Dream Interpretations - Dreaming About Falling & Dropping

Sometimes dreams can teach us more about ourselves, and you will find in 99% of dreams that there is some kind of reason to why you might be dreaming about a particular subject or topic. Dreams vary from person to person, and we all remember different amounts of our dreams and have different ideas to what they might mean and why we dreamt them.

Many of us would have experienced dreams in which we are falling or dropping from somwhere. Some examples of these dreams would be - falling from a mountain, cliff or a tall bulding, dropping from an aeroplane or the sky, falling from a bridge, continously tripping over etc. These are the dreams when your stomach turns in the same way as it does when you are falling in real life. In most cases we are sharply awakened from our sleep and could be breathing quite heavily and even be really frightened.

This type of dream is usually associated with anxiety, panic, and fear. In most cases this refer to where the dreamer may have achieved more than expected or even over achieved in a certain area or walk in life. It could be a job promotion that scares the living daylights out of you, or it could be something personal, for example you got a girlfriend who was much prettier than you ever thought you was capable of meeting. This type of anxiety causes us to have these types of dreams which tell us that we are out of our comfort zone, and that we are not entirely comfortable with what is going on. This may mean that sometimes more research will need to be fielded, or more knowledge before you can feel at ease with the over achievement. Sometimes it is simply a case of needing to get us thinking straight forward again and giving us a reality check that it could all be gone in an instance.

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