For my Daughter

For my Daughter

 My daughter who is 24 now, was at a time in her life coming out of a bad relationship, when I say bad, I mean bad, she was going to college and was having a hard time getting through her classes, struggling to re-find herself as well as re-define herself, she was not staying focused, which is big with me if you want something you have to work hard for it, nothing in life is free, the harder you work for it the more you appreciate it when you finally succeed and I believe if you try your hardest, your hardest and not someone else's, you can achieve anything, She just was spinning her wheels and not going anywhere, like she was afraid to take that next step, I being her mother and not one to baby her, I just tell her like it is, would not tolerate excuses for why she could not get it together and get done with school and move on to the next wonderful phase of her life, if you go into any situation with a predisposed negative attitude guess what?  you have already failed without ever really giving yourself a chance to start. She had just been in a downward spiral and I write when anything is on my mind and so does she, well I wrote this for her, the same day she passed a test she had previously flunked four times and the class she was in would not move her forward until she passed this one test.  So once again I believe things happen for a reason.  Here is the poem I wrote for my Daughter.

No one ever sees the pain I have held inside of me

I have often wished even I could not see,

I get so down and out, nothing seems to go my way.

I have wished many a time, in my rooms warmth I could stay.

Just when all seems to gloom, nothing going right.

Darkness closing in around me, no hope near my sight.

The warmth of your love reminds me, YOUR LOVE for me is my light.


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