Education Is Very Important And Necessary In Today's World

School Is Very Important And I Know This Sounds Simple But It Is Not

Education is very important. I now you have been told this many times, but it is very true. School is hard, but it is not that hard. It is well worth staying in school. The only problem is that many people do not have the money to stay in school.

I will describe how to stay in school by multiple ways. You can stay in school and graduate. I know some of you may think it is boring, but education can never be taken away from you.

Why I say this is because sometimes things are beyond your control such as the economy, so you may have debt problems, but your education always is with you. Other examples are divorce and health problems. You may have these problems but your education will always be with you.

If you cannot graduate from high school because of problems you can always get a GED which will help you in life and can also go onto college which I will be talking about.

There are also many sources of funds for school. There are grants which do not have to be paid back. There are scholarships based on grades which also do not have to be repaid. You just have to do well in school which is not hard as long as you try as hard as possible and study. If you have a problem in school just ask for help and someone will find you help for little or no cost.

Another way is to apply for a loan which is possible as long as it is used for school. Mr. Obama is giving more money for education.

Even if you think school is hard and it is. Working a menial job is much more harder. Also with an education you can make extra money that will make your life better.

You might not be happy with lots of money, but for sure it makes life much more easily.

With money comes freedom to do as you like. Without money you have to do what other people tell you. Sometimes this is not so bad, but it is better to have money.

An education will almost always make you money, so it is worth the lend you may have to take out.

Once you graduate and have a good paying job then you can slowly pay off the loan which you will do, since you will be grateful for the educational opportunity that that loan provided.

Another way to get free loans, but it to has its drawbacks, is to join the armed forces. They will pay for your schooling. All of it through the GI bill, but you have to survive the armed forces and that is the drawback. Of course, it is an honor to serve your country.

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hmmm......... 6 years ago

i agree with that.i think people should stay in school even if they struggle. without an education u get no where in life and if u do it wont be very far.......

bfishgold profile image

bfishgold 6 years ago Author

hmmm is right. No matter how hard it is to get through u should get a degree.

JAYBUG 6 years ago

Yes, im in highschool now and some people drop out and they end up going hardly anywhere in life. I want to become a teacher when i get older and education is very important to me. I know it gets tough sometimes but without an education everything in life will be tough

Silly Sally 6 years ago

That was horrible to say little cutie. Bfishgold i think you should delete that comment. I think you are veryy sexyyyyy :) hit me up sometime.

mihaf 6 years ago

its right

bfishgold profile image

bfishgold 6 years ago Author

Thank you all for your nice comments

Quin-Fang-Maniyari 6 years ago

ya sometimes i also fell the school is boring. but i like my school because iw ill have nice friends out there. ya i love my school although it is boring

bfishgold profile image

bfishgold 6 years ago Author

Good for you Quin-Fang-Maniyari

Tika Tebetao 6 years ago

Yes I totally agree with u bfishgold, For me I really love all different high schools that I have been in but mostly I really love all the ways of learning.

Thank you

bfishgold profile image

bfishgold 6 years ago Author

That is great for you Tika Tebetao.

kasima romnus ndango 6 years ago

Actually education its the kek for our future,inshort to say its recommedate to each everone eventhogh u are old to continue with you studys, without any limete to stop u until the time come due to u,r inspiration or intend.Please let,s go ahead encourage others to be the bread winners also.

Thank you very much.

bfishgold profile image

bfishgold 6 years ago Author

Yes Kasima Romnus Ndango what u r saying is true.

tharani 5 years ago

very nice but not long too

bfishgold profile image

bfishgold 5 years ago Author

Thank you tharani. I do plan to make it longer soon.

kj 5 years ago

school is very importatn

sandiegoman 5 years ago

school is a vital part of life and it is far more important than socializing and tell the other articles that too

jdfaklj 5 years ago

school is life izzzzeeeeeee

goarik boyadzhyan 3 years ago

Education is the most important factor is one's life.

dany 2 years ago

Without education u can't go anyway

odong teddy 2 years ago

well i think education is important coz even those that succeed in life without an education are now trying to go back to learn new things

fsaertt 23 months ago

ya education is very important for the generation today

Ammol handa 23 months ago

truel eduacaion in school life is ver important and enjoyful

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    m.shahul 6 years ago

    i would like to know about this....

    bfishgold profile image

    bfishgold 6 years ago Author

    I am not sure what you mean m. shahul, but just ask me any questions you have and I will be glad to help you.

    llfkd;lfkad'lf 5 years ago


    bfishgold profile image

    bfishgold 4 years ago Author

    What does that mean?

    tyrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfhg 23 months ago

    ya its right

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