Equations Everyone should Know

Basic, Everyday Use

The equations that you absolutely have to know, and more or less use on a daily basis are the four basic equations (functions) of algebra. These four equations are the following:



a*b=c (usually single digit multiplications of the multiplication table is sufficient for everyday life)


Below are some more equations that you could use frequently:

Average=Sum of terms/number of terms

Probability=Favorable events/Total Possible Events

Equations for General Knowledge

Pithagorean Theorem:a2+b2=c2

Newton's law:F=ma

Einstien's law: E=mC2

Fibonaccy number : Fn=Fn-1+Fn-2 (a number in a sequence where each number is the the sum of the previous two numbers)

Rule of 72 by Einstien: years to double=72/Interest rate

Simple Interest=Principal*Interest Rate*Number of Periods


(Absolute pressure of gas)(volume of gas)=(number of moles)(universal gas constant, which is R = 8.3145 J · mol-1 · K-1)(absolute temperature)

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