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Why Free eBook Marketing always works

Ebooks have been used for marketing products and services online for quite many years now. They are easy to produce and quick to market than paper books. Anyone thinking of writing ebooks will be better off with a computer, a PDF writer software and an e-cover maker software. Once the content of is written and edited, it doesn't take us too long to create appropriate cover and upload it for distribution. There are a number of cheap ebooks all over the net, but giving away a free ebook is the best option when it comes to marketing a product or service. The simple plan of doing a Free eBook Marketing is, you give the eBook for free with promotional links in it. It is not as easy as it looks though.

Nothing attracts people in all walks of life than the word “free”, get something for nothing. So we find it everywhere on the Internet, especially around the Internet marketing arena. Aren't you a bit disgusted by the misuse of the word "free"? You will see a website that promises a free service or product. You take the word for its face value, meaning, no fees or catch. You will soon discover that you will get the service for free if you do this and if you do that. You will also be offered a one-time offers. Guys I don't call this free, it is a bait on a hook. So I intended to write this article on the subject of Free eBook Marketing. It has to be really free or we better not use the word at all.

One of the good free ebooks I downloaded sometime ago gave me a new outlook of giving away free ebooks. We all are aware that anyone offering a free product or service will definitely ask for our email in return. This is common experience in the Internet marketing world. I would agree it is one of the ways to do effective marketing. Once you get the person's email then you will start your marketing campaign. Offer after offer in the in-box may do the trick and the person ends up buying the product. This is what every guru out there is doing. They got our email and ever since that day the emails never stop. Can these gurus give their “highly valuable” information without opt-in? Most don't dare. They have been teaching us to build a huge list. “The money is in the list” goes the common preaching. But I know some are giving their ebooks without taking emails. Then how could you market your product through a Free eBook Marketing?, You may ask.

There is a possible way of doing that. First we have to offer quality information. We all know by what quality would mean here. I have personally encountered ebooks that are compiled from spun articles. Very distressing, to get that kind of information, even if it is free. If we write the ebook, it has to be of considerable importance and correct to what it says. The person downloading the free ebook we offer will probably read it. If the information in there is valuable, it means you get the heart of your visitor. You didn't take emails but your valuable ebook with limited links in it will get in the mind and heart of the reader. So the person may be compelled to buy a product from the links you suggested. Your free ebook is marketing your product all by itself.

When you plan to do an effctive Free eBook Marketing, do the following;

  • Strive for quality information
  • Give the eBook for free, no opt-in
  • Give a PLR licence with rebrading option if possible
  • Limit the number of links in the eBook
  • Add your contact details in the eBook
  • Make an attractive eBook cover and title

It is not easy to do all these by yourself, but there is helop. You can use Unrestricted Free PLR eBooks from the link and use them for whatever purpose you have in mind. Wishing you all success, So long.

Get the full attention of customers through Free eBook Marketing

Any vendor or affiliate who sales products online knows how hard it is to keep visitors on a website for them to purchase a product or just subscribe for a newsletter. Sales from a website is more tricky that either everything on the site has to be set in the right order to lead visitors to the right desired action or within few clicks they are gone away never to come back again. A website environment is so distracting to all of us that we tend to click away anyway even though we get the right information we were seeking. Free ebook marketing comes to our rescue here.

If you are selling any product would you prefer to get a prospect in an UN-distracted environment and discuss how he could benefit from your product or stop him in the middle of a busy street, where you could hardly hear yourself because of the noise, and corner him to buy? I don't know about you but I wouldn't listen to a sales person in a noisy environment. I mean look at the distraction here! That is why free eBook marketing is the best way to maximize sales of any product online. Don't just rush your reader to why he/she should buy the product you are promoting. It doesn't work that way.

eBooks are the best form of disseminating information online. Give the right valuable information on the subject you are writing for free. Anyone can detect what your intentions in your writings are. Don't forget the point here; your intention should be to give valuable information and it has to be free. Why free? Well you will ultimately propose products and services but first buy your customers trust by giving them free information through your ebook. remember the person reading your ebook is just sitting in front of a computer screen and reading without those flashy titles and graphics he gets on a website. He is calm and collected, ready to absorb what you have to reveal.

So besides your effort to sell products and services through your website, get an eBook writer and start writing. When you write Think of the prospect as if he is in front of you and you are really talking to him through your eBook. Provide your readers a free information that they can tell they would be paying for that elsewhere, and building enthusiasm lead them to your products and services in a way that they feel that you are really helping them. This is how we get attached with a salesman when we feel that we are cared for as a valuable customer. Do that to your eBook readers and you will be amazed how people are eager to buy from you.

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Excellent piece. Thanks for sharing without the catch

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