G.Rosea Molt How can you tell ?


Chilean Rose RCF in Pre-Molt ... look at the black spot on the abdomen
Chilean Rose RCF in Pre-Molt ... look at the black spot on the abdomen

How can i tell if my G.Rosey is in pre-molt ?

hey guys (anouther G.Rosey Hub)

this is based on the G.Rosey Pre-Molt and will be doing others on "how can you tell if its in pre molt" on the following tarantulas

Common Pink Toe (Avicularia avicularia)

Martinique Pink toe (Avicularia Versicolor)

King Baboon (Citharischius crawshayi)

Orange baboon tarantula (Usambara Baboon Tarantula)

Red Knee Tarantula (Brachypelma smithi)

Cobalt Blue (Halipelma Lividum)

Guatamilan Blue (Unknown)

So how can you tell if your G.Rosey is in Pre-Molt ?

well theres the obviouse way he/she will refuse to eat but that's not always a sighn of Pre-Molt and here's why...

Tarantulas can fast for weeks on end regardless of weather there in Pre-Molt or not if your tarantula does not eat it doesn't neceserally mean its in pre-molt he/she could just be fasting.

But here's a way of telling if your G.Rosey is in pre-molt and not everyone has heard of this either but may have noticed it and wonderd if there is something wrong with there "T". On the abdomen there will appear a dark colour (black) either in bloches or slowerly covering the abdomen. You will notice this working from the middle of the tarantula round to the bum of the Rosey. THIS IS A SIGHN OF PRE-MOLT and should be left alone. That dark bloching or patch is the exo-skeliton growing underneath the old exo-skeliton so you may see it spreding but don't panic its only in pre-molt and will soon molt back to a gourgess colouration and a bigger tarantula.

Now When my tarantulas are in pre-molt i keep a regular eye on the humidity. It's a stressful time For the tarantula during Pre-Molt and molt so it wouldn't hurt to add more humidity just before she goes into molt. How can you tell when she is about to molt well you cant really predict it so i tend to do an overflow dish at least twice a week during the stages of pre-molt this way my G.Rosey has great humidity and has no extra stress during these stages for the tarantula. When she is molting i like to keep close eye on the temputure in the room if it drops dramatically ill put my fire on and bring it back up to a good temputure but really its not the most important thing what is important is assureing that no stress or harm will come to the tarantula during these stages so peace and quiet wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Once through the molt don't disturb him/her just leave your Tarantula be.

When can you start feeding and handling again ?

well its vital that no 1 touches her for the first initial week if not longer. My Rosey takes around 5 days to harden up but i still leave her until 7 days has passed before checking in on her. By then she has hardened up good and proper but still be gentle she's just vertially gave birth to him/her self a week ago so very gentle and don't stress her out. To see if she has hardend up take alook underneath her, if her fangs are white or a dark red leave him/her if they are black then your got a hard tarantula but again don't force the little guy to show you let her do his/her own thing for at least 14 days. Of course still try feeding her he/she is going to be hungry but no proding or pushing.

i hope this helps thanks for reading

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andrew 6 years ago

nice tip..hope to hear more..thanks..it helps a lot..

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