Get Free Mug Shots Of People In Jail


It’s really not nearly as hard to get mug shots of people in jail as you may think.  If you are simply looking for a local criminal, celebrity, or funny picture of the inmates, you will have a lot of luck by following a few simple steps.  There’s no need to pay for most criminal pictures in most cases, so be sure to give these a try before you pay anyone for mug shots of people in jail.  Here’s where to get them free.

Sex Offender Registry:

This is a great place to look for both random and specific mug shots of people in jail.  Many times, the picture taken of the inmates during the booking process is the one shown on sex offender sites.  In other words, when you browse the criminal pictures on these sites, you are checking out free mug shots from people in jail or prison.  If you know a specific person should be registered, it’s probably the easiest way to see if you can find their inmate photo.

Law Enforcement Sites:

Local law enforcement sites are also a great place to get mug shots of people in jail.  Many of the criminal booking photos are listed on local sites, since it’s a part of public record.  Many give access to the public, so you can check the active facility roster.  This is especially effective if you are searching for a specific individual that you know is incarcerated.  You will have a lot of luck with this method.  It’s really a great way to try to get free mug shots of people in jail, without paying for the criminal photos of inmates.

Yahoo and Google:

You can search for free mug shots of people in jail by searching on sites like Yahoo or Google images.  You can search the criminal inmate photos using just about any search words you want.  If you are looking for famous celebrities, search that way.  If you are looking for funny photos of criminal, search for them that way.  There’s really no limit to how you can search through them.  This is a much better alternative than paying for the criminal inmate pictures on other sites.  You’ll be surprised at what you can find when you search mug shots of people in jail this way.

Requests in Writing:

If you are looking for specific mug shots of people in jail, you can simply make a request at the correctional facility where the person was housed.  Generally speaking, the request will need to be in writing.  You may, in some cases, need to pay a small administrative fee, so this option isn’t always totally free.  It is, however, a really great way to get specific mug shots of people in jail.  Give it a try and see what you can find.

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Dewi 3 years ago

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Mike 3 years ago

It is an actual job, but it's nthoing you could do as a full time career.Assuming you live in a major city, think about how often you see a police artist sketch of a suspect on the television. I live in the second largest city in my state and we MIGHT have a sketch appear on the news about once every three months or so.References :

Jonathan 3 years ago

Oh she is beautiful and I just love these phtoos!! LOVE them! I've been so busy this time of year I haven't been commenting on many blogs but had to stop by and say again, how great your work is!!

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