Sharing files over LAN via WAMP

How many times you wanted a movie, software, document, game or a song from a friend and wondered if there is any way to share files over the network. Well, your wait is over, just follow the steps given below and voila, you will get your choice of file without even moving from your computer chair.

Software Required : WAMP server (latest version)

Download Link :

  • Step 1 : Download WAMP from the above given URL.
  • Step 2 : Install the software on your machine.
  • Step 3 : Put the stuff you want to share in the “www folder” inside the wamp installation ( for example : suppose you installed wamp in your c drive. You need to put in the 'C:/wamp/www/')
  • Step 4 : Create a web-page that is HTML page with links to the files you want to share. Use the <a href=”source”> and </a> tags. Learn HTML at this site http://www, .Remember you do not need to be a pro to create a web page. You just nees to learn how to create links and that is very basic.
  • Step 5 : Also, remember to name the HTML file as “index.html” and place it in the “www folder”. For example : If there is a file named “hello.avi”, you need to create <a href=”hello.avi”> Hello </a> Also, if you have folders in 'www' directory, say “docs” then you can point to them like <a href=”/docs/”> and access the contents of the folder doc.

  • Step 6 : Start the server on the machine by right clicking the “wamp” icon in the task pane on the right side of your task-bar and click 'put online'.
  • Step 7 : Find out your machine IP by going to command prompt and typing “ipconfig”. Alternatively, you can try out various websites.
  • Step 8 : Ask your friend using the same network (like college intranet ) to enter the IP address in his URL (address) bar in his web browser. Then, he should be able to see your web-page and access the files that you have shared with him and download it on his machine even though he might be sitting in some other block and it would not require internet access which means this would be active even when your internet might not be working ( but the network must be connected).
  • Step 9 : If you want to share folder outside the “www” folder such as some folder in your pen drive of external hard disk or in any where in your computer, you need to right click on the wamp icon and click on alias , then create alias using the options available there. A step by step procedure is given when you click on the alias option.

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justom profile image

justom 6 years ago from 41042

Great info, my son understands more about this stuff than I do. I mentioned your hub and am sending it to him. Thanks, good hub! Peace!! Tom

am@n profile image

am@n 6 years ago Author

thanks :)

RandomLife profile image

RandomLife 6 years ago from Nashville TN

This was great! =)

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