Dr. Jose Rizal- The Birth of the Hero

Our national hero was born on Wednesday of June 19, 1861 in the Lakeshore Town of Calamba, Laguna, Philippines. According to the accounts, the mother of Rizal almost died during the delivery because of the big forehead. His name “Jose” was chosen by his mother who was devotee of the Christian saint San Jose. The christening ceremony was officiated by Fr. Rufino Collantes, three days after his birth, the priest was impressed with the big head of Rizal, and commented that the child was destined to become great.

It should be noted that the Governor General when Rizal was born was Lieutenant-General Jose Lemery, fromer senator of Spain. Incidentally, on the same date of Rizal’s birth, he sent an official dispatched to the Ministry of War and the Ministry of Ultramar in Madrid denouncing Sultan Pulalun of Sulu and several powerful Moro Datus for conniving with the British Condul.

The Parents of Jose Rizal

Father: Francisco Mercado Rizal
Born: may 11, 1818, Binan Laguna

He studied Latin and Philosophy at the College of San Jose, Manila. When his parents died he went back to Calamba, Laguna and became a tenant farmer of the Dominican-owned Haciendas. He was referred to as an independent-minded man with few words and worked more. He was strong in body and valiant in spirit. He died in Manila on January 5, 1898 at the age of 80. Jose Rizal considered him as model of fathers.

Jose Rizal’s great-grandfather on his father’s side was Domingo Lameo, a Chinese immigrant from the Fukien City of Changchow. He became a Christian, married a well-to-do Christian girl of Manila named Ines de la Rosa, and assumed in 1731 the surname Mercado that means market. Rosa had a son, Francisco Mercado, who resided in Binan and married a Chinese-Filipino mestiza, Cirila Bernacha, and was elected gobernadorcillo (municipal mayor) of the town. One of their sons, Juan Mercado (Jose Rizal’s grandfather) married Cirila Alejandro, a Chinese-Filipino mestiza. Like his father, he was elected gobernadorcillo of Binan, Laguna. Capitan Juan and Capitana Cirila had thirteen children and the youngest was Francisco, the father of Jose Rizal.

Mother: Dona Teodora Alonza Realonda

Born: November 8, 1826 in Manila

She was educated at the College of Santa Rosa, a prestigious school for girls in Manila. She was a remarkable woman, possessing refined culture, literary talents, business ability, and the fortitude of a Spartan Woman.

She played an important role in the life of Jose Rizal. She was the first teacher of the hero, the one who taught him Spanish language, made necessary corrections in poem composition and gave good advice in rhetoric. She was a mathematician and a lover of books. She died on August 16, 1911 in Manila at the age of 80. Shortly before her death, the government offered her a monthly pension but she did not accept. Such gesture befitted her more as a mother of our great national hero.

It is said that Dona Teodara’s family descended from Lakandula, the last native king of Tondo. Her great-grandfather was Eugenio Ursua (Japanese ancestry), who married a Filipina named Benigna. Their daughter, Regina married Manuel de Quintos, a Filipino-Chinese lawyer form Pangasinan. One of the daughters of Attorney Quintos and Regina was Brigada, who married Lorenzo Alberto Alonzo, a prominent Spanish-Filipino mestizo form Binan. Their children were Narcisa, Teodora (Jose Rizal’s mother), Gregorio, Manuel and Jose.

Obviously Jose Rizal was a product of a mixture of races. In his veins flowed the blood of the east and the west. He was a Malayan and was a great magnificent specimen of Asian manhood.

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sweet 7 years ago

hi im your biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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fairykaye 7 years ago Author

hello sweet, im very sorry for the late reply.. thnks so much. i posted more about the history of jose rizal. hope ur still my fan.. :) have a nice day.

fatima gonzales 7 years ago

hay 2 all i love u

notsniw 6 years ago

do u know who is the great grandfather of jose rizal?

jannine 6 years ago

hi!! do you know what condition has a philippines before rizal was born/??? please i need the answer..

maryiel 6 years ago

madang hapon sa lahat ng PBB

james 6 years ago

gago si rizal

jelay 6 years ago

hi i would like 2 know the names of francisco mercado's siblings.. tnx

jezzy 6 years ago

hey..as jannine. says...do you know what condition has a Philippines before Rizal was born??

mia17 6 years ago

hey do u think that rizal was to be called our national hero instead andres bonifacio and those filipinoes who fyt for our nation?

claire 6 years ago

jose rizal our hero..that's all...

louie 6 years ago

your our hero....................

Bloowfish 6 years ago

Sino po ang mga ninong at ninang ni jose rizal?

Bloowfish 6 years ago

Sino po ang mga ninong at ninang ni jose rizal?

sexy_back 5 years ago

hndi ko poh alam ee.....

loly 5 years ago

kailan pinanganak c Jose Rizal

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what is hte birth order of rizal?please i need it badly...tnx

Mark 5 years ago

I was thinking that, is there 5 events (National and International) when JPR was born?? I have an assignment kac eh.. thanks .. :D

adik 5 years ago

Rizal born Wednesday June 19.1861

Adrian 5 years ago

Sino po ba ung napangasawa ni rizal

janna 5 years ago

i wish i was there when jose rizal was born. yeah, i wouldn't be able to share my experiences that time 'cause by this day im already dead. HAHAHA. rest in peace jose rizal. you will always be remembered. :))

janna 5 years ago

i wonder what team jose rizal likes if ever his alive. dallas or miami. :)

meow 5 years ago

oh hi

dinokyle manaois 5 years ago

ang haba naman :)))) pero madami akung matututunan d2 tungkol kay riazal

roxxanne po etich 5 years ago

its realy good to read and its so interisting.

ahm,!ask ko lang po!

sino po talaga ang first love of rizal?

roxxanne po etich 5 years ago

its realy good to read and its so interisting.

ahm,!ask ko lang po!

sino po talaga ang first love of rizal?

didith 5 years ago

si segunda katigbak po

Toni garcea 4 years ago

baliu si risal at gago siya :-)

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wag nyong sbhing gago c rizal kc isa syang bayani sa ating bayan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kng cnuh man ung ng sabi na gago c rizal ang sya ung gago

Melanie 4 years ago

don't say bad words to our philippine hero....

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rizal was so amazing !!

and for the bad commentz.. shut up!!

rosalie 4 years ago

maganda ang performance ni rizal sa atin bayan kaya nga sya ang hero natin.

curt 4 years ago

jose rizal born in June 19, 1861.

rtgh2311110curt 4 years ago

g a g o g a g o g a g o k a!

jose rizal 4 years ago

jose rizal is good and gago!

lovely 3 years ago

Rizal is our natinal hero because he fought agains the communist in order that he save our country..Your my hero Dr.Jose Rizal your always win.. GBU...

khia 3 years ago

tnx.cuz it helps to my research

Christenebanares@yahoo.com 2 years ago

done searching about his life tired muchhh

kate 2 years ago

do you know why dona teodora chose rizal as a family name ???

vie 19 months ago

Do you know the great reason why we celebrate jose rizal's birth?

glen 19 months ago

Im just wondering what are the last words of rizal?

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