Space Efficiency with Bathroom Vanities

Use your Bathroom's Space Wisely.

The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house and usually one of the smallest, as well. This can lead to problems with organization and space. To make your bathroom function better while also adding style you may think about choosing an antique bathroom vanity.

Antique bath vanities add a rustic or classic feel to a bathroom. They are usually simple in design, which can be quite stunning in the small space of a bathroom. Antique bath vanities have a way of making people feel comfortable and provide a look that never goes out of style. There are many options and choices in antique bath vanities as well. This allows you to find a vanity that works for your bathroom and your budget. Keep in mind that genuine antiques may be difficult to find, a little more costly and require very careful care. You can often find replicas that give you the same look but at a more affordable cost, easier to find and care for.

Benefits of a vanity

The addition of an antique bath vanity to your bathroom will help to improve the efficiency of the space.  You will have additional storage to help keep bathroom items organized.  You will also be able to store more items in the vanity thus eliminating the need for other storage, which can then be removed.

The vanity combines storage and the sink area while also providing a working surface for your bathroom.  You will find that with the addition of a vanity your daily routine runs more smoothly.  If you choose a double antique bathroom vanity, you get the added benefit of having two sinks and surfaces. 

Vanity Features to Consider

To make your antique bathroom vanity function at its best and provide for the most efficiency in your bathroom you need to consider some of the features of the vanity before purchasing. Some things to consider are the type of material it is made of, special construction features and size.

Many antique bathroom vanities are made from wood. You should refinish the wood if it has not been restored before putting it in your bathroom. You want to ensure that it is properly sealed so it will not soak up the humidity from the air. Wood is generally not too difficult to care for once treated. You just have to stay on top of spills or liquids getting on the surface. Wipe liquids up as soon as possible to prevent staining and damage.

You should also consider the features of the vanity. Think about what you want from the vanity and what purpose you want it to serve in your bathroom. If you and your partner often find yourselves fighting for bathroom time then a double vanity may be the best choice. You may need more storage in your bathroom, so think about vanities with extra storage space.

The size of the vanity is also important. You want it to fit into your bathroom comfortably without being too large or too small. You may find a larger piece you like that can be resized to fit into your bathroom space. There are also corner style vanities that may work if you are limited on space. An antique bathroom vanity is a perfect choice for your bathroom. It will add style, storage and function to your bathroom.

An antique bathroom vanity will improve the efficiency of your bathroom while making the room look better.

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