Excuse for Missing School

Bart Simpson missing school
Bart Simpson missing school

Need an Excuse for Missing School?

Well you've definitely come to the right place!! I know that when i was in school I definitely could have used a lot of these.  First up, this article has some great real excuses that you can use in life, and below that, this article has some links to some of the best sites on the Internet, for the more funny and less practical excuses.


Excuses to Give to Mom

We have one choice so far.  In the future, I'll certainly add more.  If you know of one, by all means post it in the comments section.

Get your hands slighty wet with hot water, just enough so that they're damp. This will make them clammy and will confirm your mother's intuition if she holds your hand. Then, for about ten minutes, do some coughs and deep gurgling in your throat so that it scratches a bit. This will cause you a bit of discomfort, perhaps, but it will make your throat look inflamed temporarily. After all this preparation, go tell your mom that you're sick, and when she takes a look at your hands and throat (as most mother's do) she'll see that you're telling the truth and BOOM no school for you. A perfect ready-made excuse for missing school.

One of the classic movies on missing school, Ferris Beuller's Day Off is a staple in many homes along with The Lion King and Aladdin
One of the classic movies on missing school, Ferris Beuller's Day Off is a staple in many homes along with The Lion King and Aladdin

Excuses to Give to Your Teacher/Principal

There are two excuses so far for this one.  Definitely take a look at them as they seem pretty efficient. 

1.  Tape a piece of gauze (that cloth stuff that the doctor uses to do bloodwork) to your arm. It should be in the crook of your arm. Then, if your teacher, or whoever else asks why you're late, say you were just at the doctor's office to get a blood test, but you forgot a note. Since you still have the gause taped to your arm, no one will think twice to question you.

2.  This one is one of my favorites. This is if you get to school late and a teacher or principal catches you. Before doing it, get your cell phone a new voice machine message. Put it right up to your regular phone with your parents answering message, and record so that they are the same. Turn off your cell phone. Then, when the teacher/principal catches you, tell them loudly that you were with your parents.

When they try to determine if you're telling the truth, repeat your statement, daring the principal to call your parents. The principal will quite likely end up calling your parents; give him your cell number when he asks. He'll then call it and leave a message for your parents, on your cell phone for you to delete.

Excuses to Give in General

"I had bad Diarrhea" - Noone's gonna second guess you if you're being this blunt.

"I got into homeroom late - my teacher must have missed marking me down" - Simple and hard for him to verify usually.

"I walked here to try to be green [with smile] Shouldn't our school emphasize being green, [Sir/Maam]?"

More to Come!! - Updated Frequently

Best Scene's from Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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leslie 7 years ago

sorry Lillie was absent yesterday she was to busy having an affair.

gcooper 7 years ago

Not too bad an ideal. Love the continent.

Dr. C.


BadKitty 7 years ago

Love the continent? huh?? w.t.f do you mean?

Ciara..x 6 years ago

**GIRLS ONLY**I find what works best if you want to get out of class to say your after getting your period orr if you got caught dossing class to say you got you period and had to go home but never singed out of the office because you in such a rush!! :P haha it works well for me anyways :P..

curtis 6 years ago

just before i am supposed to leave for school i usualy just go into the bathroom and make noises 'as if' i am being sick and i walk in the room putting on an ill voice sayin that i have just been sick and then boom i have the day off and i go back up too bed.

chris 6 years ago

This always works.u hold your stomach and slouch over like u r about to throw up and u fake a headache and then BAM out of school for sure

ari.n.bri.skip.now 6 years ago

these are gay. they're supposed to be like what you tell your momif the school calls and says you weren't in one of your classes. gooosshhhh

Amil 5 years ago

I would say i am just discouraged

yeeeeeright 5 years ago

Look there's a problem here what if the school always call your house what do you sogot then???? The only excuse could and has to be your sick like you got the craps

rose baker 4 years ago


Natalie martin 4 years ago

If the school rings up your parents say something like... "Oh yer mum i was late to school this morning because i forgot some coursework and missed getting marked in so that's why the school rang,[then add a positive comment/lie] and say...But today i got my results for a maths test and passed".

josh1929 4 years ago

we want excuses for telling your mom when the school calls and ask's where you were!!

jesscia lopez 4 years ago


tim 4 years ago

none of these work on asian parevts

Flame Blazer 4 years ago

yo man in our country the schools are dead strict we are not that developed we can't even get out of school if u entered the school there's no turning back man gosh if i was born in america this would be a lot better guess which country am i?(winner gets an iphone4s)

apple 4 years ago

to parents ; there was no school it was teachers planning day

hihihi 4 years ago

flame blazer


hellohello 3 years ago

if u want to miss school all u have to do is say to your mum its teachers training, and the next day if your teacher asks why were you not in school? (which they probably will) say ''sorry miss i thought it was teachers training. i must have got mixed up with my friends school'' smile sweetly and walk away ;-)

Silli 3 years ago

One for girls, and a different version for boys-


Tell teachers that you had diarrhea but you were on your period and there was blood so your parents freaked out and took you to the ER; Boys: Tell your teacher that you drank some red gaderaid and got sick and vomited but it came up red and looked like blood so your parents freaked out and took you to the ER.

Amiera 2 years ago

Im a kid myself but you guys shouldn't be trying to miss school that's just stupid and I went on here just so I could write this comment

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