Educational Psychology EDP2002

Educational Psychology

John Connor, author of Revelation Theory of Learning will be instructing one (completely) online section (limited to 40 students). The course will be offered this summer via his college (Daytona State College). The 100% online undergraduate course will commence May 18th and end June 30th, 2015. He will be utilizing an open source e-book which will be given to all of his students as a PDF file for no cost. He will also be using, as a supplement, his book, Frames of Learning: Revelation Theory of Learning, ISBN: 978-1-4652-0882-8. Which retails for $40 American dollars in hard copy or in e-book format for $32 American dollars. This book can be ordered from his publisher at: or special ordered from Barnes & Noble, in Europe or through Amazon. It is currently available only in English and French.

This will be a 3 credit - hour college-credit course from a SACS approved college and can also be used towards recertification for PK through 12 certified teachers within the United States.

Educational Psychology will include detailed instruction on John Medina's Brain Rules (afterall it is time to change the way our schools are set up); Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Theory; B. F. Skinner's Operant Conditioning, as well as positive and negative reinforcement; Jean Piaget's Stages of Cognitive Development; Albert Bandura's Social Cognitive Theory; John Connor's Revelation Theory of Learning; Lawrence Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development and a few other interesting topics. The course is primarily discussions and assignment based. Interested persons should register via or contact John at 386.506.3406 or

Students world-wide can sign up for this course if they desire; however, you will have to successfully register for this course via and access the course via our college's Falcon Online.

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Educational Psychology Course

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There are still 12 seats available for students...

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