Filipino Culture


Filipinos have a rich cultural heritage. Our Malay ancestors came to the Philippines in search of freedom. They chose to live in a strange land rather than be ruled by tyrants. They were strong, hardworking, brave, friendly, honest and kind. These traits were further enriched with their contacts with people from other countries. We inherited these traits from them.

Filipinos are intelligent. We can easily learn. We can easily adapt ourselves to changing conditions. We are quick to adopt other people's ways. We have not only kept up with new styles of clothes, the latest songs and dance steps, and interior decoration, but have also created others. We like imported cars, modern jewelry, even foreign drinks and food.

We have been introduced to these foreign ways through trips abroad, visiting celebrities, movies, radio and television programs and magazines from other countries.

The names we use are examples of our borrowed ways. Long ago, the names of our people were based on the local words by which things and ideas were called. Hence, we had Malakas, Maganda, Ligaya, Diwata, Liwanag or Mulawin. When the Spaniards came, people were baptized and given Spanish names such as Juan, Maria, Jose, Anita, Emilio, Manuel, etc. Now, we have American names such as John, Mary, Joe, Annie and Peter.

Many of our borrowed ways have promoted better health and happiness. Among these are well-balanced diets, exercises, athletics and picnics or excursions for pleasure.

Modern farming with the use of fertilizers and machinery has improved our crops and increased our harvests. Better methods of fishing, mining and manufacturing have helped develop our industries.

The ways of living that we have adopted from foreigners are They have become a part of our changing Filipino culture.

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