There are many government officials who serve the country well. But there are also those who commit graft, a dishonest way of obtaining something when the opportunity comes. Graft hinders progress. Why do you think so?

Another illegal practice which hinders progress is corruption. This is persuading or tempting an official to commit an illegal act.

The awarding of contracts to construct public buildings or to deliver office equipment and supplies are occasions for some officials to engage in corrupt practices. The contractor who offers the biggest cash reward or kickback for government contracts tempts or persuades the official to do something illegal. He corrupts the official by bribing him so he can get the contract even if he is not qualified.

Another bad practice of certain officials is the overpricing of equipment, supplies and labor. Instead of the actual cost, prices are jacked up with the connivance of the salesman, supplier or those in charge of construction. The public official enriches himself this way and robs the people of their tax money.

Jeepney, tricycle, taxi and bus drivers are often victimized by tong collectors. Operators of gambling dens, cockpits, jueteng and business establishments also fall prey to tong collectors. The illegal practice is two-way. For a fee, drivers are allowed to commit tripcutting, overspeeding, illegal parking or even driving without license. Establishments, on the other hand, are allowed to operate illegally. In exchange, some law enforcers just play blind and deaf.

In a government-administered project, workers listed in the payroll far exceeds those actually involved in the project.   . Wages or salaries paid to in existing workers go to the pockets of corrupt officials. This practice is called payroll padding.

There are other corrupt practices that take place in government offices. An employee may punch in the time card for an absent friend. Women employees may indulge in unnecessary talks during office hours or they may engage in the buy and sell business during office hours.

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