How to Improve GCE O Levels grades, Exam Strategies and Tips to Improve Grades

Exam Tips, Strategies, and Coaching for GCE O Students

With only a short few months or weeks to the GCE O Levels, a good coaching program or intensive study camp for Singapore GCE O Level students may be something to look into.

Are you confused? Do you want to do well? First, you need to believe that you can do well. However, you also need to focus and stay committed, for the next few months or weeks to complete your exams. You may want to get a group of friends who have the same mindset so that you all can help each other through this to improve results for GCE O levels, this may be another alternative. A proper coaching program or boot camp may help you with improving your grades—even to the point of getting distinctions. Put your mind to it.

Tuition, Intensive Camps, Coaching for GCE O Level Subjects

You may be wondering, "Is it possible to improve my grades with this last minute push?" Look at the subjects like Physics, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Biology, Combined Science, Chemistry, Geography, etc.... Let us say

There are tutors available on every subject of the exam, including: physics, mathematics, additional mathematics, biology, combined science, chemistry, geography, and so forth. In Singapore, I know of at least a handful of physics tutors who are very experienced and have coached students to A-grades. From time to time, there will also be intensive camps to help you make that final push to achieve an improvement of your grades.

Note: If you are struggling with your O Level Physics, you may want to look at some tips on learning Physics.

However, take a look at some exam strategies I have listed below to help you stay focus and learn better also.

Singapore GCE O Levels Exam Tips and Strategies

Below are exam tips to help prepare Singapore students for their GCE O Levels Exams:

1. Set a goal to achieve for GCE O Levels. How many points are you aiming for? If this is the 1st of June, you may have three months to go before the prelims. So, for example, your goal statement could be: "To achieve 6 points for L1R4 by end of September for my GCE O Levels Prelim Exams."

2. Set up a time table. You should reduce or stop most of your CCA programs already. Currently, you should focus in preparing for Exams. In your study time table, you should have it categorized by: subject revision, practice mathematics, group study, and working on past years' exam questions.

3. Form a small group of about four. Ensure that the other three friends in your group have the same goal: to achieve good results for their GCE O Levels. Make a team commitment to stay focused on your studies when you all meet. It is easy to get distracted to talk about other things in life. Also, locate the least distracting place to study. This could be in a friend's home, some country clubs, a quiet McDonald's restaurant, or even in the church you attend.

4. Distribute past exams questions (the ten year series) to each member of your group. Give each person an amount of time to research and produce the best answer. Then, get the person to teach and share the question he or she is responsible for. The most powerful thing to do is to teach others—that's when you learn best. If you are the "teacher," get your friends to question your presentation until they are clear. The more questions you throw in to clarify your friend's answer, the more all of you will learn. If a similar question appears for the Final GCE Exam, you are bound to score well with the best answer.

5. Find time to relax. Do not panic and get stressed our, even if you have a number of subjects you are very weak in. Remember to breathe.

6. Help your group members. If you find that one of them is rather weak in a certain subject, help him or her. Spend more time with your friend in that subject. Because the more you spend time to teach and explain, your friendly not only gains a better understanding, but you become an expert in that subject also.

7. Start revising those subjects which the group find the weakest in. Find out who is expert in which subject, and get him to be the leader in that subject. If you all are weak in a certain subject, you can approach your subject teacher together to get help, or look for a good tuition teacher to assist your group. You pay less if it is group tuition.

8. Make sure that you eat healthily. Drink a lot of water or juices. Do not just consume fries and hamburgers and soda. This is not healthy at all, and you may fall sick on the day of the exam.

9. Spend time with your parents. Keep them updated on what you and your friends are doing. They are the ones who worry most about how you are doing in school. If you are honest with them, they may want to help you find a good spot to study. They will even want to participate in helping you as your tutor, your driver, or your runner to help buy you food and drinks. Please work with your parents—this is the best time to allow them to bond with you.

Leave a comment if you think the tips are good or you have something else to add which can help others reading this.

I understand that many who are reading this article come from other countries, and you have your equivalent of O and A levels. If you are from Singapore, please do write to me to enquire further.

All the best!

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m-o-n-a786 5 years ago

hi i am doing olevel and i really have to improve, cuz i didn't get good grades before so if you can plz tell me some tips and also give me a good timetable for the following subjects:english,chemistry,biology,phisics,and maths. a time table and tips would really help so plzzz write back as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!

mmonday 5 years ago

amazing tips 4 our o'level

S.M.RAZA 5 years ago

Please give tips of individual!

Templar. 5 years ago

Its like so many of you are going to fail English, no offence but it was so hard trying to comprehend what the people's comment are trying to say.

Look, just believe in yourself. Try your best.


Everybody may be studying, so do you. But you can make a difference by focusing and concentrating more. That way you can get A LOT more out of your studies.

I need to get a credit for one of my subjects, I'm in a sinking ship too, just best of luck to everyone. Believe in yourself.

Jessica 5 years ago

I hope those tips will help me because I really want to get straight A* :( I want to study medicine like my father I want to impress my parents and make them proud of me ... My problem Is that I

hassan raza 5 years ago

i am failed in olevel so please give me some tips for passing in good grades.

ahmed 5 years ago

sir plz give me tips relating to olevel paper attempting techniques

ahmed sultan 5 years ago

sir i have given this year olevel papers but what were my expectations result came totally opposite i got b in english,a in islamiyat and urdu and rest are b,s. now ihave taken science subjects bcs business subjects result was,nt up to the mark; give me a grade scoring tips thanks.

Clara 5 years ago

I am doing SS/Geog and English with great intensity as of now

as these subjects cannot be learnt overnight.

It thats a substantial amount of time (e.g. at least 1 month VERY LEAST)

and is hard to get good notes on them as they have no fixed answer.

Chem and Bio can be prepared for.

A=math and E=math also are similar to Bio and Chem.

You cannot dedicate an entire week to a subject as if you do, your other subjects will fall behind. It requires constant revision to keep in shape.


I am most worried for my humanities as they have LOTS of content to remember.

No kidding. English comprehension is also another challenge but I believe that with practice with my tutor will aid me tremendously. At least when I sit for the exam, I have some extra confidence in my abilities.

Ik 5 years ago

Hey, so far my results were ok until mid years came and my chem pulled me down, hard. All this while been getting straight A1 s since sec 3 and now I got a C5. Maybe I was just careless and I'm ready to work hard to get my A1 back for prelims and O. But my chem teacher doesn't think I can do it. He thinks the best I could get is an A2. I really want to prove him wrong. So I want to know the tips to get an A1 in chem and also the other subs like humanaties ss/geo and eng. Cos I need improvement in this 2 other subs. I would greatly appreciate your help:)

Jennifer 5 years ago

i am a bit confused when people talk about straight A's.what do straight A's mean?i am doing O level and i don't know the meaning of straight A's.tell me what do straight A's mean,plzzzz........

5 years ago


Barbra 5 years ago

@ straight a grader i need serious help in English literature please help!!!!

5 years ago

literature is difficult

kiro 5 years ago

well its no time now for group discussion as paper r already started .... :(((( but its worth 4 future

ilene 5 years ago

oh GOD m so worried. i only have fifteeen days to go and there is alot of preparation reqiured. can anyone help me in pakistan studies please? i am actually not pakistani and i have taken this subject optionally. and now i am facing difficulties in it,history especially.

please email if anyone could help giving me some tips to study for it.

Amber 5 years ago

I'm new to o-level this year after moving from Malaysia to Singapore. I don't have any close friends here to form a group study and many of them do not wish to travel around too... It's very hard to cope with the new changes but the tips are very well, I'll try to discuss with my friends.

danny 5 years ago

hey . . i read your article, its really motivating. . these days i'm really tensed. . i am a bio student, this year i'll be appearing for pak studies and islamiat. . i am also giving an extra subject i.e economics. . I was going to a teacher who has been teaching me since january . . he only completed half of the syllabus with me and God knows where he disappeared. . now i only have 20 days left with half the syllabus. . and i also have to get prepared for other subjects too. . pls help me out. . i cant even find another teacher bcz that would mean he's gonna charge a lot for 20 days. . HALF OF THE BOOK !!! please i need your advice

StrawberryAvalanche 5 years ago

Heyy. I'm an o'level student and i'm going to appear for my religious studies and history and geog exams this May. I would like to know whether its advisable to skip the preparation of one or two interrelated topics and then leave them in the exmaniation as a choice question? Like attempting the other one? Or is it better to avoid the risk? :)

fatima 5 years ago

the tips seem great but i have not followed them yet

daniel 5 years ago

these are nice tips and i will try to work as u have suggested....and i hope that these will help me in my cie exams in may for pakistan studies, religion and urdu

Ehmen 5 years ago

Thanks,it was quite motivating.

Naanu 5 years ago

M not from Singapore.. I've already completed my o levels.. My results were worse.. Now m turning to a age which I could not catch up my school lesions but I seriously wanna try o levels again.. These tips are helpful infant it really important to have something so useful for students to read and share. Thank you for the article.. I could score some good marks and rest Napoli for sometime.

Nelly 5 years ago

Hello I am in need for serious advice about O levels, i couldn't find your email please help me.. i need to ask a few questions..

laiba rana 5 years ago

hi keep winning and goaling every body.................................................................................................................................................tata byby

sheena 5 years ago

hey hiii

i am just quite worried for my o level this yeqar because i was a preety good student in sec 1 and 2 but after coming to sec 3i was distracted by certwain things in life and now i am worrried o catching up with my subjects can i have any tips in catching up thank:)

yousaf 5 years ago

you are doing a very good job keep up the good work bro

Anonymous  5 years ago

Music could be a great way to relax after studying !!!! :)

jollytan profile image

jollytan 5 years ago from Singapore Author

@Straight A-Grader. Could you email me your email address? If anyone asks me then I can refer the student to you. Thanks for offering your help.

Straight A-grader 5 years ago

hey evryone

guyz i recently got an A+ in O level English Literature. So, if u need help wid course material or helpful sites, i'm always here.

junye 5 years ago


good tips!! :)


nimra sharif 5 years ago

these tips are very helpful to get good grades in o level

jollytan profile image

jollytan 6 years ago from Singapore Author

@F@R M@X....that is good result! Congrats! Wish you well in the next phase of education.

F@R M@X 6 years ago

yo guys,, believe in this context..........i did so and past my subjects well...............


jollytan profile image

jollytan 6 years ago from Singapore Author

@Vinita. No, I am not able to help in what you requested at this moment. Hopefully someone reading this can assist you.

Vinita  6 years ago

Hi do you know any good tuition teachers who give intensive coaching? I am very weak in eng, how do I improve in English? And do you have any notes on pure bio and comb. Phy/chem? Thanks?

arqam 6 years ago

Can anybody suggest me to how to get a A* in English... Itx too difficult....

jollytan profile image

jollytan 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Top student for O-level exam 2010 is Malaysia-born Chia Pei Yun from St Nicholas. Bagging 10 A1's. Over 37,000 students sat for the exams in Singapore. Another 44 bagged 9 A1's, with 40% being foreigners. A group of 7 China-born students from Crescent Girls went from F9 to A1 for English within 2 years, and they scored 9 A1's. They amount it to Hard Work and Determination. Just AMAZING! Congratulations to all students who have done well.

confused 6 years ago

i have a problem with history and geo....the teachers aren't helping at the skool. Pls suggest me some tips to score an A* in these subs...MUST REPLY PLS

jollytan profile image

jollytan 6 years ago from Singapore Author

One does not wait until the last minute or few days to prepare for an exam. It is like going for a battle. Plan at least months ahead and stay focus on it. I wish you well. If you sensed that you needed help a few months back, you should have taken immediate action to ASK for help around you, from friends and teachers. I can only say to you... do your best to redeem yourself.

desperate 6 years ago

hi jollytan

i got straight Us in my previous o level exam,

so in january 11 i am going to appear in the

examination back again. But now its only 14 days left for my english exam and 20 days left for my economics exam. I am horrified because i havnt made any hard effort all over the year to study these two subjects. What shud i do to cover up these subjects in just these few days? PLs advice...

sophi 6 years ago


i have failed in my o level exam for 3 times.

i am going to appear o level exam in january.

Still now i am confused as i didn study well thruout

the year. pls give me some motivating advice.

Areeba 6 years ago

I am a student of o level in Pakistan and is going to appear in June 2012,but I am worried about getting an A* in English, the teachers at school are not helping much,plz give me some tips!

jollytan profile image

jollytan 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Asker2, I am not able to advise you on this. Ask your teachers who have been through JC education before. They will be the likely ones who are in the education who can give better advice. I understand in JC you will have to do A Math too. If you are going to choose JC after O levels, then you need to find ways to understand A Math concepts now or later.

Asker2 6 years ago

Hi Jollytan, i am a secondary 3 students going to secondary 4, and i will be taking my 'o' levels next year. And i have been asked by my school to drop Additional Math, which is my weakest subject, and hence i will have one lesser subject to cope with. The reason is that i am particularly weak in this subject and i failed most of my tests and both SA1 and SA2 for this subject. I have been told that it will be better to drop as i will be able to do better for my other subjects having more time. However, i will like to know the pros and cons of dropping as i would like to enter a good jc and probably try taking H2 math. Can you tell me how dropping this subject can affect me in my selection of subjects in jc?


phats 6 years ago

i need help with my accounts

jollytan profile image

jollytan 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Use your teachers to the fullest. Be nice and polite to them and share with them your academic goals. Maybe they will listen and help you. Tuition teacher is an alternative.

aleki 6 years ago

well..i guess my teachers at school wouldn't be of much help..yes,they would explain things to me when i'm not quite clear with something,but it seems that they are just there to answer my doubts on a few sums and that's thing i'm on my own again.i need someone who can guide me and organize my time-table,that's what i really want.but it seems as if i am to dependent on teachers and arent able to study by myslf.but i am just anxious and confused. do you think i should i really get a tution teacher?by the way,i'm from indonesia...thanks:)

aleki 6 years ago

i'm from indonesia and no,i don't have private tutors.although i have been considering it for sometime.but i just feel like a total failure by doing that.i mean,it would be such a shame if i have to depend on my tution teacher to study.and for school teachers,i don't relate much to them about this matter. my teachers at school wouldn't be too bothered about my situation and would expect me to act like a grown-up and study by what do you think?

jollytan profile image

jollytan 6 years ago from Singapore Author

hi aleki. where are you from? do you have teachers you can relate to? do you have private tutors to provide you with after school tuition?

aleki 6 years ago

hey jolly tan!

my o-leves is on the month of may next year,and i know it's a good few months away but i find myself experiencing test anxiety and very worried for the outcome of the test.that gets me distracted when i'm studying.i have never taken part in a very big serious exam before and my school's exam's a piece of cake and i've always aced it.but when i looked through some of the o-levels exmamination paper,it;s of a differennt standard than my school's usual tests. i also cant manage ,my time well.for instance, when i have decided to study on a particuar subject, there's this feeling of worry that gnawed at me on whether i would be able to set some time for other subjects and then i eventuallyt get distracted..i've ever asked my elder sister who has appeared for o-level examination before asking her for advice,and she said that i should set more time on the subjects that i'm the weakest at..but the thing,i have no idea which subject i'm the worst at..should i just call it a quit?how do i stop this over-hysterical attitude and JUST STOP WORRYING TOO MUCH...what am i supposed to do?

colavender 6 years ago

Thanks, lol.

Great tips, btw. I think I'll be able to get past the O-levels unscathed. But ultimately I have to change if I want to survive the A levels(that is if I can get there; through a good JC, I hope).

But yeah, I harbor great belief in myself. :D

jollytan profile image

jollytan 6 years ago from Singapore Author

colavender, thanks for writing. Good to be very confident, but you are over-confident. You write well. Remember to answer and write within context. I am no English Language expert, i guess you may do well. If you do complete your exam papers and do have a lot of time before the invigilators say "put down your pens" check through your answers and make sure you have answered every question (just in case you missed one or two). Take care and enjoy this journey.

colavender 6 years ago

Hi, err, unlike most of the people below, my problem is that I'm overconfident and I really lack self-control.

You see, I've only commenced doing concrete revision yesterday(even though I genuinely want to do well for my O levels). And I have heard just about every reason to do well for the O level-like what I stand to gain from this experience, from the resulting desirable grades e.t.c-from numerous lectures from my parents and teachers, and I've seen most of my previously unconcerned friends and classmates starting to take this exam seriously, and that was a week ago.

But whatever, I'm over that now. I trust that I've laid out quite a solid revision plan during the exam period and after a spot check of my knowledge and familiarity with the subjects I take, and I believe I'll do fine for the Maths and Science subjects. But I do have some issues with how I do the EL paper.

Lol. Thanks for reading this anyway. This post is a consequence of my desire to speak my mind(in an anonymous internet posting cause I can't find anyone else to talk to) and my want to write in cheesy, not-too-grammatically-incorrect English(haven't done this in ages).

And I need some tips.. It's less than 48 hours to the EL paper and I think I have problems in spotting the points(in summary writing) and apprehending what exactly the question is asking for(in comprehension). Any help... please?

jollytan profile image

jollytan 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Sam, good on you. at least you have finished revising. Practise some more questions. do also exercise, and relax. there are others who are still struggling to complete revision. If you can help your friends to revise, better for you as you relearn and revise differently.

sam 6 years ago

it's a few days to my o levels and i feel like i've completed my studying and revising but every time i don't do something, i feel as if i'm wasting time. What should i do?

jollytan profile image

jollytan 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Geeths - if you have read through the article and comments given by others, you would have been able to gather some tips from there. You definitely have to push yourself hard and stay away from friends and activities which will only distract you. STAY FOCUS!

Geeths 6 years ago

Hi,I have my physics/bio and pure geog papers in 2weeks n I'm not at all prepared...what do I do??pls help mi....

jollytan profile image

jollytan 6 years ago from Singapore Author

math = you have to practice and ask teacher for help if you still do not know the concepts. Humanities, spend more time on those topics you still find it hard to understand. Write out your answers if you are working with past years' papers. Writing out your answer at least 3 times will help you retain it.

daredevil 6 years ago

hi i have only 2wks before O level and i am not confident in three subjects especially(eng,maths combined humanities) Any suggesstions

fadhilah 6 years ago

Pure phy and chem notes pls :(

Vee 6 years ago

Os are coming! 19 more days, and I lost all drive to study. How? :(

jollytan profile image

jollytan 6 years ago from Singapore Author

@help me!! if you don't understand geometry, ask your friends or teachers politely for help. then you put it to practise, doing questions again and again until it gets into you. you will be good at it.

jollytan profile image

jollytan 6 years ago from Singapore Author

xm, with 5 weeks to go. work with those subjects you need more understanding. ask friends and teachers for help. other subjects which you are good at, put aside and have a final review a day or two before the day of exam.

maira 6 years ago

hmmmmmmmmmmmm its good but i don't know why i have some problam to get it but gud nd helpful to me thanxxxxxxxxxxxx

help me!! 6 years ago

im weak in geometry ....have 2 months for o level what do i do?

xm 6 years ago

Hi, your tips are very useful. now that it's only 5 weeks to the O levels, what kind of study plan do you suggest? a subject a day? or ? please advise. thanks!

aysha 6 years ago

err. we like have only 23 days for o levels and i am pretty much tensed up.

i am having nervous breakdowns and family and other stresses are getting too much!

Need help! :(

Ali Haider 6 years ago

Its very tough i am a new in o levels so plz anyone snd me notes of all sbjcts.

jollytan profile image

jollytan 6 years ago from Singapore Author

I hope you will do well in your exams, Amir. All the best!

Amir 6 years ago

This tips are extra odinary. Iam glad to go through this tip.

adenuga oluwasanmi 6 years ago

i hope i pass my 6 subjects with a's

jollytan profile image

jollytan 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Neville, i need to ask where do you do your homework? Is the place cluttered with distracting things around you like computer, tv, cd players, posters? If there are distractions in front of you, I would suggest you do your homework in a place where the desk or table is cleared of all distractions like sound, visual materials... sit for 45 minutes and take 5 minutes toilet or stretch break and then return to complete your homework again. Just go that desk or corner when you need to concentrate and focus on something important you want to complete. hope this helps.

neville 6 years ago

hey jollytan..i was wondering if u could give me a good solution for this problem.u see,i have this really annoying habit of doing homework very slow.i mean,for most people it would probably take about 2-3 hours max to finish,right?but i can take a whole day just to finish maybe some's not like i have a learning disability or something,but it seems that i cant fully concentrate on my work.either my mind goes back to a recent movie i just watched,or a book i have read or whatever it is.and as a result,i eventually waste my time.and not to mention that i have an o level examination coming up which i need to prepare.what should i do?thanks..

jollytan profile image

jollytan 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Merris, a tutor will help keep you focused. it may be expensive though. how supportive is your mum or/and dad to see you through your O levels? you can also try this. 1. On sheets of paper write down all the important points you have gathered from your revision from the topics you revised for the day. 2. Share them with your parents. 3. or submit the papers to your parents. It is one way to stay focused and do lots more. If you can repeat the same process for the same topics 3 times, I think you may have already got the facts for that particular topic. Well try it... you can also go to Contact Me above and email me.

Merris 6 years ago

Hey Jollytan.I've read all your suggestions and tips,and I think it would be really effective.How I wish I can find myself a study group but the problem is, I would technically have to study alone for the O-levels as all of my friends mostly didn't join the mom has suggested that I should find a tutor but I would want to do self-study. Do you think that may work?and also,I've always tried to study by myself but it turns out that I spend a lot of time studying so little.Please tell me how to do effective self-study.And do you think I really need a tutor??Thanks..

Ollie 6 years ago

Nice study tips thanks for sharing the hub.

jollytan profile image

jollytan 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Jazz,where are you from? please write personally to me at

Jazz 6 years ago

hey Jollytan i have my exams in like a few months and im not at all prepared since i didn't study in my vacations. i read ur tips but the town where i live doesnot have many o level teachers. shocking??? but yeah we don't. they did set up on Cambridge study based school but we have no good teachers.and among the ones we have right now few will transfer to big cities. we know better english than our own engish teacher. and tuitors are hard to find. all we have t do is study our own. i don't know how to plan things. please help!

jollytan profile image

jollytan 6 years ago from Singapore Author have to breakdown your next 5 months into weekly and daily schedules. always tackle those subjects which you are weaker first and leave the easier subjects to the end to revise... more days spent of weaker subjects to understand and digest the concepts, principles and applications. need internal self motivation. If the grades are important to you, you will want to set a goal and plan your time well. Put aside all distractions and discipline yourself to go all the way.

harami 6 years ago

i need to know how to do self study?

Tasnia Ahmed 6 years ago

My exam is in Jan 2011 and 5 subject's syllabus to complete.How will I set my routine for each subject?? Please suggest.

jollytan profile image

jollytan 6 years ago from Singapore Author

A student just emailed me...."And I'm pretty sure you might be able to help me. I'm taking my O level examination this year and there's only 80 more days to that. I'm troubled by family matters and relationship problems recently. Also, I don't know where should I start studying and how to plan a timetable given that schoolwork is already hectic enough. I'm very scared and nervous over this exam. Please HELP ME! Thank you. :)"

Just 80 days... 7 subjects to revise. that will leave you with 11 days per subject. List down the subjects, ranging from the weakest one to the strongest one. The stronger subjects may need 4 to 5 days to revise, giving you more time to revise the weaker ones. from the weaker subjects, list the topics which you are still struggling to understand... bring them up to your subject teacher for special remedial. Ask your teacher politely and respectfully, I am sure she will want to help you also. Try this for a start.

Saf-Ur-Rehman 6 years ago

hey great job for tellin me i have just started my o levels and im 14 so cn u help me finding past o level papers of biology chemistry physics mathematics english language urdu islamiate computer studies

jollytan profile image

jollytan 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Rish and are among many who are feeling quite the same. Take your textbooks out. 7 subjects in about 3 months to O levels. Give yourself about 1 week for one subject. In each subject, which topic you are good at and which you still need help from teachers to help. Work on those topics you really need help.... this is one strategy you can try. Remove your computer games and chats for the next 4 months and stay focus. You want success you have to sacrifice something. Need help, you can write me

muhd 6 years ago

The tips seems very encouraging. Honestly, my school organises booster session for the students. It really change the mindset but still I'm not on my full gear. same as Rish, i don't know a single thing. but i want to enter a course in NP. I need help

rish 6 years ago

i have like 3 to 4 mnths and i don't know a single thing i am being honest i didn't really concentrate in class due to peer pressure pls help any1 tell me if u'll have any good advice good deeds will be replied with blessings from god help people thx may god bless all!! HELP!!!

heba 6 years ago

hey (salam every1) i m not a gud student at all,,but this time i really wanna do better in O,levelz examz,,cuz its my dream nw cuz ppl take me so easy..i wnt to prove them that everything is possible,,plzz every1!! jxt pray 4 me,,just give me ur 1 minute,,n pray 4 me..

thnk u

God bless all

hina 6 years ago

Friends, PLZ.........PLZ.........PLZ............. Can anyone send me the notes Economics and Business studies for O-LEVELS (UK) Exams 2009??????

I am a new private student.

Its my request... Thanks

Danial Talha 6 years ago

These are really good tips and i believe they will work for me and my fellow beings thanks for giving helping hand indirectly

weisheng 7 years ago

i am currently taking o lvl this year.anyone have notes for business?

MIR MUSAIB ALAVI 7 years ago


SAMI 7 years ago

good tips thanks for helping

mahak 7 years ago

i dnt knw y m still confused dat hw to make my timetable???

ny help...plz!!!

i always get highest marks in all subjects n everyone expect good grades from me....but seriously i think i still need to work hard!!!!

i m totally confused n tense

jollytan profile image

jollytan 7 years ago from Singapore Author

Only get people who are committed to study into your study group. The most 4 people. Of course you can sidetrack and talk about other things (to just relax for a while), but remember to return as soon as possible to study/revise.

didi 7 years ago

wow! im really very grateful to u man! thanxa lot! but im quite a little doubtful bout dat group study coz im afraid we`ll talk about othr thgs more than abt studyiezz.. huh.. any ideas..??

paul 7 years ago

this d best thanks

jollytan profile image

jollytan 7 years ago from Singapore Author

GCE "O" level students in Singapore are generally expected to do at least 7 subjects for their exams.

Dani Montanna. 7 years ago

How many subjects are required to complete ur O'levels?

jollytan profile image

jollytan 7 years ago from Singapore Author

Thanks for appreciating these tips. I only realised how these tips helped me be a better student at exams when I was much older and using them... and to do rather well as a working adult and a father of 3 children then, finding time and using strategies to study smart.

shanti 7 years ago

thx 4 the tips...really useful

Meesam 7 years ago

Really good! it will help me a lot and I think studying this points and keeping them in my mind the success will definitely will head towards you. I m sure you will be all successful in your exams. Good Luck!

marryam 7 years ago

i am going to start my o levels next year. i am pretty tensed about it. i am sure i will find these tips useful for my exams preparation. pray for me to pass my entrance tests.

dimpel 7 years ago

hello,,, anyones got o level entrance preparation guide or as such ....plzzzz...

Harry 7 years ago

nice tips u've got there.thanks.

Pial 7 years ago

Anyone have online GCE O' Level (EDEXCEL) Notes?

usama 7 years ago

geat tips for those who pay heed............. thanks!!!!

jollytan profile image

jollytan 8 years ago from Singapore Author

Yes! Only those who have a goal and big dreams will see these as practical. Those who have searched and found this page, would likely people who know what they want... hopefully they already have a goal to achieve well.

jollytan profile image

jollytan 8 years ago from Singapore Author

Sorry.... I cannot help you in this. I do not have such kind of notes.

Rutadnan 8 years ago

Friends, PLZ.........PLZ.........PLZ............. Can anyone send me the notes Economics and Business studies for O-LEVELS (UK) Exams 2009??????

I am a new private student.

Its my request... Thanks

jollytan profile image

jollytan 8 years ago from Singapore Author

If you have done that 20 years earlier...not only would you have aced your O levels... your A levels too.... maybe become one of the singapore's scholars to do a course in a prestigious university in the USA or UK.

hcshi profile image

hcshi 8 years ago from Singapore

I should have done it with a group when I was 16! Helping others to learn is the best way to learn. I realized that only 20 years later.

Great tips to ace the O-level.

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