Foliage Fall Leaves During Autumn

Fall Leaves
Fall Leaves

Foliage Fall Leaves

During the Autumn months in some parts of the world nature starts to shows signs that winter is approaching. In the Northeast of the United States for example, as the weather temperatures begin to drop lower during the days and nights the foliage or leaves on the trees begin to turn hundreds of different colors.

Some of the trees leaves turn different shades of red or orange, mixed with shades of green and purple, or brown and yellow the shades are countless.

With the temperature change mixed with some sunshine and rain the mountain sides begin to take color. With the changes also brings an autumn smell in the air that is refreshing and a reminder winter is on its way.

Pictures of Fall

Every year and everyday during the autumn months the foliage fall leaves change and may look different. So capturing the beautiful landscapes and countrysides with a good photo can be exciting and joyful. Some collect different Autumn pictures of the favorite spot or get away and the changes it goes through from day to day or year to year.

Autumn Background

Setting a PC to a nice autumn background is a good way to stay in a good mood about the upcoming changes in weather.

These can be from your own collection saved to a computer or searched for images on the internet.

Fall Wallpaper Free

There are a number of web sites that offer free wallpapers for computers. Thousands of pictures to choose from all over the world

Autumn Silk Leaves

There are Autumn silk leaves that are perfect for wedding decorations for a fall wedding. Table decorations, or in flower baskets. 

Fall Destinations

During the fall months some travelers like to plan their destinations so that they can see the changes in the leaves before the leaves fall off the branches.

Fall destinations can be very rewarding to see how nature prepares for change in seasons and gives a visual enjoyment along the way.

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habee profile image

habee 6 years ago from Georgia

Beautiful hub! I love fall!

WoodsmensPost profile image

WoodsmensPost 6 years ago from Arizona Author

Fall is just around the corner habee Thanks for viewing!!

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