Essential Requisite of Marriage and Pre-requisites to get Marriage License

What to remember before getting married.

Are planning in getting married soon? Do you know what are the requisites or elements in order for a marriage to be valid? Are you capacitated by law to get married now? Well if not, then one must know first all the essential requisites of marriage before tying the knot. Why? You might need this anytime when the tough gets tougher. Simply also just to gain knowledge

The essential requisites of marriage (under the Family Code) are the following:

1. It must be a union between a man and a woman.

2. Both parties must of legal age. (18 years old)

3. It must be solemnized by solemnizing officer recognized by law to solemnized.

All the three elements are important and necessary in marriage because the absence of any one of the requisites will render the marriage void ab initio or void from the beginning. So it is really important that all are present at the time of marriage in order for the marriage as well as the effects of the same be valid and binding in the future. Otherwise, neither parties cannot assert any right from the other because there's no marriage to speak about. Why? In the eyes of law, no marriage exists.

Now, What Should I Know to get Marriage License?

Once decided, you will need to get the following for you to have the license to marry:

1. Certified copy of Birth Certificate (xerox copy of the NSO copy will suffice).

2. Certificate of No Marriage / Cenomar. You may get this at NSO, you will need your birth certificate copy and amount of not less php 200 for fee per Cenomar. To get exact amount, contact NSO. If you are in a hurry or don't have time to go at NSO for this, you may get it via delivery just call this number 7371111 and be ready to pay php450 per Cenomar which you can pay via any bayad center. You have to remember the reference number that they will give you for you'll use it as tracking in payment. You will receive the Cenomar in 3 to 4 days.

3. Photo ID (black/colored).

4. Cedula or Community Tax Certificate. You can easily get it to your nearest barangay hall and be ready to pay php 60 if you've got no work. But if you do, payment is dependent in your salary. Xerox it once you have it since they will only get the xerox copy.

5. Certificate of Family Planning and Marriage Counselling which will be done at City Hall premises and scheduling will be set by the officer in charge in this. Usually, it is done from 1pm to 5 pm. If you went to City Hall past 1 pm, then you will be scheduled to do it on next business day at that time. Once you have it, xerox it again because City Hall will only need the xerox copy.

6. Filled out form of Application for Marriage License. You can get it at Office of Civil Registry window 11 but you have to pay it at Treasurers Office worth php150.

Once you've gathered all this requirements, you will have to submit it to window 11 of Civil Registry. Just wait for their instructions to you. Normally if all is done, you will be given a copy of the application form that you filled out (of course, xerox by yours) and notified of the date as to when you will get it.

I would highly suggest to please avoid fixers to help our government because getting marriage license is not that difficult as per experience, It took us two days but it should have been a day if we went there in the morning so we could be scheduled for family planning on same day. Family Planning and Marriage Counselling is rolled into one session. It starts at 1 pm - 5 pm at Department of Health Office. Suggestion, go there at 8am and immediately go to Civil Registry window 11 so you'll be given instructions. You will only pay a total of php250. After that, you'll go back to Civil Registry after 10 days of filling and you will pay php100 for releasing fee. A friend of mine asked help from fixer and she paid php1,500. So if that amount is too heavy on your budget in getting married, better take a leave and go there with your partner at 8:00 am.

I hope this will help couples who wanted to get married.

How CENOMAR look like?

Additional Information You Have To Know:

Info if one is foreigner and fees you will pay
Info if one is foreigner and fees you will pay

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