Education for Kids -Choosing Between Public and Private Schools

How Can We Ensure The Best Education For Our Kids

UNICEF provides every child his or her right to education and good health. But still we may find many children in our own neighborhood deprive themselves of this right; many would be working as laborers to support their poor families.

Schools are institutions which not only teach children history, literature, science and geography but many other things which are far beyond these truths. It teaches him to grow up into a good human being, a responsible citizen and a social being fit to live on this Earth. Education is more about nurturing the child’s character.

How to select a better school for my children ?
How to select a better school for my children ?

Choosing Between Public and Private Schools

Many parents at some phase of their lives would have gone through this dilemma: to put their kids in a private or public school? The answer to this depends on various factors:

  1. Academic reputation: Usually Public Schools boast of their Academic reputation but there are good public schools which are equally better. In some countries Aided schools are more preferred as they are more cost effective than Public schools.
  2. Cost: This is a huge factor. Public schools are funded by the Government and hence they are affordable than Private schools.
  3. Location: How easily the school can be accessed also is a factor.
  4. Size of the class or the school: The less number of kids in a class means more individual attention a child receives.
  5. Religious and Moral Instructions: Some prefer to put their kids in schools that follow their same religious and moral instructions.
  6. Safety Reputation: Parents need to feel that their child is safe in the school.
  7. Other factors: Some schools have more extra curricular activities like dance and sports which attract some parents more.

Sports Coaching In Schools
Sports Coaching In Schools

Extra Curricular Activities

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. Extra Curricular activities are needed for a child to ease his or her stress, to exercise his body, to make more friends thus developing a better social life beyond his academics.

It can be anything that he or she finds interesting; may be swimming, dancing or any sport like foot ball, tennis or basket ball.

It is found that those children who are busy with extra curricular activities after school are better in studies.

Parents and Tutors

Charity begins at Home”. The parents are more influential than the teachers to a child. They know the child better. Therefore, involving the parents to take major decisions relating to their kids in school is essential. Active discussion between parents and tutors is a must. It surely brings the Tutors and the parents closer for the social and academic betterment of the child.

An Active involvement of the parent in the child’s academic is important. The parent can

  1. Help the child with his or her home work
  2. Help to remove or clear doubts relating to studies
  3. Discuss the possible career opportunities or the child’s area of interest in studies
  4. Give guidance and confidence to the child
  5. Read stories (to the kindergartener) and play
  6. Can spend some time with the child to see his favourite TV show or cartoon
  7. Be a model for their own kids
  8. Maintain a supportive and warm atmosphere at home for the kids

What is the Benefit of such Interaction ?

  • All these will strengthen the bond between the child and the parent.
  • It will increase the exam grades
  • Better school attendance
  • Increased motivation, confidence in the kids
  • Lesser chance of failure in studies and school drop out
  • Less chance of drug and alcohol addiction
  • Better character and personality development in kids

Have you talked with your children about sex education?

Every child has the right to sex education at the proper age. They need it to protect themselves against sexual abuse, exploitation, unintended teen pregnancies and against sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS. They have to be properly informed of how babies are formed, how they grow up into adults and the like.

Teaching Religion

A liberal education gives an insight into all the religions and cultures. This is necessary especially in international schools having multi cultural atmosphere. Moral Science is a subject that is commonly taught in all classes which in general teaches children to distinguish between good and bad.

Educational Websites

Preparing for Tests

Help the kids to mentally prepare for the tests. Do not let them feel the stress or pressure of exams. “Save the midnight oil” is always an important message to convey to the kids. They should not wait for the night before the tests to prepare. Encourage them to do their daily home works and studies. This would rather help them shed the burden of the coming exams. To get proper sleep and eat right are equally important. The parents can support the kids in preparing the time table for studying. They can monitor the studies and help in the revisions. Help them keep a calm mindset to face the exams. This can prevent exam fevers in kids. Never let down the kids if they fail to come out in flying colours for the tests but rather encourage them to do their best the next time. 

A good education is like a lamp that extinguishes the darkness of illiteracy and ignorance.

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LRobbins profile image

LRobbins 6 years ago from Germany

Great hub! I completely agree with you that education is about nuturing a child's character. There is a lot more to education than just school.

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 6 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Thank you LRobbins ,I'm glad that you enjoyed the hub!

Health Courses 5 years ago

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Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi Health Courses,

Thanks for the information send in your comment.

Adele 23 months ago

That's an inventive answer to an initseretng question

Danut 23 months ago

Not sure what you mean by questions, but here are some pinots that come to mind:1. By not educating children about sex, we leave them open for disease and pregnancy since they don't understand the science behind their genitals and changing bodies in general.2. Many parents do not talk to their children about sex and their changing bodies, so children turn to friends, so the information they do get is not necessarily factual. Was this answer helpful?

Rosa 23 months ago

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