For the wolves

A bit of science

A bit of science before the emotional content.

Wolves are a primary predator in many ecosystems so disregarding my personal love of the animal, let me lay out what happens when you kill an ecosystems primary predator.

In most ecosystems where there is a primary predator such as a hawk in reference to rodents, or wolves in reference to elk, caribou, and dear, there is a fine balance that is maintained between the predator, the prey, and the plants.

In almost every case predators usually eat prey that are one step above plants on the food chain. If the predators numbers begin to dwindle, the herbavors numbers go up. Why is this important?

Young plants are closer to the ground making them easier to reach and in some cases easier to digest. If herbavors are not kept in check by a predator, the plant life is unable to produce any new young plants due to the herbavors overgrazing.

Eventually, in the long term (about 50 or so years, sometimes more) the plant life in the area will begin to decline and if a predator is not reintroduced into the ecosystem eventually plant life will die off and the herbavors will have nothing to eat. They will die as well.

Earlier today I was working on a project of mine where I am using a pre rendered video game tool set with the goal of making a demo to shop around to developers. While I was looking around the internet for wolf soundbites I stumbled across a few videos on youtube and I almost cried.

WARNING: Some of these videos contain images of wolves being shot, trapped, and other images that some people may not want to view. This hub is ment as a political statement against killing wolves.

I think wolves are by far oneof the more beautiful animals to grace the earth and not only that, but the role they play in many ecosystems around the world is required to maintain natures balance. Without them, herds of elk and caribou get sick or grow to sizes that cause them to over graze but in the end, taking away these beautiful animals will never give any long term benificial results.

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