Favorite Physical Education Activities, PE Games and Warm ups For Elementary School Students

Physical Education Activities

Favorite physical education activities, games and PE warm-ups for elementary students usually involve students actively interacting with others and games that ultimately require some goal to be accomplished. If it's fun trying to accomplish this goal and challenging but not to the point of frustration, it will be a great game for physical education class.

Elementary PE Class

Elementary PE class
Elementary PE class

Elementary Physical Education Activities and Unit Plans

During the course of a school year, an Elementary Physical Education Unit plan should include a variety of physical education activities. No student likes to do the same things all the time . Students strengths lie in all different areas and its the job of a good P.E. teacher to give those students a chance to experience a variety of physical education activities where they may or may not excel. Some of the activities should become favorite physical education activities if they are well planned, active and fun. Games for physical education vary depending on what age group being taught and some games can easily be adapted for adaptive physical education classes. Kindergarten physical education games will be very simple while physical education games for elementary students in higher grades will become more goal oriented, cooperative, team oriented and even begin to involve some strategy. A good elementary physical education unit plan will cover several different areas and include individual, partner, small group and team activities. Warm ups will be important as will fitness, sportsmanship, working together with teammates, using different muscle groups, thinking outside the box in some cases, strategies, achieving success, accepting defeat, learning new ways of accomplishing goals and as an instructor creating lessons that are enjoyable.

4 Goal Soccer

Kindergarten physical education lesson plan

A kindergarten physical education lesson plan for one week may look something like this:

Monday - Warm up ( fun walks- animal, locomotor etc), simple tag games with an element of make believe ( fairy god mother tag), Cool down might be some stretching and then time in a circle talking about favorite parts of the days activities.

Tuesday -Warm up - (hula hoop and line tag put together equals race car tag) Parachute play, cool down,then talk about the parachute play including review and safety.

Wednesday - Warm up-( Safe spot tag) Partner fitness activities and simple stunts, cool down jog and stretch, talk about doing the stunts alone and with partners.

Thursday - Warm up (Music warm-ups) Ball exploration, cool down, put balls away and so a light jog, circle talk.

Friday - Warm up (Follow the leader type activities) bean bag activities - each kindergartner has a bean bag, then partner activities with bean bags, talk about partner play and sharing.

These types of physical education activities set the first parameters in getting students ready to move to the next level as they grow. In the activities listed, the students are exposed to fitness, working with others, using their imagination, listening to cues, moving in space, playing with equipment and several other things that teachers will build on from year to year.

Games for Elementary Physical Education Class

Therefore Elementary Physical Education lesson plans will be similar in some ways from one grade level to the next. Lesson plans should consist of constant progressions as students move from one grade to the next. Here I will give you some examples Games in Physical Education class:

1st Grade:

The Flowers and The Wind - Boys star out as the Wind Girls start out as the flowers at opposite ends of the gym. Girls pick a type of lower they would like to be. Girls go to other end of fthe gym near the boys. Boys try to guess what kind of flower they are. If they guess it, girls run back, boys chase girls. If caught, girl joins boys team.

2nd Grade:

Jewel Thieves - Pick two people to be IT..All other students (Jewel Thieves) spread out at one end of the gym. At the opposite end of the gym, spread out beanbags(jewels). Students(jewel thieves) try to run down and steal a jewel without being caught by ITS. If caught they must drop jewel if they have one and freeze until another teammate who is not caught takes them by the hand to safety(behind line) * cannot be caught when saving someone. Keep playing till all jewels are back to jewel theives end. Pick now Catchers.

3rd 4th and 5th Grade

Four Corner Steal The Pin - divide gym into four sections - put 3 pins at the back corner of each section and one hoola hoop in each section. Divide students into four teams, put each team in a section with a different color pinnie. Object of the game is to try to go into other teams sections and steal a pin and bring it to your section without getting caught while in their section. If you do get caught, go to their teams hoola hoop(jail). can only get out of jail if one of you teammates tags you out then free walk back. When one team is out of pins. Game is over, team with the most pins wins

This is just a small example of some favorite Physical Education activities for each of these grade levels. Keep track of the games your students seem to like the best and be sure to play them and new activities each year.

Physical Education Activities and Games

As teachers are always looking for new and exciting games for their Physical Education classes, the old favorite physical education activities are often times the games that students really want to play over and over again. So take on new ones but always mix in the old favorite Physical Education activities and games as well.

Almost all children look forward to coming to PE class so its up to the teacher to make sure that continues. Creative teachers have no problem making the class fun for kids. Teachers with a sense of humor also often have an advantage in keeping kids motivated to play.

If your school focuses on health and nutrition, its not that difficult to incorporate that into simple games. For instance, lets say the school is focusing on incorporating more fruits and vegetables into students diets.

Here's a simple game to use.

Start by playing tag. When caught, the children sit and stay down. When 5 or 6 children are sitting, teacher stops the game. Everyone freezes.

each child sitting must name a healthy fruit that they will try to eat this week. Don't allow children to duplicate fruits.

Play the game again. Next time,name vegetables.

Parachute Games in Elementary Physical Education

Elementary Physical Education Activities

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