Florida Virtual School (FLVS): An Amazing Alternative School System

I Almost Had To Start High School All Over

I'm not the brightest in the bunch when it comes to math... actually, I'm pretty sure I was one of the most pathetic excuses for a student in any of my math classes. All my life I had trouble with math, and it really hit me hard in 9th grade; Freshman Year for High School down here in Florida.

I was in Alebra 1A, which is basically a class for kids who sucked so bad at math in middle school that they had to have Algebra slowly explained to them in two segments of 1A and 1B. It was simple at first, but with time the problems got incredibly hard. What's worse was my math teacher's set up for the class; every day was the same thing. Come in, sit down, show him your homework, get a 100% A if you wrote SOMETHING down, then start on the next assignment which would be that days homework.

Can you see the problem here? As long as I wrote something down -trust me, ANYTHING- I would get full credit. In desperation to pass the class, I did just that. I managed to keep a B or high C average in the class, due to the tests (which were always multiple choice) getting me down every know and then. Needless to say, I was doing okay. 

Then another problem caught up with me; my anxiety and fear of being around so many people, as well as my heavy sleeping. The past year in 8th grade, I had missed a total of 87 days because of this... yes, 71 days! And now it was about to start all over again.

It started out small, missing a day or two every other week, but over a matter of months it progressed to the point I was missing multiple days a week, and I was falling behind not only on my math, but also on my Spanish and Drama elective. I'm just going to leave it at that, and let you know I missed a total of 87 days that year. A new record for me! And did I mention, I lived a maximum of 20 houses down from the school? Laziness, I swear.

Moving on to 10th grade... well, technically I was in 9R (9 Repeat) with 10th grade classes. I had to make up a half credit of Spanish, Algebra and Drama, but that wasn't all... I was failing Algebra again in 10th grade, but doing great in all of my other classes. It was tough to get to school since the high school I was now attending was 20 minutes away. It was new and I wanted to go to it. I'm just going to save you the trouble and let you know that in November, I totally stopped going to school. So what "credit-debt" did I go into then?

Half credit of Spanish, half credit of Algebra I, whole credit of Algebra II, half credit of biology, whole credit of English II, half credit of World History, as well as a half credit of drama elective and computer science elective. I'm sure there is something else I'm missing, but that's all I can think about.

So Where Are You Now?

Now I'm going into 11th grade, or kind of. As of right now I just begun what would have been my "summer vacation", when in reality i've been on vacation since November of '09. about March is when it all hit me hard; I'm not going to graduate at this rate. I needed to catch up, and fast. I didn't want to waste years in high school though!

That's when I found out about FLVS - Florida Virtual School.

What's FLVS?

Florida Virtual School is basically just what it sounds like; it's a website where you can take your classes online, and finish them at your own pace. Think you can mow down a half years worth of World History in 5 days? Don't think about it- do it! It's what I did!

I signed up for FLVS and started immediately taking classes. I loved being able to work at my own pace as fast or as slow as I want. It's great! I'm very bright when it comes to studies, but just not when it comes to math, so I usually drabble with that last. As of right now, I've finished my half credit of world history in only 5 days (I love history!) and have finished my whole credit of English II in about 2 weeks. Not to mention I'ved finished my half credit of Biology in about two weeks as well. Even better? I did this all at the same time! Now I've just got to work on making up Spanish and my math credits (which I'm doing so right now).

Tell Me More!

FLVS is great if you need to catch up some credits -or in my case, a lot of credits- or if you just want to get high school classes done quicker so you can graduate sooner. They also offer AP classes; how awesome is that? Very awesome!

Even better is that it's totally free! Well, except for the AP exams I believe which are anywhere from 50 to 80 bucks, but general school is totally free. I don't know what'd I'd do without FLVS. If I didn't have them, I'd certainly be in school for an extra good two years. Now, I might possibly graduate at the end of 11th grade if I keep up the pace I'm going at!

Seriously, if you're looking to speed up your graduation date, or to only attend school for half days and take the other classes online, or maybe to make up some missing credits, you cannot go wrong with FLVS - If I remember correctly, FLVS also offers their services to out-of-state students. Check out the site and talk to your parents / school counselor about getting hooked up with FLVS as soon as you can!

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shanna 6 years ago

okay so I go to high school & right next to my high school s a collage , students from my school attend this collage , like cosmetology & so on. what i need to know is if I take virtual online can i still attend my cosmetology class at the community collage , as an elective ? HELP

shaggy 6 years ago

im in 8th grade and i go to a prvt school,me and my mom has been trying to get me in my regular grade witch is 9th, so is their a test i can take so that january i can go to 9th, and if i take flvs will i be able to get all my credits work from aug-dec...before the end of 9th grade if i get the chance to get in that grade? i live in orange county

Sarah 6 years ago

wow! how are you able to finish your classes that fast?? How did you do it?? HELP

MattW 6 years ago

Surely there are a number of virtual schools out there. When you weigh what each of them offer, surely Forest Trail Academy is the top online school. The reviews for FTA are remarkable. FTA prepares its students for college better than any other virtual school.

G. Adele 6 years ago

FLVS is amazing. The courses cover everything at your pace. Go fast if you get it - stop and stay a while if you don't. If I want to kick butt I try to do 12 lessons a day but average 9. I carry 4 courses at a time. Each is 120 approx assignments. So 120x4 = 480/9 a day=54 approx working days at 5/wk = 11 weeks + one for catch up = 3 months. A single class, seg one and two can be done in 3 weeks. But I work from 7.30am and do not quit until I have done 12 or can no longer go on (about 5.30pm). It is harder work. No down time. No messing with friends, handing out books, walking to class etc. Exhausting - but I love really knowing all the work - feeling smart (for a change) knowing everything on a test. Getting 99% tests! Seeing assignments and (for once) thinking OMG this is so easy.

Tay(: 5 years ago

I'm taking FLVS and I love it. There are some down sides to it, but overall I would choose it over traditional classes any day. I finished my science class in 2 months and now have 4 credits and I've only been doing this since August 2010. I'm going to graduate 3 years early thanks to FLVS(:

I absolutely love my school and I would recommend it to anyone.

The only thing that I would say not to do if you are taking several other classes is a foreign language. Depending on how much time you have to spend on this I wouldn't recommend Spanish 1 for High School Credit. It takes up a lot of time.

The instructors are amazing. They are very supportive and they work with you whenever you need it. You can pick up the phone and call them whenever you need to and if they don't answer just leave a voicemail and they call you back the next day, or you can e-mail them and they respond within 24 hours. It's amazing.

And it's real school too. You can't just cheat and act like you know everything when you don't. The teachers call and ask you questions about what you're learning so you can't just fake it to get through school easily.

I have a 4.0 GPA right now thanks to FLVS. I've never loved school more.

UNKON 5 years ago

@G. Adele


ashley 5 years ago

by me taking florida virtual school, will it help me graduate sooner?

Shana 5 years ago

what happens if you cant get on it for like a week?

Ashley conner 5 years ago

I failed the 8th grade with only 1 credit missing (math) and i need to know what the best way is to retrieve my math credit so i can move on to the 9th grade... please inform me if you know my email is


thank you...

TheMagician profile image

TheMagician 5 years ago from Tampa, FL Author

Sorry to everyone for not answering questions, I haven't logged in to this site in so long! I'll answer them now even though I doubt they'll be of much help...

Ashley Conner, you can indeed make up middle school credits with Florida Virtual School. If you're not in Florida, I would recommend you look at other alternative online classes that could help, so that you can avoid the fee!

Shana, if you can't log in for a week, you're fine. One time I had actually failed to log in for two months, and my classes were just the way I left them. It's not a good idea to fall behind though, because you run the risk of being dropped after being inactive for 14 days!

Ashley, yes it can help you graduate faster!

UNKON, Sorry to hear you feel that way. FLVS is very useful to those who are serious about advancing or catching up in the school career, though! It's the #1 online school in the state of FL, and it's one of the leaders in the online schooling industries!

sardar amjad 5 years ago

u have no campus in pakistan why?....................?

TheMagician profile image

TheMagician 5 years ago from Tampa, FL Author

Possibly because it's meant for Florida students.

Bobbi 5 years ago

what classes have you taken?

Eads11 4 years ago

I messed up my 9th grade year from skipping and being lazy does anyone know if im able to retake ninth over Florida Virtual School over the summer ?

TheMagician profile image

TheMagician 4 years ago from Tampa, FL Author

Hi Eads11, yes you can take 9th over! I did.

Jose baberena 4 years ago

Hi, I recently moved out of Florida to Mexico... I do not wanna finish high school here can I take FLVS from here? And I did 6 months of 11th in florida before I moved, do I have start fresh grade 11 or the 6 months I already did count? Thanks

OP is a liar. 4 years ago

OP is the biggest liar known to mankind. This online school is nothing but trash. How much did they pay you to write this shit? Its a lie, all of it. The lessons are vague, and the owner (Megan something, i forgot) is just blowing money out of her ass.

FLVS sucks and you know it.

TheMagician profile image

TheMagician 4 years ago from Tampa, FL Author

@OP is a liar, sorry to hear about your issues with the school. I didn't say it was perfect, but I certainly wasn't lying. FLVS is amazing for those of us who absolutely needed it (I had to make up pretty much my whole high school career with it). Obviously, math online ANYWHERE is going to be tough, and it's no different when it comes to FLVS. Math sucks, but I did find it easier online than in school personally. Every other course though, I couldn't find enough to complain about, there are def. more pros than cons. Again, sorry for your troubles, but maybe you should stick to the math classes in school if it's such a pain. BlackBoard is annoying but it's been fixed a lot.

sarah 4 years ago

what about if you had an intensive reading? i requested 5 classes and i still have 1 more to request im not sure if the class needs to be ''reading'' or do i just pick another elective? i also want to graduate as early as possible, so i want to know how to do it?

please and thanks!

sarah23 4 years ago

i requested 5/6 classes on flvs and in my last school my 6th class was intensive reading so on flvs do i have to take the reading class for my 6th class or can i pick an elective? and also what do i have to do to graduate early?

please and thanks!!!!

TheMagician profile image

TheMagician 4 years ago from Tampa, FL Author

Sarah, you should ask your guidance counselor about the intensive reading question. I'm not too sure how that works on FLVS, as I don't recall seeing an intensive reading course, but I doubt it matters. As for graduation early, work a lot and work hard! With many electives, it's easy to finish them in less than a couple months if you put your mind to it. If I had stayed with FLVS from the beginning, I would have graduated 2 years early.

ash 4 years ago

If you are a florida resident and have been going to florida public school for about 7 years do i have to pay fees every nine weeks??? im been getting yes's and no's! PLEASE HELP

TheMagician profile image

TheMagician 4 years ago from Tampa, FL Author

Hi Ash,

No you do not have to pay any fees at all if you're a Florida resident and you attend a Florida public school. FLVS will be 100% free for your use. Hope this helped!

Serg 4 years ago

hey OP, i'm failing 10th grade from not wanting to go to school, i just feel like im wasting my time and i just have no motivation to do anything and i hate waking up at 6 in the morning and then falling asleep in every class. I was a all honor student/ gifted. I'm still in these classes but i'm failing.

My question is, how long is FLVS per class, and how many can i do a year and how long i got to work a day for each class. Like i don't mind working 8 hours a day nonstop on FLVS if i get to finish in a year. I think i'll have like 12 credits by the end of this year, and i wouldn't mind starting on summer. I think ima need another 12 credits, so another 12 classes. Can i do all of those classes ina couple of months working 8 hours a day or how does it work.

TheMagician profile image

TheMagician 4 years ago from Tampa, FL Author

I was the same as you (except with math) and I understand. It really depends on how fast YOU can do each course, really. I was able to finish 6 to 8 credits in 3 months over a summer and continued at that pace finishing courses in less than 2 or 3 weeks (some even 1 week... FLVS courses are on average 16 to 18 weeks but you can work as fast as you want). I was putting in about 5 to 6 hours a day.

Since you can take whatever courses you want at a time, my advice to you is to take all the easy ones first... for me they were electives, history and sciences. Good luck!

SoSo 4 years ago

Can you take ap environmental over the summer? How is it?

TheMagician profile image

TheMagician 4 years ago from Tampa, FL Author

SoSo, yes you can take AP Environmental over the summer. I don't know how it is, though.

Juliana 4 years ago

Okay well i have just recently started FLVS and i just wanted to know can i go back to regular school in august because i am not really satisfied with FLVS. I am in 8th grade right now can you please answer?

chey 4 years ago

so is it considered dropping out if i stop going to school but still do this program?

thesly 4 years ago

How many credits do you need to graduate from FLVS?

TheMagician profile image

TheMagician 4 years ago from Tampa, FL Author

@Chey, you need to speak with your guidance counselor because if you're enrolled in school still but taking FLVS classes, you can be kicked out. Make sure things are clear with your counselor that you're not enrolled in any classes in school.

@Thesly, as many credits as you'd need attending public/private school, which the standard is usually 24.

@Juliana, you can always enroll back in regular school whenever, but they may have you start during a certain quarter or semester.

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