Dream Interpretations - Dreams About Death

Sometimes dreams can teach us more about ourselves, and you will find in 99% of dreams that there is some kind of reason to why you might be dreaming about a particular subject or topic. Dreams vary from person to person, and we all remember different amounts of our dreams and have different ideas to what they might mean and why we dreamt them.

Many people find themselves having dreams about death and dieing from time to time. Some find themselves having re-occuring dreams about death and struggle to dream about anything other than it. Whether it be themselves facing death, or perhaps the loss of a loved one or perhaps a pet animal. Sometimes we feel exactly how they expect that they will feel when presented with these happenings, whilst other times it is reported that we feel nothing at all when having a dream that we would in fact be very saddened by in real life.

Most of us are frightened by death, and in general, we are frightened of the unknown. Whilst others are not so frightened by death but are more fascinated and curious with death and what happens aftwerwards. Sometimes these dreams are way of us coming to terms with the enivitable - we know it will happen at some time and we prepare ourselves for it in our dreams. In other cases we might be frightened about the way in which we are going to die, rather than actually dieing itself. Death in dreams can sometimes represent a break up in an close relationship, whereby we feel we have lost someone very important to us, even if they have not actually died. Sometimes these dreams can also be related back to childhood, whereby a child may have been treated badly and left to feel as if nobody care if they are dead or alive. Equally dreams of death are can also be quite common in those that are feeling suicidal and also those who are suffering from illness.

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