Forbidden history of mankind " The missing link"

What would happen if you realize that everything you learned in school about our history LIE?

Starting from the origin of man and his evolution?

How would you react if it appeared possible that all this covering up the truth? Are you willing to take that option as a possibility?

Zetcharia Sitchin was still in his youth studied the Old Testament, the Book of Genesis in the original Hebrew language, and so he created his own confrontation, reading in Chapter VI, when God decided to destroy mankind great flood, ˝ sons of God" marrying the daughters of earth, and when it was on Earth.

In the original Hebrew they were called the Nephilim means giants.Then he asked, does not mean it literally; ˝ those who came down ˝, who descended to earth? When it is handed down to his teacher, was reprimanded and told to immediately accept the traditional interpretation.

In the years that followed, Sitchin began to study languages, history and archeology of ancient Middle East, he became obsessed with the Nephilim.

Archaeological discoveries and decipherment of Sumerians, Babylonian, Assyrian, Hittite, and other ancient texts led him to embrace new ways of discovery, being the Nefilim, who at that time were regular visitors to Earth.

All ancient peoples believed in gods who descended to earth from heaven, and who have the desire to soar into the sky. But all these stories has never recognized the authenticity and scholars have interpreted them as myths.

In this and the next post we will briefly introduce dr.Zetcharia Sitchin, one of the first translators of Sumerians plate, which is integrating the different data from the ancient past in a fascinating way to set up an alternate history of the earth.

His books were destroyed major tradicionanih prejudices and most previous theories on the origin of the human race comes down to the level of Incredible fiction.

Today, scientists are beginning word for word Sitchinovih confirm the contents of books.

Some consider his book an ideal book to enter the new millennium, others consider him an ordinary plagiarism. Is it really plagiarism evaluate yourself.

If you keep this post and state your attention to thinking, judging bring after reading his books and other researchers to confirm this theory.

Falsified history?

How is it that the ancestors of modern humans appeared about 300 000 years, instead of two million or three million years into the future, it should be that they followed the course of evolutionary development?

Have we settled back to Earth from another site, or we were created by gods, as they claim the Old Testament and other ancient sources?

As most scholars now recognize not satisfied, one should still be without civilization. There is no obvious reason why it should be developed by primitive peoples in the Amazon jungle or inaccessible parts of New Guinea.

This seeks to explain the fact that these tribes were isolated in the Stone Age - but isolated from what?

If they lived on the same planet as we do, why they do not make a knowledge of science and technology of its own forces as we supposedly are we?

What happened to the link that is not sufficient for the evolution of man the bar - which still confuses scientists?

Puzzle is not a backward Bushmen than our progress. It is now recognized, followed course of evolution, one should still be the type of the Bushmen, not a modern man.

The man took two million years to progress in the construction tools: the use of tools in the form in which it is found to the realization that it can sharpen and shape the purpose.

Why we should not even 2 million years to learn to use other materials, and a further 10 million years to overcome math, technology and astronomy?

However, in contrast, less than 50 000 years after the first Neanderthal we can send astronauts into space.

Are we and our ancestors have created this civilization?

Sitchin answers to this and other issues found in many ancient texts, and completes his theory by using a myriad of evidence.

Finally, whether it is possible that the most popular and widely read book of the world - the Bible, translated incorrectly? And there is a possibility that she contains detailed information about how we were formed, no religious authority has decided to censor her and reduced to more easily manipulate the masses?

The answers to these questions has Sitchin and many other authors who deal with human history, even from a branch of archeology, such as for example, Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson in their book "Forbidden Archeology"

Sitchin explains the lack of links theories that complement and complete the formation of thing man. Nephilim were the ones that are created by genetic engineering of modern man from homo erectus. Indeed, according to evolutionary logic, one would still need to be rude.

Based comfrimed carefully and thoroughly analyzed the data in December and the translation of old records, therefore, Sitchin argues that the people of the species Homo sapiens Cro-Magnon alias is actually a very complex product of genetic engineering superior race with the tenth, twelfth for the Sumerians, the planets of the solar system which, according to records of the Sumerians called Nibiru.

The same records are detailed maps, the space station and space launch ramp for visitors of these machines that are called gods ...

Zetcharia Sitchin e-Book The Earth Chronicles . . .

Beginning of civilization

Even the Egyptians have argued that the first civilizations and religions have been made in Egypt but in southern Mesopotamia.

Civilization with really big 'C' is Sumer.

There, shortly after 4000 BC (Nearly 6000 years) SUDDENLY blossomed all important elements of a highly developed civilization.

All the roots of modern civilization can be found in Sumeria, cities, tall buildings, streets, markets, grains, docks, schools, temples, metallurgy, medicine, surgery, textiles, gourmet food, agriculture, irrigation, use of brick, the invention of stoves, the oldest wheel wagons, ships and navigation, international trade, weights and measures, laws, courts, juries, music, musical notes, musical instruments, dance and acrobatics, domestic animals, warfare, handicrafts, prostitution, and with all this great knowledge of astronomy , and in many ways more than it is today.

For the Sumerians records contain information about the galaxy that was discovered by modern science over the years ...

The Sumerians records of the time clearly speaks of those who came from heaven to earth. These newcomers Akadians and Sumerians called gods. Akadians called them Ilu 'Lofty', which derives from Biblical Hebrew, El. But at the beginning of all religions, the Sumerians called DIN.GIR "fair of rocket ships."

From the Sumerian cosmological stories and texts as autobiography served these gods, the list of their roles, relationships and cities, the chronological and historical notes, called the king list, and many other drawings and inscriptions, Sitchin compiled the testimony of what happened in the before historic times and how it all began.

The story begins in ancient times, when the solar system was still young.

Then from outer space, there was a planet, which then gets drawn into the solar system.

The Sumerians called it Nibiru, 'Planet of the Crossing', his name was the Babylonian Marduk (the deity of the same name by the worship of Babel bloodline).

While passing near the outer planets, their orbits turns toward the sun, and intersects with the path of an ancient planet called Tiamat.

When they approached, Marduk satellites were smashed Tiamat into two parts. Its lower part is dissipated in creating pieces of debris orbiting the planet between Jupiter and Mars. Tiamat's upper part and its main satellite were abandoned in the new orbit, and there became the Earth and moon.

I Marduk, which remained intact, caught in a huge elliptical orbit around the sun, back to the place of "celestial battle" between Jupiter and Mars every 3 600 Earth years.

So the Sumerians in the solar system are Twelfth Planet, the Sun, the Moon (which the Sumerians considered equal celestial body), the nine planets that we know and twelfth, Marduk.

In a collision with Tiamat, part of the local life has gone to Earth. Its development is a copy of the evolution of life on Marduk.

But on Earth were to receive when they appeared on Marduk intelligent beings has reached a high level of civilization and technology.

On the twelfth member of the solar system, according to the Sumerians, the astronauts arrived on Earth - "Gods of Heaven and Earth".

From the Sumerian belief, these are the gods created mankind and gave civilization, all knowledge and science (which explains many things that still plague the historian - great sophisticated knowledge of astronomy and other sciences, construction, etc. In ancient times). Modern astronomy is only relatively recently discovered planet that Sumerians were known to the great and could not see or observe with the naked eye.

The Sumerians, not centuries later in Greece, the stars were the first time in history, have been located, identified and located in the constellations and named names.

Located in the exact order Sumerians tables we use to this day!

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Ronnie_Dey 5 years ago from West Bengal, India

@affiliante....Excellent information, incorporated beautifully... Very true indeed.

Joshua526 5 years ago

I will read this again. I am interested on the true origin of human species.

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f_hruz 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Interesting! Which language did you translate this from?

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Thank you for your comments, from the Croatian brain, my friend Frano :))

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