Exposing Obama's Birth Records

Look What I Can Do

We'll See, Keep watching me ! ! !
We'll See, Keep watching me ! ! !

Vote Trump Chump

Who Needs Proof?

Who needs proof of Obama's birth certificate?

Let's start with a very condensed bio:

  • Born in 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii, from an American Ann Dunham of Wichita, Kansas
  • Started college in Los Angeles
  • Advanced into Columbia University in New York
  • Advanced into Harvard Law in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Moved to Chicago with an internship at Sidley & Austin law firm
  • Practiced law in Chicago at Miner, Barnhill, & Galland
  • Taught at University of Chicago Law School
  • Became a member of Illinois State Senate

Assume for a moment that Obama is not an American; then the "birthers" have a tremendous task before them. Why, you ask. If anyone is to believe that Obama's birth records are false then every school, employer, and gov agency he has attended, worked for, or elected into must be investigated to bring them all to justice.


Keep Drinking

The Big Case

As we can now see, "birthers" have no real rational. Although proven wrong, birthers are using their collective voice to call Obama a nigger. Not to be confused with the colloquialism "nigga", that can be a term of brotherhood or friendship. The tone is clear from the birthers, continued hate fuel in the face of being proven wrong. 

If birthers had a case and really distrust gov...

... then they must refuse to follow blindly. They must demand much more than just a birth certificate. They must demand:

  • a legal investigation into all of Obama's past employ. 
  • a non gov investigation into 9/11.
  • all military spending to be an open book for the American public to see
  • wall street and banking institutions charged with fraud
  • federal reserve to be dismantled
  • Donald Rumsfeld charged with crimes against humanity
  • all political campaigns given limitations, and every penny publicly transparent 
How do I come up with this? It is from the birthers own mouths. They claim not to trust the gov but believe in gov actions to create the most expensive and privatized war in history. They claim any gov is bad gov, but blindly believe 9/11 report. Birthers have a mountain of work to do, unless of coarse I am right in assuming; They are calling the president a nigger.


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