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Preparing for PSLE 2011

I just came out from a seminar talking about PSLE Math Workshop during the holidays. Some parents are taking the proactive step of preparing their children for PSLE 2011 at this time of the year, and looking for holiday programs. Instead of allowing their children to waste away 6 weeks of school holidays and staying engaged on the computer games, parents choose to give their children a headstart in preparing for PSLE 2012.

They come in all kinds of packages. PSLE English Language Camp, PSLE Math Camp, Chinese Language Camp, Science Camp, PSLE Preparation Study Skills Camp, Mindset and Motivaton Camp. . It is all about helping them improve their grades or scores, to ensure they have an advantage in competing with 40,000 other students who are sitting for PSLE in 2011. Programs are also offered by MindChamps, MindEdge and other groups to help students have that competitive edge at PSLE.

Exams Tips for PSLE Students in Singapore

About School holidays, school terms, exams schedules, help for exams....Parents seem to be the ones who are searching for such information. I am glad that more parents are supportive of their children's learning journey.

At 12, very few children know what is the future like for him. He may not know the consequences he has to face if he does not do well for PSLE. On the other hand there are some who know exactly how many points to score, for them to get into the school of their choice.

If you are reading this at around August or early September, you may still be able to help your child, if he has awaken to the fact that he has to buck up or else...... Then an aggressive schedule of monitoring his work and working on past exam papers from various reputable schools. Getting a very good tuition teacher to keep him on track and to get his concept and knowledge right, may have to be looked into.

If you are looking at this, and you have a good few months to plan for PSLE, then start by helping him to achieve little successes (that is if your child is not a motivated student). Help him see studying as fun and enjoyable. Find a tuition teacher who is strict and yet able to shower praises whenever he improves, or make learning fun and easy to understand. Get him enrolled in some programs to help him with his academic performance or help change his mindset. He may get motivated to put in more effort into his studies, because his mindset has changed. Do not resort to scolding or nagging or even comparing with his siblings or friends who have done better.... it does not help. Put yourself in your child's shoes... be a supportive parent.

By all means, find the right program and invest to help your child excel in his exams and also in his future.

If you are planning 2012 PSLE Math Tuition and English tuition for your child, I will try referring you to others I know who may be able to help.

Exam Strategy & Study Skills Workshop
Exam Strategy & Study Skills Workshop

Exam Tips, GCE O Level Exams

Preparing for GCE O levels seems remote until it hit June for some students. Then in September, some start to panic and look for all kinds of solutions or helps. You will need to learn to work out your own goals. Learn some proven memory skills and start to strategize to perform better your aggregate of L1R4 to permit you entrance into the course and school of your choice. To get into a JC or Polytechnic, it is good to aim for an aggregate of about 15 and lesser or even much lesser.

It is highly achievable if you are able to sit down and start putting up a time-table to prepare for exams. Set the Exams as main priority and work at it. Create a small study group with friends of like-mindedness who also want to excel in the exams. Find a conducive place to study and share notes. Pull out past ten years series, and tackle questions one by one. Assign one question to each member of the study group, and get each one to teach how he arrived at those answers. By teaching others, you learn more because you really spend time to prepare to teach your friends. Go through this process until you are satisfied that you have covered the whole syllabus for that subject. You may email me should you need some exam coaching.

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jollytan profile image

jollytan 4 years ago from Singapore Author

To stop being lazy, you will need to set your goals for each subject you are taking for PSLE. Have a daily schedule or time-table and stick to it. Put aside activities that will distract you. Make sure that you have at least a couple of hours a day to do some revision and do some assessment papers. Put away your computer games if you are easily distracted by it. Discuss with your parents or teachers your goals and time-table, and ask them to work with you on this, and you follow it closely. If you can follow this closely, you probably will do well for PSLE.

phantom0i89 profile image

phantom0i89 4 years ago

my psle is coming in a few months!!!~scared~i just cannot concentrate and cannot stop playing computer games,pls give me some tps where i can stop being lazy and start working hard, send the tips to my e-mail!!i really need those tips!!thks

phantom0i89 profile image

phantom0i89 4 years ago

i cant concentate and cannot stop playing computer games,pls give me some tips where i can start to concentete and not being lazy,pls!!!PSLE is just around the corner!!!!:( send me helpful tps to my e-mail,

locknloaded81 4 years ago

that was very useful hub, thanks for sharing this very nifty work. keep posting Jolly.

jellyjoy88 profile image

jellyjoy88 4 years ago

I am going to have my PSLE in about 2 months.. At the starting of the year, I thought that PASLE is like going to be next year so i was not worried and played everyday, thinking that PSLE is still 6 months away. I thought that 6 months was going to be very long but now the fist day of school seems like yesterday.. What should i do now??? i feel so scared as im very unprepared for PSLE?!

Clara 5 years ago

PSLE is nothing. Olevels and Alevels are hell.

Desperatelikemad 5 years ago

I'm taking the psle this year and I'm rlly rlly scared. I got a T score of 205 but I want at least 258. Is there anyway to improve even now?? Especially Maths.

worried girl 5 years ago

I am taking my PSLE this year (2011). The exams are about 3-4 months away, and I am starting to feel the nerves. I am quite upset about my SA1 marks and I really hope you can help. In CA1, I scored an A* in math and A's for the rest of the subjects; but suddenly dropped to an A* in math, an A in science and a B in English. I was only 1-2 marks away from an A. I realise that I the time now is very constraint and was hoping if you could give me your feedback to strengthen myself back up and improve even better by PSLE. My ideal aggregate is 265; hoping that I can get all A*. My approximate aggregate is 253 in CA1, but dropped to only 243 in SA1. I really hope you can advise me on this as I am aiming for a place in NUS High School.

Btw, I am exempted from Mother Tongue.

ling jit thong 5 years ago

this information is very useful but i have a question how to get psle

Amanda 6 years ago

I am a girl from Primary 6.This page is useful for me.

zhengwenjie 6 years ago

I'm a boy who is P5 n had juz read this helpful info........(Next year going to PSLE)But may i juz ask u a question.~~~Why cant i control my self from playing computer..Can u give me some tips...

scared 6 years ago

omg!psle is round the corner,so freaked out so nervous i am scared i cant do well...omg!!!

iMindMap 6 years ago

Hi Jollytan,

This is a very supportive hub to these students and I notice you have recommended some of the Buzan Techniques and Mind Mapping in particular.

Have you thought about creating a hub on that topic or perhaps recommending some of the excellent hubs on the topic. I haven't created my own hub on it yet but if you get your visitors to do a search on "mind mapping" and Study Skills you will find some excellent resources



CYY 6 years ago

how do we usualyy get motivated ??!!!!

jollytan profile image

jollytan 6 years ago from Singapore Author

If I were you, I will take time to think and talk slowly. Do not get too excited. Tell yourself breathe slowly, and think what to say. Do not be in a hurry to speak your mind. If you are not able to understand the question, it is alright to seek clarification, by asking the examiner to say the question again. In this way you also allow you a bit more time to think and come up with a better answer. Hope this helps.

93girl 6 years ago

hey thr,im taking my private o levels,and my eng oral is like next week!!and i have practised for my conversation and picture im just afraid that i might blabber in the nervousness to the examiner.hw am i to overcome my phobia?..thanks.

merris 6 years ago

Hey!Can someone please share a few tips on how to improve english writing and conversation?I'm going to do my O-level examination soon and it's really urgent.I'm finding myself writing hundreds of essays each day but still I see no improvement.What should I do?Thanks

HEY 6 years ago

Hey guys! All right, all these talks about PSLE.. I just wanna give a shout-out to everyone, student or parent, to not take the PSLE so seriously. Frankly, looking back at the past, PSLE was indeed so so so so so... simple. Students who are stressed feel that the goals are further away. Hence this will lead them to procrastinate or not manage their time properly. Simply speaking, they have low morales and the moment they set their minds to think they cannot do it, they will not.

This lead me to think of this phrase I read once; "In the end it's not the fastest man or the strongest man but the man who thinks he can!"

Confidence is the ultimatum; the key.

This is actually a problem I face now. I'm a GCE O Level student, taking her Mother Tongue Oral tomorrow. Frankly, I'm really bad in my Chinese. The low-morale I had in the beginning of the year made me flunk my recent O level Chinese paper in June, late May, despite intensive preparations.

Anyway, here's a shout-out to parents. The biggest, widest step is to encourage, set high morales for your child. Make them believe PSLE isn't so life threatening (seriously. once you enter Uni, who cares what primary school or secondary school you come from?). Please don't make a mountain out of a mole.

I had a high morale during PSLE because of the great teachers I had during those years, and because of all the fun I had during primary school too. Friends encourage one another and we made each other feel better.

In the end, I even scored an A for my Chinese.. Seriously. I was so bad in Chinese that I wouldn't even imagine it. I have been failing Chinese consecutively throughout those 6 years and when the paper lapsed into my hands, it was a piece of cake.

Tell your kids to appreciate what they have now, the goal is not far away. A good foundation, though, is essential, not the score. I learn to appreciate what I have now.. So I'm more motivated to do well. A levels is a struggle because my Sister is now sitting as a private candidate, despite being so intelligent and doing well for her PSLE. Okay.

Cheers. It's not that difficult, PSLE is actually darn easy. Be motivated and confident.

I know of a friend who did really badly for her Os and scored a 7 pointer for O levels, L1R5 and now is undertaking BioMedical Sciences in NTU. In the end, the man who believes he can, can.

Starclax8872 6 years ago

Most parents are worried because they are kia su, not because of their child's PLSE. Parents are scared that other children get better than their children. Parents who are worried do not believe in their children. They should encourage and believe that their children can do it. Not saying, 'Aiyah...what to do? My child sure cannot wan la. Must send him tuition..bla bla bla....'The child must also believe in herself or himself in order to get good results in their PSLE! Not by being Kia Su!

cw 6 years ago

My GCE o levels are coming pretty soon. Can u tell me good ways to study and how to remember stuff better? My email is

wongzongyao 6 years ago

I'm a 17 year old Private candidate for O's this is the second time I'm taking O levels I started doing revision and stuffs but somehow I'm still lack of my confidence the exams are 4months away but it seems like a month away from me. Is there any method of doing revsion so that I feel more confident in O's ? My email address is Hope to hear from you soon thanks.

Mervyn 6 years ago

Hi, my brother is taking his psle this year and he seem to have problem managing with his time, and he have no time for revision. As i didn't score as well as what i expect of myself in my PSLE, i don't want him to regret it. So i hope u can suggest me with some good solution on how to help him. My email is Hope u will get back to me soon

jollytan profile image

jollytan 6 years ago from Singapore Author

for PSLE 2010, you may want to check with their schools. It is always around end September or early October.

Naheem dhalla 6 years ago

When wil da psle 2010 start? Plz help, my bro n sis r siting 4 them dis year

nine years old girl 7 years ago

i am only nine and i am going to take my PSLE examination!how can i inprove my english cause english is the main subject and i must try very very hard!u can contact me in

shannen 7 years ago

hi my psle examination is coming i am so nervous u can u help me!u can contact me on

jollytan profile image

jollytan 7 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi Sarah, please write to me personally to

Sarah 7 years ago

My son is taking his PSLE next year and I'm worried for him. He didn't do well this year. I'm a single parent and I can't afford to send him tuition. What can I do, please help

jollytan profile image

jollytan 7 years ago from Singapore Author

Parents or PSLE candidates... if any tuition centre boasts of having teachers working with SEAB, employed in their teaching team, please do a due dilligence check before registering for their programs. Today's news mentioned about a centre called SUCCESS.NAT.... I am following this news.

jollytan profile image

jollytan 7 years ago from Singapore Author

In response to parents' complaints regarding the recent PSLE 2009 examinations, MOE has this to say... "Singapore's exam board says PSLE papers not too tough....there is a good coverage of syllabus and a judicious balance of easy, average and difficult questions". I think they have enough expertise and professionals to determine how the exam papers should be set. Parents who have children sitting for PSLE 2010, there is no cause for alarm.

Desperado 7 years ago

Hello everybody.. My O Levels exams start from the 14th of october... i am soo scared.. and due to that i can't really study hard.. my subjects are english language, urdu language and mathematics.. all of them require practise (is that the right spelling?) , i know that but i just can't get myself to sitting down for long hours.. i need help reeally quick.. Help being good advice.. What should i do??? =S

jollytan profile image

jollytan 7 years ago from Singapore Author

"Parents up in arms again over PSLE Mathematics paper"...this was in the news today 10 Oct 09. The introduction of calculators for Mathematics paper may be the cause, questions were kind of tougher, that ever regular A* students cannot complete all the questions. The only consolation is.... the marks will be moderated. Your child who is an A* scorer may still be able to retain his A* for his favourite subject. Let us wait and see... do not start panicking.

jollytan profile image

jollytan 7 years ago from Singapore Author

Sorry I do not provide helps with regards to past years PSLE exam questions. you can check with or other websites that promote such helps.

angelofgod 7 years ago

Can you provide some of the common PSLE Math questions (preferably difficult ones)which have come out in previous years, with the solutions?

I am a Primary Six student taking my PSLE this year. For my Prelimary Exams, I scored 2 As and 2Bs. Subjects which I scored B are Science and Chinese, can you help me to improve: like recommending some Chinese Composition Guides which are useful or some Science Guide Books which contain overall revision from Primary 3-6?

Sorry for the many requests! Would appreciate your help.

I can be contacted @

jollytan profile image

jollytan 7 years ago from Singapore Author

Nervours girl, most people are scared when taking any exams. For Oral, calm yourself down by breathing in and then slow breathe out, do it a few times until you calm down. Just think that you are going into the room to tell someone a story, imagine that this person is a very good friend you have always talked to, but now you have to speak in a polite manner. Take your time to speak or talk, do not rush. Pause for a short while to think if you need to. what I have shared are basic stuff...hope this helps.

NervousGirl =] 7 years ago

My Oral PSLE exams Is tommorow.....

Im soooo scared...

What should I do to remember all the things a that I want to say while doing the exams without feeling nervous ?

Please help me !! =]

jollytan profile image

jollytan 7 years ago from Singapore Author

Some have asked me whether programs conducted by SuperTeens, MindEdge, MindChamps, Adam Khoo, Brain Development, Tony Buzan will help their children to get good grades. I can only say that your child must like it and is able to commit himself to work on those things he has learnt from those programs. If he is forced to attend those programs, and against his will, please prepare for negative responses to those programs. If you can afford to part with the few thousand dollars, you can try. Maybe it will work for him.

jollytan profile image

jollytan 7 years ago from Singapore Author

"pls help", it is not a good sign to revise and then you cannot remember. You may want to learn to write down (and draw relevant pictures) on a piece of blank paper what you have just learnt. Write/draw and talk to yourself until you fully understand what you have just revised. You can also use concept map, mindmapping, or word linking with pictures to help you retain what you have revised. Never revise by doing it silently. If you are afraid to disturb others when you say it out loud, whisper as though you are teaching a friend in the library.

jollytan profile image

jollytan 7 years ago from Singapore Author

Carntella, I suggest that you talk to your subject teacher. Ask her POLITELY and COURTEOUSLY..."Good morning Miss/Mr _____. May I trouble you a little. I am finding trouble with my comprehension oe and cloze, is there a good time in your schedule to meet you after school to help me in this area?" If this does not help, look for a good english tuition teacher to help you, as there is not much time.

pls help 7 years ago

im taking psle but whenever i revised it will go away the next day! what do i do?

CarntellaToh  7 years ago

My Comprehension OE n comprehension Cloze are troubling me....

jollytan profile image

jollytan 7 years ago from Singapore Author

Michelle if you could please write to me at and I will respond to you individually. Jolly Tan

Michelle Leong 7 years ago

I need to work hard on my english and math, just wondering if you can give me some tips on how to tackle the ploberms and how to improve on english and math ?

Marc Danielle 7 years ago

I need to work hard on my subject foundation chinese,science and english, I was wondering if you could give me some tips how to improve my grades in this subjects that im weak in?

clare :) 8 years ago

i'm taking the o levels next year and i would like to know of some tips to improve my grades :) im weak in the languages(english,chinese) and combined humanities(social studies/elective literature) so i would like to ask if you have any suggestions on how to study and improve on these subjects?

thank you very much! :)

P.S. about the suggestion above, are we supposed to link the topics for the subjects together?=

jollytan profile image

jollytan 8 years ago from Singapore Author

I need to qualify whether you are taking the PSLE or GCE O levels.

It is always good to have an overview of each subject you are taking. Put up a concept map or mindmap, get all the topics of the subject onto the map. Then place the headings and sub-headings onto the map also.... it can be very elaborate. It is when you start drawing and writing, that you will begin to see the whole picture.... before I carry this further.... are you PSLE or GCE O student?

help!! 8 years ago

any tips for a student himself? like what is a good way to revise the subjects.

jollytan profile image

jollytan 8 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi... There are several ways to stop being nervous. If it is because you are still confused about what you have revised, and have not fully understood the content of your subjects... which means you also are not able to put those facts and figures into memory. If you really need to understand certain topic, please approach your teacher or tuition teacher and voice your concerns. Pick up some memory techniques... if you are in O levels... take a look at the success coaching program I mentioned in the first paragraph. If you understand your lessons and able to put to memory and recall with ease... your nervousness will slowly go away.

For Oral... I help those who are English speaking only... but I think it does apply to Chinese oral too.... Just imagine you are going in to talk to your friends and have a conversation with them. Greet the examiners with a smile and a confident "Good morning! Sir or Teacher". Sit upright...Take a few deep breaths before you start to read. Take your time to read or provide an answer, at a good pace. As you answer... do not rattle away. Use short pauses... and control your breath... you just have to practise it in front of your teacher a few times, it will be great. Hope I have given you some tips to think about and work on.

hi 8 years ago

how to stop being nervous for exams?

how to do well for chinese oral?

jollytan profile image

jollytan 8 years ago from Singapore Author

I have just added a VIDEO from YouTube from a Past PSLE Student to share about preparing for the English Oral Exam. Watch the Video by clicking this link.

jollytan profile image

jollytan 8 years ago from Singapore Author In this article, I address ideas to work with, with your child. Do not start preparing for PSLE when PSLE is just 2 months away. If you have younger children.... start to find ways to prepare them and make learning fun.... they will excel on their on way without pressure.

jollytan profile image

jollytan 8 years ago from Singapore Author

PSLE Oral Exam for English and Mother Tongue on 14 & 15 August 2008 respectively.

PSLE Listening Comprehension for English and Mother Tongue 12 September 2008, Afternoon and Morning respectively.

PSLE Written Exam 2008

English 3 October, Mathematics 6 October, Mother Tongue 7 October, Science 8 October, Higher Mother Tongue 9 October,

Refer to

Preliminary PSLE Exams are usually held in late August.

Kim 8 years ago

So the PSLE time is in Sept or Oct?

jollytan profile image

jollytan 8 years ago from Singapore Author

One more week and June Holidays are over. To top with exam preparation, my son who is taking his PSLE this year, has to be back in school for some lessons next week. The school is asking them to be back for 3 mornings, to help them with preparing for PSLE. I think it is good for him, or else it is not easy to get him focussed on his PSLE preparation....and sense the urgency...3 more months then the PSLE Prelims.

jollytan profile image

jollytan 8 years ago from Singapore Author

I have just completed another article on EXAM TIPS FOR GCE O LEVELS.  This is an expansion of what you should do... a step by step advice to help you prepare for your GCE or GCSE Exams. Click this for more

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