2002 called "The Mothman Prophecies". It has been dubbed a psychological thriller and indeed it is. Stirring stuff! While it does not stamp "proof" with a seal, it does open up a huge dimension of questions that your average line of thought may find more than a bit challenging!

Smiles and Light

profile image

IĆ°unn 9 years ago

Great hub, great movie and I also researched it after. I'm a believer. :)

ChristineRitter profile image

ChristineRitter 9 years ago from Ohio Author

AuraGem, Hi, thanks ,for commenting. Yes, I saw the movie. I was so fascinated and creeped out I've been investigating ever since. Thanks !

ChristineRitter profile image

ChristineRitter 9 years ago from Ohio Author

Hi, there, Iounn. Yes, I believe it, too. FREAKY !

crashcromwell profile image

crashcromwell 8 years ago from Florida

I'm in the process of researching Mothman for an upcoming novel I plan to write (tentatively titled Antiquity Calais and the Wrath of the Cryptids). I stumbled across this creature on a television show a while back, and I can say, without hesitation, that just the thought of it sends shivers up and down my whole body.

By the way, in my research I read a report that contends that Mothman has relocated to England, and has been seen there since the collapse of the Silver Bridge. Could have been just a hoax, since it came after the Mothman Prophecies movie came out a few years ago.

BTW, my hub is partially dedicated to the Antiquity Calais series, and features a few chapters from the first book in the series, titled Antiquity Calais: Standing at Armageddon. I'm actually inserting a chapter into that book to set the stage for book three when Mothman and his fellow cryptids take center stage. I'd love for you to visit my site and let me know what you think.

Jim Henry

christine ritter 8 years ago

thanks, soooo much Jim. I will definitely check out your hub. Thanks for commenting. Very interesting !

sportscat 8 years ago

i would like to her more stories about the mysteries of mothman there are very interesting!! im sure to right again

sportscat 8 years ago

i would like to her more stories about the mysteries of mothman there are very interesting!! im sure to right again

ChristineRitter profile image

ChristineRitter 8 years ago from Ohio Author

Thanks for commenting, sportscat !

christine almaraz profile image

christine almaraz 8 years ago from colorado springs

i don't know if it exists but it still freaks me out. mothman prophecies was scary. good hub.

ChristineRitter profile image

ChristineRitter 8 years ago from Ohio Author

Thanks, Christine...I know the thought of it gives me the creeps !! Yes, it was a great movie. Thaanks, for commenting.

mothman 8 years ago

Hello gals, do you really want my photo? Don't you prefer Brad Pitt? Wow, you humans are so odd...

ChristineRitter profile image

ChristineRitter 8 years ago from Ohio Author

lol..hello, there mothman..rather have your pic than Brad Pitt's any day.

Matt 8 years ago

I did some research as well. What I note as interesting is that the moth man has been recorded by the Indians. They have a Mysterious religious creature called the Thunder Bird, that looks identical but with a head. I believe in perspective, that everyone sees thing is there own way. And moth man looks different to everyone who ever comes across him. It especially is noted in the movie, and in the book. The moth man exists outside of time. Therefore his perspective is probably very different from out own . In the movie the old man that died of exposure the man who first met Indred Cold. He first say a man, but in some way not right. "the moth man". He was a simple country man and his imagination could not understand what it was. So it dubbed it a man. Others see it, there imaginations dub it a Bird. With or without a head, others have seen it as an enormous bat or very large birds flying together. If you see the moth man you will see what your imagination will let you see. Nothing more nothing less. He will obviously be bird/bat like. In book there is also some mention of him appearing as people. Whatever he is, he does not exist in our reality.

ChristineRitter profile image

ChristineRitter 8 years ago from Ohio Author

WOW, Matt. very good point. Thank you so much for your interesting thoughts on the Mothman. I'm sure you are right. One would only see what his own mind could make of it's appearance. Thanks again for your insight.

Ivan 8 years ago

I have a story to tell that you may or may not believe. First of all I am a 35 year old professional who is educated. It first started 2 weeks ago when i was driving at 3:30am in the morning to Orlando Florida and I was tired. I shut off my car to sleep for 20 minutes.My alarm was set on my phone. I woke up to a loud noise and when i opened my eyes I saw something very large over 6 feet tall with wings but it looked like an owl. It scared me and then after 20 seconds of it making noise while i was in my car I all of a sudden was out of my car and could not find it. I woke up in the rain and my car was a few miles away and it was raining. I just do not understand. My shoes were not muddy and I was not wet but on the side of the road,it was muddy.I will write part 2 on the next comment.

Ivan 8 years ago

I googled the Mothman and found this page. I am going to rent the movie today and buy the book. Well,it is around 8am now and for the second time something happened to me and it appears i was not sleep-walking. I was driving my car late from the casino and all of a sudden I saw on the highway a different figure which was very dark but with a glow in the eyes but the same shape. The reason why i stopped was because the car was dead. It made a huge noise at me again and then flew away. The funny thing is that I could not of driven to the destination this time because it was to far away. I have know idea how I got there but it was near orlando. After the THING left my car started and my phone rang. I heard a weird voice and saw lines on my phone that I have never seen before. But I thought my phone was dead. I heard my voice called and that somethign would happen that would be a disaster. I saw on AOL what happened in Australia today. I have know idea what happened to over 2 hours of time that I lost,maybe 3 hours. This morning I called a friend that told me about about a movie called Moth-Man and here I am. The only thing I know is this is weird and not a joke. I know for a fact that I have seen something twice that has scared the crap out of me and it appears in the same spot. This voice was like a computer and called me by my name. I am well educated and after reading a few things on the internet and seeing a few pictures I am freaking out. The only thing I must say is that it looked like an owl the first time that I did not see on here and then like,more like a black fly with big wings the second time. I wonder what this means and why my phone was dead after the call.

ChristineRitter profile image

ChristineRitter 8 years ago from Ohio Author

Ivan, this is so freaky. Thank you for sharing. I am worried about you. In the research, I have done, when the Moth Man is near, phones, cameras, cars, etc.disfunction. I wonder if anyone else sighted it, and why you are being tormented by the THING. I have read about the Australia fires. Your encounter is so much like the reports I have read. Please, keep me informed ! You can send me e-mail through this sight, as well. Please, feel free to do so. Best of luck, I am concerned.

robin 8 years ago

the mothman was also seen at 911, and yes there are photos.

there is one photo of mothman on an australian bridge.

ive enhanced it and will show he is actually holding something roughly the size of basketball.

see here:

ChristineRitter profile image

ChristineRitter 8 years ago from Ohio Author

Thank you Robin...very interesting. 'll check it out. Thanks so much for the link !

St.James profile image

St.James 8 years ago from Lurking Around Florida

The Mothman stories and legends are as interesting as they are strange. The Mothman has been associated with being a harbinger of disastrous events. Are there creatures on this earth that we are just starting to discover? Yes. Are there unexplained things and events? Yes.

Conclusions are up to the individual to decide for themselves... Christine, great article! I love looking at the unknown.

Lgali profile image

Lgali 8 years ago

good hub

ChristineRitter profile image

ChristineRitter 8 years ago from Ohio Author

St. James, thank you so much for your comment.

BigFoot 7 years ago

I'm sick and tired of MothMan Aaaallllwwaayyys stealing the spotlight from me. He's in for it! Him and the Aliens!

mandi 7 years ago

On an epidsode of Paranormal State the whole thing was about Mothman. They thought they were being haunted by it. Then when they were outside something in the sky flew by and it had red eyes. It was beautiful.

ChristineRitter profile image

ChristineRitter 7 years ago from Ohio Author

Hi, Mandi, thanks for commenting...hmmm, beautiful? never heard it described that way.

edrwt 7 years ago


me 7 years ago

watch this ,from google map i walk in point pleasant,where he was seen 40 years ago,and I pay atention on bridge,and here is link...true 10000000000% ,you can see some creature in sky with wings,but i tjink it is not a here is link

then try to do one step back and watch on the other side of bridge...true

hanna kaitlin fremont 7 years ago

i was so scared when i heard about moth man im so freaked out

erica cobb 6 years ago

wow i dont know if hes real or not dut peaople havent seen him for some time so i dont think hes real but maybe he is idk but we might never know....

ChristineRitter profile image

ChristineRitter 6 years ago from Ohio Author

edrwt,hanna, and erica,

Thanks so much for your comments and insight. :)

michael 6 years ago

tht is so crazy i am gonna try to do research pn this and go to wv and find out as much as i can

Me 6 years ago

:) Poor skills,1.mothman is not what Indians call thunderbird.Keep searching....

Christine,what other cryptids do you know?

swanny 6 years ago

i have reserced the moth man for a while now. I would really like some photos. Even though many would say he is not real, how is he not? I believe in the mothman

John 6 years ago


Im 41,and Im from Rhode Island.

I heard about this creature 3 weeks ago.Why I was researching?

Because,my dad,he died 10 years ago,had one old photo.It was taken around in Rhode Island(Warwick).On that photo you can clearly see some shady figure,it was tall maybe 6.5 ft.Photo is in old black-white style.

Years and years we were looking for answer on that,what that was?And last month i met one friend of mine wife.He knows a lot about cryptozoology.And I show him that photo,in one second he said"that s a mothman!"

Me,my mother and wife were surprised and shocked."What a hell is mothman?"And of that moment iv been researching every day,and saw some pics,and videos.Today I m absolutely sure,that was a mothman.

Only I m sad for,is because my father never heard of it,and he had never found a words for that creature on his photo.He had never heard of mothman.

ChristineRitter profile image

ChristineRitter 6 years ago from Ohio Author

If this truly is a picture of Mothman,John, you have something that is absolutely priceless in value.

cj 6 years ago

just watched the mothman prophecies and it scared the shit out of me lol so i googled him/it and the first thing that came up was your hub, ive been reading the comments and looking at the links to pictures and i definitley think that he exists! what else could there be out there?

tracey 5 years ago

I think I saw it last night in my bedroom, it was dark no t.v. on. It was standing next to my t.v. as if it was looking out the window, but the blinds were closed, it was rocking back and fourth , the looked right at me, I turned the lights on and woke my husband. I didn't see red eyes, his face was white. I had to leave work early cause I couldn't stop crying I know what I saw, am I in danger

ChristineRitter profile image

ChristineRitter 5 years ago from Ohio Author

I'm so behind on my hub comments. I apologize. Tracey, I don't know, but I am so sorry. It had to be traumatizing. Have you had headaches? bloody nose?

Metalheadmaniac profile image

Metalheadmaniac 5 years ago from AUS bittches

i just watched a show called un explained mysteries and they showed the moth man and even tho i live all the way over in AUS it still made me shit bricks,, good hub

bonnieboo 5 years ago

v great hub - i study it a bit and its freaky so far

JamesAvanture 4 years ago

I think Moth Man is REAL...

It has show itself to my friend,yes,I'm not the one who saw it,but my friend cames to my house with very pale scared face and tell me what he saw on his way home.It was big,he tell me it was twice 6 or 5 feet tall and have wings,2 wings and face like owl with 2 big eyes bright red like blood...First time he tell me I'm not believing him but his faced doesn't look like he was lying,pale scared face...can you imagine his face like he was saw a freaky bastard ghost!!!Wow,I dont think he was lying,dude...

JessePA 4 years ago

When i was younger me my mom and 2 brothers where walking in the woods near lansdale, PA we came to a spot that had one of them green electric boxs on the ground, We seen looked like a tall man standing there wearing a black cloak when it seen us it looked then took off vertically very fast the black cloak appeared to be black unfunctioning wings, A few days later me and my mom where sitting on the steps in front of our house and there was 3 bright lights in the sky and i think it was this being seeing if we where going to do anything about seeing it we never seen it again after.

skylar 3 years ago

i am researching the mothman

Ashley Mullis 2 years ago

I would really like to read the book about the mothman just to c if the movie & the book r on the same page cuz u know how some people in the movie industry like play games with making a movie based on a book.

ChristineRitter profile image

ChristineRitter 2 years ago from Ohio Author

Much thanks for all your comments!! Very interesting!

Salvatore 2 years ago

There was a picture I saw of a possible moth man sighting when 9/11 happened.

ChristineRitter profile image

ChristineRitter 2 years ago from Ohio Author

wow. I'd like to see it.

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