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George Washington Biography

There are many facts about George Washington, the man and the president. Learn about the man who would become the first president of the United States of America with this mini George Washington biography.

George Washington was not only our first president, but he was an interesting man in many other ways. The facts about George Washington are fascinating. George Washington was a man of many talents. He was a farmer, military leader, and surveyor.

Father of our country, first President of the United States, Commander in Chief of the Revolutionary War- George Washington is known as all of these. And yet, there are so many things that most people don't know about George Washington.

Young George Washington

Facts About George Washington As a Child and Young Man

Contrary to popular belief, George Washington wasn't born into a wealthy family. He was born on February 22, 1732 in Virginia. George's father had been married earlier. George had two older half-brothers and a younger sister and three younger brothers. A younger sister named Mildred died when she was a baby. George was only eleven years old when his father died.

There is no evidence to support the legend of George Washington chopping down a cherry tree. According to the popular children's story, George Washington cut down his father's cherry tree. When asked about it by his father, George replied, "I cannot tell a lie. I chopped down your cherry tree."

George Washington was homeschooled by his older half brother. George had to quit at the age of fifteen. His mother couldn't afford for him to go to school any longer. After quitting school, Washington got his first job as a surveyor.

The only time that George Washington traveled outside the United States was with his older half-brother, Lawrence. George Washington was 19. George and Lawrence were very close. Lawrence had tuberculosis. He and George went to Barbados to see if the climate change could improve Lawrence's health. Lawrence died while still in Barbados.

George Washington Headquarters at Valley Forge

George Washington as the First President of the United States

George Washington was elected unanimously as the first president of the United States. Washington set many important precedents for later presidents of the United States. Many history experts consider these precedents as George Washington's greatest contributions to the future of the United States of America and its politics.

A lot of people don't know that many people wanted the new United States of America to be run similar to a monarchy. George Washington refused to be called by a glamorous titles. He insisted that he only be addressed by the simple title of "Mr. President".

George Washington was offered a very nice salary for the time, $25,000, to take on the duties of being president. Washington refused to be paid for his service. In the end, Congress talked George into accepting a salary.

Congress didn't want Washington to set this as a precedent for future presidents of the United States. Their reasoning was so that the office of president would be open to all, and not just the wealthy who could afford to serve as president for no pay.

Another precedent started by George Washington was the length that a president should spend in office. Although he signed no formal laws, George Washington stepped down from the presidency after eight years. He would not run for re-election. No other president tried to run for a third term for president for almost 200 years. Franklin D. Roosevelt ran for a third term in 1940. In 1951, this precedent became law as the 22nd amendment to the Constitution.

George Washington made many other contributions that would help obtain a bright future for the United States. George Washington signed into law the creation of a cabinet for the purpose of providing a president with support and advice. Washington also established a federal currency for the newly founded country.

George Washington's contribution to the founding of the United States is without measure. It may be summed up best by some words taken from a eulogy at his funeral, "First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen."

George Washington Facts About His Marriage and Family

George Washington married Martha Dandridge Custis. Martha was a wealthy widow from Virginia.

George Washington proposed to Martha after knowing her less than a month. They were each 27 years old when they got married.

They got married in Martha's house. Ironically, the house was called The White House, just like the future home of American presidents.

George Washington had no children of his own. But he helped raise Martha's two children from her previous marriage, Jackie and Patsy.

George Washington Statues

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Facts About George Washington's Mt. Vernon Home

How George Washington came to be the owner of Mount Vernon is actually a sad story. George Washington's half-brother, Lawrence, owned Mount Vernon. Lawrence named the home after a British Admiral that he had served with in the British marines. Lawrence's wife inherited Mount Vernon after he died of tuberculosis in 1752. When she died, George Washington inherited the famous estate.

When George Washington inherited Mount Vernon, it was a house with five bedrooms and one story in bad need of repairs. When Washington was done with Mount Vernon, he had turned it into an elegant mansion with three stories.

George Washington stipulated in his will that he wished to be buried at Mount Vernon. George Washington's nephew inherited Mount Vernon.

Facts About George Washington at the Time of His Death

George Washington died from a severe infection of his tonsils, which led to pneumonia. He had been on horseback all day in extreme winter weather the day before he became sick.

Many claim that the cause of George Washington's death was attributed more to his method of treatment than the infection itself. Bloodletting, the process of applying leeches to a person to remove large amounts of blood, was used on George Washington before he died. Washington lost more than a half gallon of blood during his bloodletting.

Even though George Washington was buried at Mount Vernon by his request, others had different plans. When the Capitol building was being constructed, an empty vault was added underneath. It was planned to be used as President Washington's tomb. After Washington's request to be buried at Mount Vernon was revealed, the vault was left empty and still remains empty today.

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