Education is true guidence for those who earn it with integrity

Hunger to get educated is the driving force for an inspiring student. Nobody has ever imbibed all the knowledge in the world overnight, but those with ever learning journeys are indeed closer to academic enlightenment where miracles of lifetime academic achievements are possible.


IQ and Education, or Educating Oneself


Having a higher IQ may help one to bounce higher academically but IQ is not necessarily helpful for those who enjoy it; if you sit idle and you don’t take the time to go to school, somebody with less IQ may succeed by the sheer margin of trying while you procrastinate and you don’t do what it takes to earn academic credentials.


Choosing not to Educate Yourself


You may be surprised why I use the word “choose” here, because logically speaking, nobody consciously chooses disadvantage over advantage; everybody wants to be educated. So, what is wrong here? Well, both psychological experts and life coaches say that because of obviously natural human tendencies, people usually associate whatever they do to either ‘pain” or “pleasure”. For example, you want to go to college everyday, but sometimes you find it difficulty to wake up early in the morning associating “going to college today” to pain; this doesn’t mean you hate going to college, but you simply relinquish going to college because of the short-term pain of waking up every morning. However, the long-term pain of not educating yourself is somehow overlooked by your mind, but the long-term pain should be the main concern for you due to the fact that if you look at it seriously, you know for sure that not waking up early in the morning to go to college is a big mistake that will effect you in your entire lifetime. And not waking up for your academic aspiration, for instance, is the short-term pleasure for non-inspiring student because he or she thinks that by not going to college today, he or she can hang out with friends for the day, which is some kind of pleasure for him or her and going to college for the day is the pain.


Bragging About the Idea of Educating Yourself


The real student never brags about how well he or she is doing in school but the brilliance of the real student can be noticeable to teachers, professors or others--not because of the sense of the student showing off his or her academic abilities for no reason, but in the sense of recognizing the student for relevance and for the right reasons-- the real student goes to school without ego but with the genuine desire of building his or her academic muscles as quietly as possible…  so, never brag about what you achieved or will achieve academically, because action is louder than words and people trust you more not because of your abstract plans of the future but because of your today’s productive actions!


Saying Yes to Educating Yourself


Now, you may be indirectly saying NO to education but direct disowning of education is not apparently why you fail to prosper academically. You don’t pursuit education today because you cite personally quite valid reasons. You say you don’t have the money or the time. You say you’re busy because you have a big family to take care of financially. And the list of your excuses is endless no matter what it is you say prevents you from educating yourself. Nevertheless, despite your present circumstances, you can start going to school today by saying YES to educating yourself…


This Piece of Writing Talks to me


I’m the author of this piece of writing and yet it talks to me indirectly. In other words, I’m using this piece of writing as a tool to encourage myself academically. And frankly, I’m not academically bankrupt. At least I know how to write to some degree. I wish I went back to school this time for real…


Just to make a final point here, because you came across and read an article written by an academic loser like me, you don’t necessarily lose anything if you educate yourself by following the message of my article! Please come on board with me in an academic voyage to real academic destinations! Will you?


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