Facial Expressions and Movement - When Lieing

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How can you tell if someone is lieing? If were honest we all probably think we are pretty good at spotting a liar, but if 99% of us think we are good at it, then the truth is that probably far less of us, are likely to actually be able to distinguish a liar from a genuine person. Make sense? The good news for us is that NLP studies facial expressions and movements which can help to decide whether someone might be lieing or not.

Can it really be as simple as that? Constructed Visual Memory, Constructed Auditory, Kinesthetic Memory, Remembered Visual, Auditory and Digital? That is for you to decide. You can find out much more about the NLP by using the links provided at the top of the page.

There are other giveaway signs that liars let off that do subconsciously without even realising. For example, maintaining eye contact. Now this seems like a perfectly normal thing to be doing whilst lieing right? Well no. If you think about it in more depth then you can see that by maintaining eye contact you are in fact actually less likely to be telling the truth. Our eyes move from side to side when we are talking to someone generally. As you can see from the diagram above our brain pulls our eyes into different directions to gather different information. Therefore if someone is looking at you point blank in the face and telling you something that you think could be suspicious then there is a possibility that they are actually lieing. Most people think that by maintaining eye contact they seem more truthful, and everyone knows the misconception that by avoiding eye contact you are lieing. Bare this is mind next time you are trying to work out whether someone is lieing to you or not,

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Terryandco 7 years ago Author

Facial Expressions are the biggest giveaway, when trying to spot a liar.

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