Flying Free In The Moonlight...prose

The crushed oyster shell blazing

Like white fire in the moonlight,

The crickets chirping, the frogs croaking,

The wind whispering invitingly in the night.

The red mare is prancing sideways,

Her head high as the stargazer she is,

I feel her muscles surging with leashed power,

In anticipation of life's sweetest bliss.

We are clear the obstacles,

Free wide open space ahead,

She is half-rearing, fighting

Me for the lead.

I gather myself, folding in half,

Following the curve of her flowing mane,

My knees are bunched, thighs pressed tight,

A quick breath and loosen the rein.

Time stands still, as if locked in pause,

The mare rocks backward, reaching for strength,

And launches us in to mid-air,

The road lies forward in inviting length.

She lands smoothly, her body aligned,

Straight, strong, and fast,

I flatten myself to meet her form,

Please forever let this last!

Hoof beats resounding the still air,

Chipped shells flying beneath the steel,

Slender legs stretch and reach,

This is too fantastic to be real.

We race on the road of stark white,

Red and gold running in the moonlight,

Flying with the rocketing free wind,

I pray this will never end.

Alas, we run out of road,

And the race must come to a halt.

Yet, our own private piece of freedom,

This midnight we have bought.

We are kindred souls,

One to the other,

This red mare and I,

Are true Freedom-lovers!

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Amelia 5 years ago

Loved this - beautiful

timonweller profile image

timonweller 5 years ago

Nice poem and share.. :)

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