Fun Facts on Hair Dryers

Fun Facts Of Hair Dryers

Fun Facts about Hair Dryers

We all use hairdryers in our everyday lives. However, it is recommended that you let your hair air dry to cut down on the drying effects of hair dryers.  The fact is that dryers have become an important part of our overall grooming and primping process every day especially for women.

Did you know that the first hair dryer was the vacuum cleaner! At the turn of the century women actually dried their hair by connecting a hose to the exhaust of their vacuum cleaners. The first hair dryer actually emerged in 1920, but it was huge! The very first hair dryer was powered by diesel fuel.

In 1951, the first real working hair dryer was made which was basically a hose attached to a bonnet on the woman’s head!  It is actually advised that you avoid using a hair dryer. If you do use one then it should be at least 6 inches from the hair.

You can add attachments to your hair dryer. The one that actually will add volume is the volumizing attachment with plastic fingers to draw hair up and add root lift. The average life expectancy of a hair dryer is between 200-300 hours.

If you point the airflow down the hair shaft it smooths the cuticle and gives your hair more shine. It is dangerous to use a dryer without a filter because the hair can get sucked into the machine.

The average life expectancy of a hair dryer is between 200-300 hours. If you point the airflow down the hair shaft it smooths the cuticle and gives hair more shine.

It is actually against the law to sleep under a hair dryer in Florida!

There is a medical condition that can cause some woman to orgasm from the vibrations of a hair dryer!

There is something called a Louse buster that looks like a hairdryer to kill lice.

Try purchasing an Ionic dryer. It has negative ions which break up water and dries in half the time!

A study has discovered that using a hair dryer leaves tiny gas bubbles on the hair shaft! This causes stickiness, kinks and breakage!

Make sure you use the cool button on the dryer to reduce frizz and seal the cuticle.

Hair dryers can actually blow up in a poof of smoke if the coils are dead! So be careful!

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