Five quick steps to become a great singer

Most people think that you are born to sing and if your not "born" with it, you won't become a good singer.

This is NOT TRUE. Let me show you how to start exercising your voice in 5 simple steps of becoming a great singer.

1. Don't hurt your voice

A common mistake for those of us who haven't had a teacher when learning to sing, is that you don't get the technique right. The big difference between your voice and other instruments is that you can end up hurting your voice big time if you do it all wrong. You can think of it as in body building. Lets say a body builder wouldn't warm up before lifting a lot of heavy weights. That doesn't seem too smart. Now it's the same with your voice!

It's important for you to know that SINGING SHOULD NEVER HURT! Take this with you and you're halfway there. If you try sing a song and it hurts, you're doing something wrong. Don't continue at this point because it will hurt your throat and vocal cords. Stop instead and examine what it can be that you're doing wrong. Just by knowing this you can save yourself from a lot of troubles.

2. How to use your support

Finding your support

Put you hands against the side of your body just underneath your ribs. Try coughing or singing an sss-sound. Feel how the muscles move your hands out. There you have your support which should be used in all singing. The difficuties with using your support is that it should be a constant resistance and not something you turn on or off. To understand this we have to understand why we need our support in the first place.

How does it work?

When you make a sound or sing a tone air comes up and your vocal cords vibrate. What your support do is that it stops the airflow so that all air won't come up at once. That's why it should be a resistance and almost constant. If you want to sing a beautiful tone you wouldn't want it to be very airy and end almost instantly?

The support also will also help you with:

  • Pitch control
  • Nice ending on all tones
  • Tone improvement
  • Relaxation
  • Volume

I suggest working with your support by having your hands to your side every time you start singing for at least 5-10 minutes to see that you're actually using it.

3. You should practise your voice like an instrument

What do I mean by this statement?

I mean that too many people believes that singing is so different to other instruments such as guitar or drums. But it really isn't! Imagine someone telling you that he was born to play drums and haven't trained anything. It doesn't work that way and don't believe anybody trying to convince you that either. "Talented" people are often those who think it's fun to practise.

To become a great singer you have to train your voice. This can be done in a millions of ways and I won't tell you everything here. The point is that starting to see your voice as a real instrument will give you wisdom.

4. Improve your pitch and ear

This can not be forgotten or ignored. Many people don't train their ears because it might seem boring or hard. Ear training can be fun if you want it to be. The best singers in the world have great ears and that's why they can sing so beutifully. Ear training is all about listening and analysing and I suggest you to do some ear training exercises everyday for 10 minutes or so and you will improve everything in both your singing and your ear. Trust me on this one. There are lots of great and free ear training sites too so don't excuse yourself by saying that your don't know how to do it.

5. Learn the basics of guitar or piano

This is not something absolutly critical to become a good singer but it will help you in many many ways.

Both guitar and piano are instruments with great chord advantages and therefor they are perfect for singing. The advantages you will have by learning the basics of any of this two instruments are:

  • You will begin to understand how music theory works
  • You can play and sing a song just by yourself
  • It will be much easier to compose

The list goes on.

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Nancy 7 years ago

I am just a little girl trying to improve my tone. This helped me quite a bit.

josh 7 years ago

them steps were graet

EL 6 years ago


EL 6 years ago


cilla 6 years ago

great! ;D

Shishir 6 years ago

thanks it helped me a lot......its great!!!!

shira 6 years ago

I am just 10 years. thankyou it helped a lot. i got A+!!!!

francis ebenezer chika 6 years ago

singing is what i cannot do with out. i feel things like happiness,joy,fun,great when ever am singing.

Lombani Kumwenda 5 years ago

Your articles are great. I'm preparing to be a pop musician and I'm really enjoying your advice. Keep the nice job up

CCB 5 years ago

this wu the best I could find in order 2 get ready 2 go pro. :]

Ric Artust 5 years ago

Your website was very informative and extremely helpful

I appreciate your generosity and your desire to share your knowledge. Thank you very mucho.

ahola 5 years ago

i am a very good singer aleady and now i am a really good singer

Contessa 5 years ago

Iam only 12, but i love to sing. i do it ALL the time(car, shower, even school!) this practicing stuff sounds fun. cant wait to try!!!

katie 5 years ago

this is great steps

Singnmama 5 years ago

Learning proper warm up exercises are great for getting your voice ready for long practices. If you want to sing practice. And your right it shouldn't hurt. Great informations. Thanks!

Andrea  5 years ago

these tips are very useful i have been singing ever since i started to talk when i was a baby and everyone says i am an awesome singer i am a worship leader at my church. SINGING IS MY PASSION

Andrea  5 years ago

these tips are very useful i have been singing ever since i started to talk when i was a baby and everyone says i am an awesome singer i am a worship leader at my church. SINGING IS MY PASSION

Mary 5 years ago

I can't wait to start singing! I will be using an ear training site for sure everyday!!!

Candy 5 years ago

Oh my god this works so well. You helped me with my dream, and now I'm about to perform in the next star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jessy 5 years ago

1 day ago

God hae been so good to me. by his grace, hav been able to sing lovely today. its works. Tnx.

denise 5 years ago

i am only 11 but i hope to become a great singer because my frinds say i sing good and say i should become a singer cant wait to try the steps they sound great;)

Kk 5 years ago

thanks ill use the tips i want every one my voice

Biebermania 5 years ago

Thank you so much, now I can really believe in myself!!!

irene 5 years ago

thankyou my voice is much better now.

kay 5 years ago

U ve said it all.

lola 4 years ago

it is alittle good the best thing is that if it had like teacher or someone reading it to u.

Hannah 4 years ago

hi, this was really good advice, this has really

improved my tone, pitch and volume, when i'm older i want to be a pop star so this has really helped me,


David Jacob 4 years ago

Am a young man of 20,i love singing but i don't know how to use pitch.please, what shall i do?here is my

Godwin okafor 4 years ago


nick. 4 years ago

i want to be the best singer ever in the whole world.

megan nicole 4 years ago

i play some piano im realy great i have some instroments they are violine piano gitar drums and base and all others but it will take to long oh year french horn ok and im a singer my name is MEGAN NICOLE u can go see me on youtube go to when u on youtube tipe in megan nicole beautiful ok by then come back and say if u like my singing ok byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

monday 4 years ago

thanks this has helped me a lot and now I'm going to try out your tips I belive I will become an even better singer and I'm only 12 again thanx and you mad me belive even more of my dream of being a pop star/singer.

I'm great on piano and I even wrote a lot of songs.


Cant tell 4 years ago

The steps helped me so much! Thanj you

T.icy 4 years ago

Wow.thanx its so great

Katie 4 years ago

Very, very, helpful! I want to take over for Katy Perry when I grow up!!!

Alex 4 years ago

Nicole you shred I thought you'd be shit boy was I wrong

aixa 4 years ago

hi my name is aixa i;m 13 years old thanx for the tip i think this will work im trying my best to be a singer but nobody don't think i could be 1 but i will try.mood = happy a little

GOD 4 years ago

Thank You Ever so much 4 years ago

Please this has been great for me in many ways but I have a problem of always changing the set of my voice when singing.I mean the way Beyonce does hers.Please send-in a mail to me on how I can do this.


impana 4 years ago

thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuthis is really help full

Ankit nandrajog 4 years ago

Ya... That's true... I had learnt guitar and now, I have really gained knowledge about music... and your support tecnique is really working!! Thank you very much!!

Precious 4 years ago

Thank you very much for this steps it has helped me now i can compose songs

anoushka 4 years ago

thanks for these. i am just 12 and just want to became a good pop singer and i think these tips will help me

pascal joseph 4 years ago

thanx! am going to take a practise!!!!

Skylitt 4 years ago

Wow um not trying to sound rude but i think theres way more things to do to become a great singer..

Skylitt 4 years ago

Oh sorry i meant not trying to sound rude

Audrey 4 years ago

Thanks nicki minaj is my role model and i am really good at singing and this helped me improve a lot(:

Ruth Rose 4 years ago

I wanna be a singer... I shud really take up my piano eh? ... thx for the tips ? appreciated mucchh

Tootsy 4 years ago

I love singing but my brother says I sound like a dead goat, so I looked up how to be a good singer and it came up with this, so i desided to use it and it made me worse! Now my brother will probably say that I sound like a dead hiina (I don't know how to spell the word so what, spell it out), I can NOT believe it, I must be dreaming (somebody pinch me pleaseeeeeeeeee)! What will I do :(. This is the worst day EVER write some new advice this website is just a bunch of lies! I'm only ten why torchor me now, cant you wait till I'm twenty or something! your website is stupid, stupid, stupid and I'm NEVER coming back I repeat NEVER coming back until you fix all the mistakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That will be it (for now)

Zoe 4 years ago

Your Advice Made Me Die.


Zoe Moores 4 years ago

OMG! You're Actually Sh*t.

This Advice Is The Worst Advice I Ever Saw.

I Used It, And Sang To My Cat. And It Died:'( You're For My Windows To Be Fixed!




lots of love

Zoee Louisee Moores

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or my number:07740988137


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Grant Symonds 4 years ago

I Bumed Liam. I'm Actually Gay As Fook

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Sarah Dragstra 4 years ago

I licked your grandads wrickles last night and they were yum ;D

Zoe Louiseeeeee 4 years ago

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Rhys Edmonson 4 years ago

That wasn't sarah who put that comment it was a whore from mars who doesn't belong here and needs to f**k off she is called Rhys Edmondson. haha watta hoe bag

PUBE LOVER 4 years ago

Liam. i licked your pubes mannnnnn...

they tasted well good!

Rhys 4 years ago

Like I said, YUM!!!!! :P



Fire Man Sam 4 years ago

Why you chatting sh*t about me for man!

Lealea 4 years ago

I'm 12 and all of my friends say I'm a good singer. Only I sounded a bit dodgy when I sang in a high pitched tone. This really helped with that problem, Thx. When I become famouse 4 my singing, I'll give u all the credit. :) Thx

Chris 4 years ago

Thx this helped quite a bit because I used to be horrible but now I'm not that bad

Whatever 4 years ago

it didn't help what so ever 4 years ago

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Lalit Joshi 4 years ago

this hubpages iam improving my singing

singer girl 4 years ago

I have a very airy voice and when I tried to stop tht today it hurt and I got cross. So I looked up this website and saw this. U drescribe what I'm like so ty! :) I'm only 13 and have low confidence levels.

Destiny Joiner 4 years ago

Sing any ways if you love singing. Didn't matter what you think you can be do it because you want toosound and impact r two different things.

Mid 4 years ago

I am 13 and love to sing. yet, my big problem is that; I don't usually let people here me sing. it's like, I don't like how I sing and I am expecting a better voice than mine. but, this helped..

bella 4 years ago

i cant sing wroth of things what some tips

shruthi 4 years ago

thank u so much it help me a lot

bobby choxs 4 years ago

im a good singer with my own recording studio...wanna make a gud music? hit me up on facebook at bobby choxs

Awesome sauce 4 years ago

I hope this will help me! I'm a really bad singer (My voice is deep and weird) So I hope this will help!

Sebastian 4 years ago

This helped a lot I got this role in a musical and I'm 12 and this helped a lot

shobhit 4 years ago

you give me hope.that i can also sing nicely.thanks for this.

holly 4 years ago

didn't help me at all

Tat 4 years ago

I'm only 12 but i have been told i was a bad singer, so i tried this and now i am getting asked to sing in front of my class, and school and even the city ! thank you so much !

wareesha 4 years ago

Thanks soo much .......this info really helped me :)



win 4 years ago

tnx a lot.

Selena 4 years ago

This helped me but I think I need a little more work to do

to be an awesome singer.

brooklynn 4 years ago

hey i love too sing but when I record myself i sound like i need lot and lots of help but my dream is to be a singer and i really truly hpe that this works my cousin sheused and told me that i should try it because we are starting a band and i am the lead singer please oh please have this help me

chloe 4 years ago

I am in a band with brooklynn the last person to coment and this helped me a lot and I love her with all my music loving heart and i want her to follow her dreams of being the lead singer and if we want to make it to the ig time she will need a little bit of help because we will not have any voice editing added we want to be all naturel so what i am saying here is that you need to live your dreams and if that is going to coolege band getting your degree but have no money for it because you suport a child a family or any loved one than try a found raiser or try bonline collage just follow your dreams and do what ever it takes or pitch in for some one you love to follow there dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! peace

Jordan 4 years ago

Thank you!!! I've been listening One Direction a lot lately. And this has helpped me lots!!!! I really pprecite it.

happy ness chale 4 years ago

thank you for making my dream come true i am now a good singer

eric 4 years ago

this did help me : )

FLANCY FRANCIS 4 years ago

it was very helpful u know my ambition is to become a famous singer like justin.akon eminem

Ramona 4 years ago

I'm TERRIBLE at singing!!! RAWR!

khghg 4 years ago

i love singing and i am good at it help soo much

shane 4 years ago

I thouth that your steps to become a good singer was really brillent because I loved it so much and it was really inspiring

hern 4 years ago

now my voice is like a piano

apirall joans 3 years ago

iv gust tried it worked

joanelle 3 years ago

i have the voice and have song

dezerae 3 years ago

okkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk thans

rubyredcricket 3 years ago

ill try it and see how it goes thanx

Hunter hayes 3 years ago

Thank you for that ill try right now

lala girl123 3 years ago

this didn't work on me and i have tried it for weeks!!!!! i know it says to try and go back to see what your doing wrong but i did go back and i am not doing anything wrong at all!!!!!

PERFECT SINGER 3 years ago

I love to sing and this helps me a lot i'm only 10 but every one at my school says i have great voice like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houstin, Beyonce etc

chandana 2 years ago

thanq very much it vl help me a lot bt i dnt no how to control my breath i want all to listen my voice...........

Naresh 2 years ago

Cn i practise gud without any instrument plz advice

Haera 2 years ago

I really want to sing well but I do not have a good voice.This helps me to practise well

yassmin ahmed 2 years ago

my voice is really nice and i have a competetion betweeen a girl so i need to practice more and thi will help me and the comptetoin is tomorrow

Cece 2 years ago

This is such an amazing website it really helped me a lot

GOPAL 2 years ago



Sami Saleem 2 years ago

thanks but your statement does not clearly clarify how to perform the sss exercise

Sunil 2 years ago

articles are good..

divya 2 years ago

thanks ,this helps me to sing nice,you know something that iam a part of super singer

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