Embed a You Tube video in PowerPoint 2007

How to Embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint 2007

There are several tutorials on this but thought I would create a simple step-by-step on how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint 2007. I found this very helpful when doing presentations. It keeps the flow of the presentation intact. I have seen way to many presenters stop, open YouTube and then play the video – only to either lose their place when they return to PP or have found they have closed PP all together. The continuity of the presentation, at least for me has been lost. Not only that the person giving the presentation is now in an awkward position and many times show the anxiety that they are now feeling. So here are the steps to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint.

Open Power Point and Select a Template or Open a Saved Power Point File

1. Click on Office Button – the round button on top left corner with windows icon

2. On bottom of pop up box click on Power Point Options

3. Check - Add Developer - this will add it to toolbar

4. Click Developer

5. Click little hammer (or More controls icon)

6. Scroll to find Shockwave flash object (click it)

7. Then Size the video area on power point slide

8. Open Internet connection and go to YouTube

9. Find the video you want to use and COPY the URL in address bar – example: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC8888eh7&feature=popular)

Do not use the embed code.

10. Go back to Power Point and right Click in the video area to open properties

11. In properties go to MOVIE

12. Paste in YouTube URL

13. Delete “watch?” and Replace all (=) signs with (/)

14. URL Should now look like this (http://www.youtube.com/v/EC8888eh7&feature/popular

15. Change Loop “True” to “False”

16. Change Playing “True” to False”

17. Close properties

18. Play slide to verify it works.

Addition tools and self-help on how to do a great PowerPoint presentation can be found below. Hope it helps!

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