Factors That Would Influence an Educational Leader to Make a Code of Conduct

The factors the influence a leader to develop an educational institutions code of conduct can come from two sources. Either the leader will instill the institutions educational code of conduct as a proactive measure to prevent unethical practices from happening in the future or there has been an ethical violation in the past and the institutions code of conduct needs to address those issues and put in place measures to prevent other unethical issues from arising. Either factor is imperative in maintaining an atmosphere where the staff of the educational institution contributes to the ethical and moral conduct while maintaining professional environment.

Ethical thinking needs to be instilled in any organization, not just educational institutions. The leadership should not assume that a staff will follow the moral past just because they are teachers or administrators. Each individual has their own set of morals that may be different than the overall organizations. The educational leader must realize that even though the individual may be thinking that he or she is making an ethical decision, that decision may go against the code of the institution or the leader's vision of where ethics should be placed within the organization. An individual's view of ethics is not always parallel to the ethics of a school culture.

A good direction for the leader to create, modify, or reinstall an institutional code of conduct is to create a committee of staff that come from different grades, departments, or job descriptions. This team can use their collective beliefs to come up with norms and dictates that will guide the staff as a whole toward more ethical decisions. The code of conduct should be reviewed in a systematic approach to change the ethical dictates to meet the changing views of society and the school culture.


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