French adjectives which precede the noun

French adjectives which precede the noun: Bangs

French adjectives which precede the noun:

Certain adjectives are placed before the noun they are modifying. Although there are always exceptions to every rule, the BANGS guideline is usually safe to follow.


beau, belle

joli, jolie



vieux, vieille

nouveau, nouvelle

premier, première

dernier, dernière


un, deux, trois....

premier, première

dernier, dernière


bon, bonne

gentil, gentille

mauvais, mauvaise

méchant, méchante

meilleur, meilleure


court, courte

grand, grande

gros, grosse

petit, petite

moyen, moyenne

Examples :

un gentil homme – a kind man

une nouvelle vie- a new life

une jolie femme – a pretty woman

un mauvais chien a bad dog

un bon enfant – a good child

les sincères condoléances - sincere condolences

un petit chaton – a small kitten

un jeune garçon – a young boy

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This is excellently done; accurate and clear. Mille mercis

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This helps tremendously. Thank you!

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this is useless

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