FREE Super easy directions BUG HUT Whats in your backyard

With so many children spending most of their time indoors here is an idea to get them outside. As a parent, grandparent or older brother or sister you can help them discover nature right in your own backyard.


Observe, study and examine up close with your own BUG HUT
Observe, study and examine up close with your own BUG HUT

Go green, explore Whats in Your Backyard, and Monster Bugs.

Have you ever looked really closely at these creepy crawly critters called bugs?

Do you know whats in your backyard? You will have the chance to observe, study and examine up close one or more bugs using a bug hut.

Super easy directions

Make your own bug hut, by recycling a 2 liter soda bottle and go green!

You will need


2 inch duct tape, or other 2 inch sticky tape.

2 liter soda bottle,

Some dirt, grass, rocks, and sticks from your own backyard.

Netting or screen and



Net to catch bugs.

Plastic spoons or small shovel.

Water sprayer bottle.

First you need to prepare the soda bottle also known as a bug hut.

Rinse out your soda bottle then peal off the label /wrapper.

Next using scissors you will need to cut an opening approximately 4 inches by 4 inches or big enough to put your hand through. It is a good idea to cut away the area of the bottle that the wrapper was glued to. It is hard to see through this part of the bottle because the wrapper is usually stuck to it.

The bug hut should be a cozy place for your bugs as they will be your guest for a few days. It is best to keep your bugs or critters for only a few days then let them go.


Make your bug hut cozy by replicating the bug or critters habitat.

Start by Placing some dirt in the bottom,

Add some grass roots and all, plant the grass in the dirt. It probably wont live long. But it should live long enough for the time your bugs are visiting you.

Put in a few rocks or pebbles depending on your backyard.

Also include some sticks especially if your bug is a grasshopper.

Now secure your bug hut so the bugs cannot escape.

To do this, cut the netting or screen twice the size as the opening. This allows a 2 inch overlap to keep your bug hut safe and sound with tape.

Use the netting to cover the opening you cut out of the soda bottle. Use the duct tape to tape it in place.

Time to explore whats in your back yard. Go on a critter hunt, and catch some bugs.

Open the bottle cap to put your bugs in the bug hut.

Now you can observe, study and examine up close

Use the water sprayer bottle to replicate rain by spritzing the grass in your bug hut.

BUG HUT Video - watch your critter!

Another BUG HUT Video

REMEMBER these rules!

Nothing poisonous, or dangerous should be kept in the bug hut or even touched. Scorpions, spiders, and snakes are all on my list!

Don’t touch any critter with your naked hand. Some caterpillars can sting you. Even grasshoppers can cause a bit of discomfort with their legs. Use a net, gloves, stick or take the whole leaf its on.

Keep your bugs outside in a cool place out of the sun when you are not observing them. They could try and escape. I like crickets but in the middle of the night when they start chirping its hard to sleep and even harder to find them.

Let them go free in a day or two. The bug hut is just for observing them for a short while.

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Amy Kane 5 years ago

So neat! I will have to try this with Zack and Wes!!!

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