Dolphin Swims in Majorca

Marineland, Majorca

Dolphin Swims and Encounters are a truly magical experience wherever in the world you do it, Whilst places such as Mexico and the Carribean are the normal number one choice for dolphin swims, they are not the only options. Having swam with dolphins in the dominican republic I became addicted, and since have swam with dolphins in different locations throughout the world, including Mexico, Barbados and Majorca (yes thats right MAJORCA!). I was amazed when I found out that you could swim with dolphins in Europe, and at a much cheaper price than what I had previously paid in some rather more exotic locations.

Marineland in Majorca, Spain offers a wonderful experience for swimming with dolphins, a truly once in a lifetime opportunity. Situated in Palma, Marineland offers dolphin swims and encounters at a very reasonable price. I was fortunate enough to encounter and also to swim with the dolphins here.

Marineland is a large park with many different opportunities available to all. Although the dolphins are the main attraction, there is lots of other experiences to be had here, and lots more exciting animals for you to get up close to.

Other attractions at Marineland include:-

  • Sealion shows
  • Sea lion encoutners
  • Sting Ray encounters
  • Parrot shows
  • Meeting the Penguins
  • Exotic Bird walkthroughs and feeds
  • Shark Tanks

There is also plenty to do other than meeting the animals, including places to go for food, which is fairly priced and of a high quality. There is a swimming pool, and lots to do for the kids. Photographs are also available if you would like to get keep some very special moments pictured.

The staff are also extremely friendly and everyone is humble and willing to help you no matter what. The children absolutely loved it here, and enjoyed playing on rides which were of a fairground nature.

If you are going to Majorca any time soon then you should check with your holiday provider to find out if you can get a special deal or discount when visiting marine land. We was able to get 20% cheaper through the hotel we stayed in and we also had free transfer fees, which took us to and from Marineland. However be prepared to give the driver a little tip because they do tend to expect it!

My overall experience was completely fantastic and matched, if not bettered anything that I had experienced in the Carribean or even Mexico. I would recommend it to anyone and can assure you that you will have a great time here.

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