Get Internship and Monetary prize with Schneider Electric Innovation Challenge contest

Schneider electric, one of the global leader in energy efficiency conducts Innovation challenge paper presentation contest every year. Most of the times the contest is in october. This year the last date for submission of the paper was 21st october. The contest is on all india basis, with participating teems including IITs and NITs.
The contest was started in 2005 and from then onwards, it is conducted every year.
The participating team is required to submit original paper based on original idea. Any idea copied from some where else is rejected. Team can consist of 4 members at the most. Students from different branches of engineering as well as from different colleges can make a team. This provision has come this year only. Last year forming of teams with students from different colleges was not allowed. Teams can also submit more than 1 technical paper as long as they are on different topics. Submission of more than 1 papers on same topic can lead to rejection of participation. The contest is for undergraduates only enrolled for either for Btech or BE course. Diploma students are not allowed. Student can be from any semesters.
This year the theme of the contest was 'energy efficiency'. Five different topics on variety of subjects were problem stated. The students are required to write their ideas on the word template provided by Schneider. Top 10 teams are to be shortlisted from among the participants. These top 10 teams will then be called to Banglore office for half an hour presentation infront of panel of judges. They would be required to give presentation for 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes by questions to be imposed by judges. All the expenses consisting of fooding, lodging, staying and travelling are to be born by Schneider electric. All the decisions by judges regarding any issue shall be final.
There are 3 prizes, given to top 3 teams .
First prize: INR 1,00,000
Second prize: INR 75,000
Third prize: INR 50,000
Besides all these prizes, top 3 teams will be given chance to do internship at R & D depatrment.

For more information visit the link below.

Schneider electric innovation challenge 2010 has also begun with particiapnts from India and overseas. This year there has been slight change with the rules and regulations and also the lucrative prize money has been increased. The prizes are now as follows..

  • USD 5000 (250000 INR) for first prize.
  • USD 3000 (150000 INR) for second prize.
  • USD 2000 (100000 INR) for third prize.

With Increase in prize money, organizers expect to see the shoot up in number of participants from the country. Unlike in previous years competitions which required participants to submit the original abstract followed by the presentations, this year it is slightly different. This year based on your abstracts SC will shortlist 15 teams and provide resources and mentor ship for prototyping the abstract. Final winners will be decided based on the successful prototypes prepared by the teams.

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