Every minute counts-its precious

Every body knows that Time is precious and also they know how much they lose for not giving so much of importance to it, but still we do the same mistake again and again, because still we do not understand the value of it.

Every hour that was ever created has only 60 minutes, and every minute is a coin, a very precious coin.

Time is the only thing that you own, but you do not own that if you refuse to make use of it. Every minute that slips by is an oportunity lost. You may stop working and you can stand still but the clock is not going to stop running. Always you feel on your sunny days it seems a remarkably short time betwen sunrise and sunset.

If every minute is a seed, and you plant it in the ground, and yuou knew that next year you would have to live on the harvest that you would get, you would not want to miss a single see, would you?

Watch your minutes because if you do not make the best of the best use of them you are the loser, certainly.

You have just so many minutes to live. 33 percent of those minutes you are going to spend on bed; about 8 percent at the dining table; 27 percent are sundays and Holidays; 5 percent at least is necessary for recreation; and that only leaves about 37 percent (of very precious) for work.

Every minute counts, and there is not anybody else in the world who can be master of your minutes, but YOU.

Do you watch your minutes?

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Eddie Perkins 8 years ago

Thank you for a great message. ~ eddiePsalms 90:12 So teach us to number our days,That we may gain a heart of wisdom. NKJV

Enelle Lamb profile image

Enelle Lamb 7 years ago from Canada's 'California'

I agree, unfortunately most of us don't realize this until we are well past our 20's...

eswar profile image

eswar 7 years ago from India Author

Yes, Enelle Lamb, ofcourse we do miss this, but to be more realistic we need some maturity in mind to understand the importance of things,  never mind, better late than never, if we understand it now.

Goodpal profile image

Goodpal 5 years ago

In reality, only a tiny fraction of people actually live in the present moment and make use of it. People are so busy planning and working for the future or worrying about what happened in the past that they have no time to live in the "present" -- the only place to live!

This is the biggest irony of modern lifestyle.

Thanks for a cute hub!

quester.ltd profile image

quester.ltd 5 years ago

It is important to know that we each have a choice on how to use our minutes -

good hug



TIMETRAVELER2 profile image

TIMETRAVELER2 4 years ago

Excellent advice. People don't realize just how precious time is. If they did, they wouldn't waste so much of it! Voted up and interesting.

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