Find the cause to get remedy

Find the cause to get a remedy

Too many problems we face were being left unsolved because of various reasons, but if you look clearly into it, we can say it is only because, we do not know the real cause of the problem which makes us to leave it as it is or to hide ourselves from that. It is always better for us to discover the cause of any problem or setbacks we face, if you do that i can assure you that certainly you will be able to find a remedy to that.

Almost everyone has at some point of time felt, "I cannot do any more. I am worn out. I just have not the energy", is it not? and a few number of people even feel like it all the time. At those times normally they feel life is difficult to bear. We can very well come out of those situations with the help of some practical approach towards those problems. Let us see some of them here.

The very basic thing what you require is first THINK WHY?

The only reason for feeling ran out of energy is tiredness. If this is the case you should ask yourself this question. Am i genuinely and normally tired? If the answer is "Yes" , being quiet and at ease is the plain remedy and the want of energy will soon pass. Ok and if the answer is 'No' then it will lead another set of questions 1. Is there some physical reason for your lack of energy? or 2. Is there anything psychological?

The cure for real tiredness is rest.

Even though most of us have much more potential energy that we know, understand it is necessary for us to take some rest, for it rejuvenates the entire anatomy of human health both physically and mentally. Holidays, sleep and rest are needed at suitable intervals to recharge ourselves. Denying this basic need will direct you to a lot of problems.

If you feel you do all the above and still you feel tired then there are various physical reasons for lack of energy, and most of these are curable conditions. So visit your Doctor.Anaemia makes one weak without spirit. Any illness that causes loss of blood should arouse doubt. The lack of some vitamin, mineral or other factor in the diet may be a cause of tiredness.

Some times even overeating and consequent overweight, or the lack of fresh air and exercise, or chronic constipation may be the-factors. So its better to consult a doctor.

Lack of love is one of the causes of lack of energy.Other psychological factors also put a brake on energy, sometimes only time can heal severe discouragement and disappointment. But if we know a particular cause of our want of energy, we can try to adopt a more hopeful attitude.

Self pity weakens our energy slowly. Recover your normal senses or feelings and begin acting in a normal way. This makes sense. Deep sorrow or guilt is another reason. Try to overcome this situation with a healthy activity of conscience. A person who feels seriously weighted down by sorrow for a fault or sin may be wise to consult to his dear one whom he can depend on or a good psychotherapist. Most of people who are troubled by lack of energy can find out the cause of their annoyance, suffering, etc.., somewhere. Once the cause of the problem is discovered, the remedy is usually clear. Let us learn to find the real reason.

Better be not born than untaught, for ignorance is the root of misfortune.- Plato.

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msms profile image

msms 8 years ago

Your Hubs are very thoughtful.They need little tight and crisp language. Please read 2 or three times your article before posting.It is a friendly suggestion. Because I like the conent of your Hubs it is very interesting and very informative. If flow in language can be made faster,it would become more enjoyable reading.

eswar profile image

eswar 8 years ago from India Author

Thanks a lot for your continuous response, yes i accept, what you say, but , i am not so good in English. certainly i hope and strive to improve. Thanks again wish to hear more from you.

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