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This is a list of websites and tools that I have reviewed at my Web 2.0 Teaching Tools blog. Things are a bit disorganized on that site, so this list complements it well. These websites are either completely free or have a free version that can be used with small groups of students. -- Alan

VIRTUAL OFFICES - online editing and sharing of text files, spreadsheets, chats and emails, calendars, etc.

  1.'s Basecamp -
  2. activeCollab -
  3. TeamworkLive -
  4. Zoho Vitural Office -
  5. SPresent - online flash presentations -


  1. Jotspot -
  2. Schtuff -
  3. Web Collaborator -
  4. Writeboard -
  5. Writely -
  6. Designing Learning Spaces - Example of a Class using an Open Wiki


  1. EditGrid -
  2. iRows -
  3. Tracker (Jotspot) -
  4. wikiCalc -

DATABASES only - those I don't think any of the Virtual Office have this feature

  1. My Own DB -


  1. Map - - for GIS users
  2. Quickmaps -


  1. Flickr Magazine Cover tool -
  2. Other Great Flickr-based tools
  3. Scanr - - scan and send from a photo phone
  4. Stickam - - upload photos, videos & audio to post on blog pages


  1. Learning Blogs - - for K-12 students
  2. Uni Blogs - - for University students
  3. Edu Blogs - - for Education professionals (teachers, etc.)
  4. ESL Blogs - - for ESL & EFL educators


  1. Yack Pack -
  2. Utterli -
  3. Posterous -


  1. Vyew -


  1. Google Scholar -
  2. Post Genomic -

CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT - classroom tools that span the needs of Students, Parents, Teachers and School Administrators

  1. My Note It -
  2. Schoopy -
  3. School Tool -
  4. Engrade - - online grading tool
  5. Moodle* - - open source course management system (CMS)

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Sasha 9 years ago

Here is another tool you may consider:

And here is a great example:Education 2.0 - Students Create Content.More:

alew profile image

alew 9 years ago Author

Thanks. This interesting ( I will add it to the list, and will mention it on my blog ( -- Cheers, Alan

devon 9 years ago

Here is another one,, teachers can design language course use a wiki system.

VinceSamios 8 years ago from Australia

Very interesting concept - It could be cool to get students to use web2.0 mind mapping for project planning

cms8000 8 years ago

Great write-up. Another awesome tool to add: PicLens by Cooliris ( for viewing photos and videos in a web 2.0 3D wall. Students can research images on Google Images and much more. My kids love it!

tkofol 8 years ago

For those interested in Test Prep you may consider

The site is a community based around user contributed test prep questions. Hope you find it useful.

vipulgupta 7 years ago

Try they provide online tutoring in all subject. They have their own whiteboard and VOIP system. They have best math tutor and they dont charge much. I even end up getting a free tutoring session :-)

kishosingh profile image

kishosingh 7 years ago from India

It is the great collection of web 2.0 education. I 1st time knew about education 2.0 however, I was familier with web 2.0.

RussianStudent 7 years ago

Check out Prime Language Services: They provide online tutoring in Russian Language via Virtual Classroom: VOIP, whiteboard, etc.

eduhb 7 years ago

Check out the new social network site for Higher Education:

It has higher education related news, events, colleges, graduate schools, scholarships, courses, blogs, wiki, forums, etc...

jbgillet 7 years ago

Check out Tutrme -

Find a tutor, for anything, anywhere! is a free global tutor database helping connect local tutors with students. The graphical map-based directory interface ensures that students never have to hunt through loads of useless information in their search for a local, qualified tutor.

tonyhubb profile image

tonyhubb 6 years ago

Thanks for links!

Joel McDonald profile image

Joel McDonald 6 years ago from Denver, Colorado

Thanks for sharing! There's nothing like "free" even if you're considering the paid version of something, it's always good to try out a few of the free versions to make sure that's actually what you need before shelling out money for something that doesn't work as well as you thought.

Great hub!

jon ellis profile image

jon ellis 6 years ago from Bristol, UK

An interesting list. I would recommend a couple of other web 2.0 education websites:

- Beanbag Learning, a place where independent tutors can list their services and share learning resources

- TutorHub, an independent tutor Q&A collaboration website

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