ETL Public Information 3

Annual Report 2007

 Hello, all!  Each year, Ethel's Tree of Life publishes an 
Annual Report.  Having it published on allows
easy access for supporters, students, families, collaborators,
partners, and volunteers to see how our funding is used.  It 
also gives the opportunity for people to learn more about ETL.
Some of the Accomplishments of ETL students and staff:                                                                                                                       Annual Report
  Winter Carnival 2007 Life Skills Trip:
      A Collaboration with FRIENDS Project
  Summer Activities                                                   
  Boston Urban Hike                                                                                                                       
  Portland Adventures
  Collaboration with Betty's Dream                                          
  Saco KOA Camping
  Food Program: a Partnership with the 
      Good Shepherd Food Bank
  Collaboration with Camp CARDNE                                                                                              
  Two Annual Fundraisers Established:                                                                                              
  Sheraton Wine Tasting and a Seashore Walk
  Office Skill Building Mondays                                     
  Services established in Sanford, ME.                                                          
  NYC Life Skills Trip                                                                                                     
  Niagara Falls and Toronto Life Skills Trip                                                                                                 
 Here are the sources for our income:
MaineShare                         0
Program fees                3,491.32
Interest and dividends          3.75
Other (specify) In Kind Don.2,200.00  
Total revenues:             37,532.90              
    With In Kind:           42,732.90
Individual/Business        14,637.83                            
Foundation                 18,000.00                            
Government                         0                          
Total expenditures:  $41,712.27
A number of community members serve 
on our Advisory Council!  Thank you!
Many thanks to our wonderful supporters!  Grants and 
donations from foundations, individuals, and businesses 
such as:
The Oscar Plotkin Family Foundation, 
United Way of the Greater Seacoast, 
York County United Way, Bob's Clam Hut, 
the Portsmouth Harborside Sheraton Hotel, 
We Care Cleaners, Piscataqua Animal Hospital, 
Dunn's Watch Shop, 7-11, 
Jooson Kim, Sharon and the Kim family,  
Patricia and Charlie Gorsun, Laurie and Tom Rowan,
Martin and Michelle Michaud,  the Adams Family, 
the Cormier family, American Legion Post 188, 
Dr. and Mrs. Kingsbury, 
Cordelia White's Family (Elizabeth Volpone), 
Paradiza Boutique, Piscataqua Landscaping,, 
Ambrosia Gardens, Scallops, Custom Embroidery, 
Roche Locksmiths, Yankee Traders, Abbot Bros, 
Employee Donations: Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, 
and many others work together in sustaining  ETL 
activities, opportunities, programs, and students!  


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